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Green Party members okay 'Cooperation Agreement'; James Shaw and Marama Davidson to be given ministerial portfolios outside of Cabinet; Jacinda Ardern keen on 4-year electoral terms

Green Party members okay 'Cooperation Agreement'; James Shaw and Marama Davidson to be given ministerial portfolios outside of Cabinet; Jacinda Ardern keen on 4-year electoral terms
Green Party caucus

Green Party members have voted to accept a 'Cooperation Agreement’ with the Labour Party.

The deal received the support of at least 75% of the 150-odd delegates who voted on it on Saturday afternoon/evening.

Green Party co-leaders, James Shaw and Marama Davidson, will be given ministerial portfolios outside of Cabinet.

Shaw will retain his portfolio of Climate Change Minister and pick up the role of Associate Minister for the Environment (Biodiversity). He will lose the roles he had in the previous government of Associate Finance Minister and Minister of Statistics.

Davidson will get a newly created portfolio - Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence - and will be given Associate Minister of Housing (Homelessness).

Julie Anne Genter and Euginie Sage will lose the ministerial roles they held in the previous government. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce her Cabinet on Monday.

The agreement will see the Green Party support the Labour Government on procedural motions in the house and at select committees. The Green Party won't oppose it on matters of confidence and supply for the full term of the upcoming parliament.

The Green Party will determine its own position in relation to any policy or legislative matter not covered by the ministerial portfolios and areas of cooperation set out in the agreement.

The areas of cooperation include:

“Achieving the purpose and goals of the Zero Carbon Act through decarbonising public transport, decarbonising the public sector, increasing the uptake of zero-emission vehicles, introducing clean car standards, and supporting the use of renewable energy for industrial heat.

“Protecting our environment and biodiversity through working to achieve the outcomes of Te Mana o te Taiao, the Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy 2020, protecting Kauri, building on pest management programmes, and taking action to minimise waste and problem plastics.

“Improving child wellbeing and marginalised communities through action on homelessness, warmer homes, and child and youth mental health.”

There is no wealth tax in the agreement. 

Ardern said, in a press conference, a coalition agreement with the Greens was not on her mind "at all" during last week's talks.

"I think this agreement strikes the right balance of the parties working on issues where there is agreement, allowing space for disagreement and independence, delivering business continuity and predictability in key policy areas - especially climate policy - and guaranteeing that Labour's majority is bolstered on key votes to ensure the ongoing stability of the majority Government," she said.

"Labour won a clear mandate to form a majority government on our own to accelerate our recovery from Covid-19. This agreement respects the mandate voters provided Labour while continuing our cooperative work with the Green Party in areas where they add expertise to build as strong a consensus as possible."

Shaw said: “We are proud to have achieved a first in New Zealand political history, where a major party with a clear majority under MMP has agreed to Ministerial positions for another party, as well as big areas of cooperation...

“New Zealanders voted us in to be a productive partner to Labour to ensure we go further and faster on the issues that matter. We will make sure that happens this term.”

Ardern also said it was the Labour Party's intention to look at recommended changes to MMP that the Electoral Commission made in 2012, including changes to electoral finance law and the length of the parliamentary term.

During the election campaign, both Ardern and National leader Judith Collins voiced their support for a four-year electoral term. 

The Green Party secured 7.6% of the vote, according to preliminary election results. This sees it secure nine list seats plus the Auckland Central seat won by Chlöe Swarbrick.

Labour received 49.1% of the vote, enabling it to secure 64 of the 120 seats in parliament.

Final results, including 480,000 special votes, will be released at 2pm on Friday.

Here’s the text of the agreement:


1. The Green Party commits to supporting the Labour Government to provide stable government for the term of the 53rd Parliament. The parties commit to working in the best interests of New Zealand and New Zealanders, working to honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi, and building and maintaining public confidence in the integrity of Parliament and our democracy.

2. This agreement builds on the constructive and enduring working relationship between the two parties. It does this by setting out the arrangements between the parliamentary Labour and Green Parties as they relate to the Ministerial portfolios and areas of policy cooperation set out in this agreement. 

Nature of agreement

3. The Green Party agrees to support the Labour Government by not opposing votes on matters of confidence and supply for the full term of this Parliament. In addition, the Green Party will support the Labour Government on procedural motions in the House and at Select Committees on the terms set out in this agreement. This will provide New Zealanders with the certainty of a strong, stable Labour Government with support from the Green Party over the next three years.

4. The Green Party will determine its own position in relation to any policy or legislative matter not covered by the Ministerial portfolios and areas of cooperation set out in this agreement. Differences of position within such portfolios and areas of cooperation will be managed in accordance with this agreement.

5. The Labour Government in turn commits to working constructively with the Green Party to advance the policy goals set out in this agreement, alongside Labour’s policy programme.

Ministerial positions

6. The Labour Government’s priorities for this term centre on a COVID-19 recovery plan. This includes the implementation of Labour’s manifesto promises and five point economic plan, with a focus on investing in our people and preparing for the future.

7. The Green Party’s aspirations include enabling a Just Transition to a zero-carbon economy; supporting equity, compassion and inclusive communities; ensuring ecosystems, indigenous species and their habitats thrive; and cultivating a flourishing democracy founded on Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

8. This agreement supports the advancement of these priorities by allocating portfolios and establishing areas of cooperation that are consistent with the direction and goals of the Labour Government, as well as contributing to addressing the Green Party’s aspirations.

9. The Green Party will hold the following portfolios outside of Cabinet:

a.    Marama Davidson will be appointed to the position of Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence and Associate Minister of Housing (Homelessness).

b.    Hon James Shaw will be appointed to the position of Minister of Climate Change and Associate Minister for the Environment (Biodiversity).

10. The Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence will be the lead Minister for the whole of government response on family and sexual violence with the mandate to coordinate Budget bids in this area. The Minister will also be a member of the ad hoc Ministerial group on the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy.

11. These Ministerial portfolios also reflect areas where Green Party expertise provides a valuable contribution to the Labour Government.

12. Ministers from the Green Party will attend Cabinet Committees for items relevant to their portfolios and receive Cabinet Papers relevant to their portfolios, as provided for in the Cabinet Manual.

13. In addition, the Labour Party will support the nomination of a Green Party Member of Parliament to be the Chair of a Select Committee, as well as a Green Party Member of Parliament in the role of Deputy Chair of an additional Select Committee.

Areas of cooperation

14. The parties will cooperate on agreed areas where the Labour and Green Parties have common goals:

a.    Achieving the purpose and goals of the Zero Carbon Act through decarbonising public transport, decarbonising the public sector, increasing the uptake of zero-emission vehicles, introducing clean car standards, and supporting the use of renewable energy for industrial heat.

b.    Protecting our environment and biodiversity through working to achieve the outcomes of Te Mana o te Taiao - Aotearoa New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy 2020, protecting Kauri, building on pest management programmes, and taking action to minimise waste and problem plastics.

c.    Improving child wellbeing and marginalised communities through action on homelessness, warmer homes, and child and youth mental health. 

15. These areas of cooperation reflect common goals between the Labour and Green Parties, and represent areas where the policy and experience of the Green Party provides a positive contribution to the Labour Government. 

16. The Labour and Green Parties will work together in good faith and cooperate with each other in respect of executive and Parliamentary activities to advance these shared goals, including any public statements. The Prime Minister’s letters of expectations to Ministers will reflect the areas of policy cooperation and consultation processes required.

17. Beyond these stated areas of cooperation, it is also the Government’s intention to work with political parties from across Parliament (including the opposition) on issues that affect our democracy, including the Electoral Commission’s 2012 recommended changes to MMP, electoral finance law, and the length of the Parliamentary term.


18. On the areas of cooperation set out in this agreement, or other matters as agreed, the parties commit to undertaking political consultation between the responsible Minister and the appropriate spokesperson. This process will also apply to Green Party Ministerial portfolio matters.

19. This process, which will be agreed between the parties and set out in a Cabinet Office Circular, will cover:

a.    the initial policy development, including access to relevant papers and drafts of legislation,

b.    the development of Cabinet Papers,

c.    the public communication of the policy to acknowledge the role of the Green Party.

20. The Labour Government will also brief the Green Party on:

a.    the broad outline of the legislative programme,

b.    broad Budget parameters and process.

21. Outside of the areas specified in this agreement, there will be no requirement for consultation, but this could happen on a case by case basis.

22. Where there has been full participation in the development of a policy initiative and that participation has led to an agreed position, it is expected that both parties to this agreement will publicly support the process and outcome. This does not prevent the parties from noting where the agreed position deviates from their stated policy. 

Relationship between the parties

23. The Labour and Green Parties will cooperate with each other with mutual respect on the areas set out in this agreement. Cooperation will include joint announcements relating to areas of policy cooperation.

24. The Leader of the Labour Party and the Green Party Co-leaders will meet every six weeks to monitor progress against the areas of cooperation set out in this agreement. The Chiefs of Staff will meet regularly.

25. The parties agree that any concerns will be raised in confidence as early as possible and in good faith, between the Prime Minister’s Office and the Office of the Co-leaders of the Green Party. Matters can be escalated to the Chiefs of Staff, and then Party leaders, as required.

26. The parties may establish a process in order to maintain different public positions on the areas of cooperation. The parties agree that matters of differentiation will be dealt with on a ‘no surprises’ basis.

27. This agreement will evolve as the term of Government progresses, including through opening up potential additional areas of cooperation. Any additional areas of cooperation will be agreed to between the Party leaders and given effect by a letter from the Prime Minister to the relevant Minister. 

Cabinet Manual

28. Green Party Ministers agree to be bound by the Cabinet Manual in the exercise of Ministerial Responsibilities, and in particular, agree to be bound by the provisions in the Cabinet Manual on conduct, public duty, and personal interests of Ministers.

Collective responsibility

29. Ministers from the Green Party agree to be bound by collective responsibility in relation to their Ministerial portfolios. When speaking within portfolio responsibilities, they will speak for the Government representing the Government’s position in relation to those responsibilities.

30. In accordance with the Cabinet Manual, Ministers from the Green Party must support and implement Cabinet decisions in their portfolio areas. However, Ministers from the Green Party will not be restricted from noting where that policy may deviate from the Green Party policy on an issue. If this is required, it may be noted in the Cabinet minute that on a key issue, the Green Party position differs from the Cabinet decision. 

31. When Ministers from the Green Party are speaking about matters outside of their portfolio responsibilities, they may speak as the Co-leader of the Green Party or as a Member of Parliament.

32. Agree to disagree provisions of the Cabinet Manual will be applied as necessary.


33. Ministers from the Green Party will be bound by the principle of Cabinet confidentiality, as set out in the Cabinet Manual.

34. Where Cabinet papers or other briefings are provided to the Green Party, or where the Green Party is involved in consultation on legislation, policy or budgetary matters, all such material and discussions shall be confidential unless otherwise agreed.

35. In the event that Government or Cabinet papers are provided to the Green Party for the purposes of political consultation they shall be provided to a designated person with the office of the Green Party, who will take responsibility for ensuring they are treated with the appropriate degree of confidentiality.

36. Once confidential information is in the public domain, both parties are able to make comment on the information, subject to any constraints required by collective responsibility or this agreement.

Management of Parliamentary activities

37. Both parties commit to a ‘no surprises’ approach for House and Select Committee business. Protocols will be established for managing this.

38. The Leader of the House will keep the Green Party informed about the House programme in advance of each sitting session.

39. Consultation on legislation outside of the scope of this agreement will be conducted on a case by case basis. The Green Party will consider its position on each Bill in good faith and advise the relevant Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office.

40. The Labour and Green Parties agree to a ‘no surprises’ approach to new Members’ Bills. However, neither party is under any obligation to support the other party’s Members’ Bills.

41. The Green Party will support the Government on procedural motions in the House and in Select Committees, subject to consultation being undertaken. This excludes urgency, which will be negotiated on a case by case basis. The Labour Party Whip and Green Party Musterer will establish protocols to ensure these processes work effectively to meet the expectations of both parties.

42. The Green Party undertakes to keep full voting numbers present whenever the House is sitting where the Green Party has committed to support the Labour Government and on matters of confidence and supply. The Green Party also undertakes to keep full voting numbers in Select Committee, unless otherwise agreed.

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I feel a tinge of arrogance creeping in. Let's see what happens over the next 3 years!


Arrogance by Labour ? .... it seems a pragmatic move by the PM to utilise the talents of her allies ... rather than abandon them until needed ... as Helen Clark coolly did ....

.... and , the anti-car campaigner JulieAnne Genter is demoted , left out of the " baubles " .... a rather divisive & controversial figure , sidelined .... win/win !

Is she anti car or pro mode choice. There is a big difference.

she is pro-mode choice as long as that mode is not cars... so i would surmise Anti Car, and anti-choice

Are you scared she’s going to take all the roads away? Seems quite unlikely to me.

... that seems a workable solution to washouts ... particularly on the West Coast .... to roll the roads up at night , and store them in a shed , safely out of inclement weather ...

Hard to see the Greens not accepting the arrangement. Still something of a bitter pill in that they did better at the election but have ended up in a weaker position. Would be interesting to know what percentage of voters party voted Labour precisely for the purpose of that outcome. Regardless of the actual figure perhaps the Greens should sit down and think about exactly why so many in the electorate were so moved that they sought to try and cancel out the Green vote so as to nullify them having any actual leverage in government.

Fox your last sentence seems to give the Greens way more power than they actually have. NZrs in general are pretty pragmatic and just get on with what they're doing -the Greens are distraction and a fringe movement - nothing more (or less)

You mean this has turned out like as in knock knock paddy whack give the dog a bone scenario.



There should be substantive and enduring recognition of Jenee Tibshraeny for her tireless journalistic efforts.
At a quick read of the agreement it could be boiled down to one statement - "We won and we don't need you"
Davidson is given a Ministerial post with no identifiable KPIs, Shaw retains his toothless portfolio.Surprised Ardern didn't create a Ministry of Wellbeing - hugs and snuggles for all.

Seconded. Most 'reporting' in the MSM is simply Repeating. Jenée is a True Reporter - an increasing rara avis.....

The Greens are a red wolf in green clothing.

Ohhhh, where is this red threat coming from. North korea????.


Couldn't care less about the greens... just reintroduce lvrs for first home buyers and ban banks from lending to investors for the purchasing of existing homes... also force the rbnz to lift the ocr to 3% overnight... let the economy correct before it is too late and we have a catastrophic great depression scenario...

"Couldn't care less about the greens... just reintroduce lvrs for first home buyers " yeah that's going to solve things. Maybe you should be a bit more constructive??

Better than anything these greenie commies will do...


You are pathetic. I am a 75 year old, self-employed for most of my working life, never a member of a union and I voted Green. I am not now, nor ever have been a communist. I'll bet you don't accept anthropogenic climate change, though you actually know little or nothing about the mechanisms that regulate our atmosphere.

You do realise genuine communism opposes labour unions....

Comment was fine...check ticks..perhaps you could lay of the put downs once again hook?

Maybe you should be less touchy. The LVRs didn't do anything but slow FHBs down whilst prices continued to rise faster than savings - arguably contrary to what is needed. Raising the OCR overnight can't be done for obvious reasons. If you think the comment was fine it justs shows your inability to comprehend the nuance of my reply. As for "ticks" it just means there's 14 other people in the boat with you, 6 of whom think the Greens are "commies"

Government and rbnz can do anything they wish... they lowered the OCR when required, the can increase again... LVRS can be brought back just as easily... pain needs to be felt now by some, otherwise it will be felt by all in a catastrophic crash in the future.. great depression level... nz will become a third world country... do not come back with the RBNZ is separate from the government... it is on paper but we all know this is rubbish... in practical terms they are one.... corrupt to the core...

Yeah we know.. "the sky is falling..the sky is falling" You suggested an overnight 3% rise in the OCR too - clearly an ill-informed suggestion.

Making young people bear the pain when starting out with LVRs for FHB is immoral. If anyone needs to 'take the pain' then making it slightly harder for investors to buy more lower-end properties and push prices across the entire market up should be first one the list.

Finally.. someone who understands what I was saying above to Kiwilad45's first comment

Maybe check your ego before you comment.. "Also 14 other people in the boat with you, 6 of whom think the Greens are "commies"..don't know how you managed to come up with that thought process? Can you expand?

I was referring to the "ticks" and what I thought of them. I spell it out for you r e a l l y s l o w l y . 14 ticks for comment 1 and 6 for his comment about the Greens being "commies". Chances are the 6 who thought the Greens are "commies" also thought the original comment had merit.
14 others in the boat with you means I think there's 14 others sharing your conviction.... Jeez gotta explain the simplest of things these days

Couldn't care less about the greens.. 18 ticks....maybe you and Henry could start collaborating?

So the evidence of uninformed bias just keeps increasing - no surprises there really

Why doesn't Jacinda just sack Adrian Orr for incompetence for allowing the housing market to overheat.

If making housing affordable mattered, they would have done something about it.

.... because Adrian Orr isn't responsible for starting the roaring inferno which is our housing market ...

He merely threw a truckload of old man pine onto the fire ....


There are no prizes for managerial competence are there. Eugenie Sage, the most competent Green minister in recent memory is gone. Prizes given only for showboating and performing in front of the cameras.

Eugenie, I'll think of you when I get my paper bags at the supermarket, it's thanks to you that there will be a small decrease in the plastic going into the ocean. Well done with that.


Have tried to work that one out. Used to bring home the shopping in the plastic bags supplied by the supermarkets and used those bags for household waste such as non recyclables, or non green stuff, but now I buy plastic bags from the supermarket and use them for the same purpose.
Net result my household is sending to the dump exactly the same number of plastic bags as before. Am I guilty or what? Just asking.

If that's all you 've done you should perhaps reread your your old primary school report card "...must try harder."

No never got that one, but did get in the easily confused column. If this is to be an example, afraid to say looks like have never got out of it.


Yep they banned the bags that got re used anyway, but kept those useless fruit plastic bags.

Put it in the bag, no bag. Out window it goes. Reckon roadside rubbish got worse.


I guess you could say motivation was created for you to change your polluting habits, but you decided it was too difficult and more convenient to keep crapping up the planet? Congratulations for being such a rebel. We all appreciate your effort.


A lot of doc workers will be sad to see her go. they felt they finally had a minister who understood conservation, and supported them.
As for plastic bags, it was a mainly symbolic act, intended to make people think about reuse, and reducing rubbish. By that measure, it has been successful.

Maybe those Labour party voters who switched to Green to keep the Greens alive will be happy with the bone given to the Greens. Slim pickings on the bone though.
I bet there's frantic lobbying within the Greens by the prospects to get over the 75% mark.

Would think, in old fashioned language, the message is clearly like it or lump it. And so it should be, given the remarkable mandate the electorate has given The Labour Party.

Could cause tit for tat though. What if labour need the greens support after next election?

Don’t think so. Think about it. If the Greens want to be in government who else but Labour then are a potential partner? Appreciate the Greens have unbridled ambition and self anointed righteousness, but don’t think they would see themselves out stripping Labour at the polls in the next three years any more than sitting back passive, and have a say National/Act lot form a government.

A more interesting announcement by the PM today would have been that the trans-Tasman travel bubble was to be opened up both ways.

the WA premier spoke favorably about NZ yesterday, so we could do with them as both WA and NZ are running the same strategy. the one thing that australia dont do that we do is have one system of QR codes to record your movement

Ooo.... Now you've gone and poked the sleeping dog
Many in WA would smile favourably on "Independence for WA!" - leaving the Commonwealth of Australia, and cosying up to us, who rejected the Commonwealth all those years ago, might stir up Restlessness in the West.

we can go now and all you need to do is self isolate and get a test done
From Saturday, exempt New Zealand travellers arriving via other Australian cities will be directed to self-quarantine for two weeks and must be tested for the virus on day 11.

The Greens would be mad to sign up to this. For starters it it is a retrograde step to days of old. They would serve their constituency better from the cross benches..... with all the freedom of opinion that provides. It is obvious Labour's goal is to shut them down. In the interest of the contes of ideas hope the Greens aren't wooed by the baubles of perceived power/influence.

Ssssh. They might catch on....

Zero carbon public transport is easy, just stop providing public transport. We live in a country with among the highest rates of private vehicle ownership on earth already, can't fight the system.


Wow, you're clearly a genius.

May as well use the same approach to decarbonise our public health care, education, etc. Who would have guessed it was so easy.

He's not that far off. Green taxes will push the price of these up to the point where consumption collapses. Hey presto - we're decarbonised, excluding the political and corporate elite of course.

It's just shuffling the deck. Have we checked with China that we can't just outsource our vehicle emissions to them?

Some animals are more equal than others.....

... some cook up better than others , too .... hmmmm... bacon ... wheres the Greens ?

the most interesting part is they are looking at implementation of the 2012 recommendations to improve MMP, ie get rid of the coat tailing rule and lowering the threshold to 4%, national no friends are against it as they will have trouble forming coalitions, ACT dont want it because they could revert back to a one man band next time.
i think you may see voters more likely to bring in smaller parties at 4% which is on this election 95 K of votes.
7.2% or 179228 people voted for parties that did not make it in.
you need to remember with our growth in population when it was set at % we had
when it was set at 5% the population was lower, the total votes were 2072359 so 5% was 103617 votes needed
this election the 5 % has increased to 119189 (without specials counted)

Why do politicians have any say in who governs? The voters gave Labour a mandate to govern - nothing more. MMP needs to be made democratic - not a plaything for the political elite.

The Greens will come to regret that. Their future is with Chloe S.
They would of gain much more in the long run from staying out of government

If the cannabis referendum hadn’t occurred the Greens would now be in a position to lobby a likely receptive Labour Government to introduce the reforms so desired, this term. But the referendum result looks certain to have stymied that opportunity for now, and much longer. The Greens have much to learn about the downside of being both presumptuous and precipitate. Here they have certainly been hoist by their own petard.

.... the Greens still dont understand the concept of transition .... just as they had our natural gas exploration industry shut down without consultation , they approached the cannabis debate with the all or nothing full legalisation question ....

Had they chosen the decriminalisation route first , they may have succeeded with that .... leave full legalisation alone for another term or two .

Well we are reviewing all farming systems to the new now.
Probably like the Canadians, will be the way to go.
Running a Saturday produce sales operation Letterkenny style.

Happy days in unhappy times.

OMG ! . .. that is so freakin' funny .... thanks Henry ...

You know me, living the dream between the bellends of ECAN's Nth Canterbury climate model out to 2090.

This is a technical report (not for the faint-hearted!) but it is the most detailed information we have. Each chapter has a helpful summary, and key projections are set out below.

View NIWA report: Climate change projections for the Canterbury Region (PDF File, 16.5MB)

Nuance and Zealotry don't play well together, GBH....

Instead of a four year term why not just show up to work a little more


The single most extraordinary influence on life in NZ is and has been immigration
Immigration is at the core of housing, schools, hospitals, health, infrastructure
In 2017 the final year of National the intake was 50,000
In 2020 the final year of the last government the intake was 79,000

What difference would 4 years of decisions and planning make to that
What was it they were unable to do in 3 that they need 4 to achieve

New Zealand has been ranked #1 country in the world that most accurately fits Islamic ideals .... the 2019 Islamicity survey has just been released .... we're ahead of Iceland & Sweden ....

... the UAE is the top ranked country which actually has a population majority of Islamic citizens .... they came in at #44 on the list ....

Ummmm .... is it just me , or has the world gone completely bonkers ?

To continue that line then, does that mean the more immigrants NZ receives of that faith, the more likely NZ’s said ranking will fall?

... no ... I think it proves the irony of religious faiths not best being upheld in their states of origin ...

As the dyslexic Christian said , whatever faith you follow , all roads lead to Dog ...

If you read the article on GBH, you'll find the reason why. The list actually says a lot about how most ME countries are run - poorly and often corruptly.

" Allah intends to provide ease for you , and does not intend to create hardship for you ... "

... kind of sums up the welfare state .... which we've become over the past 2 decades ... since 1999 with Helen Clarke , the Key years , and now Ardern ....

iconoclast.. when you take into account that 4-6 weeks is lost campaigning and usually (historically anyway) 4 weeks are lost negotiating coalitions shortly after which Parliament generally retires for christmas, a Govt is actually functional for maybe 30-32 months. Adding another 12 months to that might make legislation less rushed and more measured and thought out and therefor higher quality - at least you'd hope so

The Greens are only getting the crumbs. No presence in Cabinet and thankfully no influence in economic matters, so they won't be able to do any serious damage. Good.

With Shaw as Climate Change Minister it'll be interesting to see what happens in the ETS space.

Does the PGF live on?
Would anyone in the Green Party be a good candidate for allocating something like this in an even handed and transparent way?

Speaking of constitutional change, I wonder if this will come back on the agenda alongside the 4 year term and other Electoral Act changes?

I guess it'll be something for Waititi to promote, which no doubt he will (if he hangs on). It's probably something that is needed tbh

Yes, if we are to retain the unicameral parliament it is warranted. But I'd rather see real constitutional change whereby we have two houses. The second being an indigenous/iwi house, along the lines of the House of Lords in the UK. I wouldn't see it being able to propose laws, but rather being able to send laws passed by the House of Representatives back to them for amendment based on a failure to reflect Māori tikanga and/or Treaty provisions. If we had that I think the Māori seats would no longer be warranted - and such a constitutional change would truly reflect the co-governance/partnership that was the spirit of the Te Tiriti o Waitangi as understood/envisioned by the indigenous signatories.

Nah, not a fan of that. Far too cumbersome and expensive. The Parliamentary system we have now works well enough, but maybe there should be more electorate seats than currently. The Waiariki seat for eg. is ridiculously large and should be cut in two or maybe three. Having a seperate House would be riven with tribal rivalries - look at the debacle that's the NgaPuhi settlement process, the iwi can't even agree within itself let alone the Crown on a way forward

What is suggested is a right of veto
Elimination of Select Committees?
Subsume the Waitangi Tribunal

If the House of Reps has a sufficient level of Maori representation (which could be achieved through more electoral seats) laws should be crafted in a way that veto powers are not required, having a seperate House is by its very nature divisive and arguably separatist rather than the more inclusive system we currently have imv

Kate didn't mention anything about Select Committees (which are essential) nor subsumption of the Tribunal (which fills an important and politically independent role)

Good idea. Worth considering. How would membership of the upper house be arrived at? Appointment. Election. Set terms? Do they retire? Does everyone vote? Like senatorial votes?

Isn't your idea based on a clear division between Maori and Non_Maori and does one exist? Most Kiwis have friends and acquaintences in both categories and it is usually easy to say who is what: eg John Tamihere and Golriz Ghahraman. However there is a growing fuzzy area betwen the two groups. For example I have a distant family member who is Maori but his son was born and lived in Australia with a mother of two different non-Kiwi nationalities - is the son as Maori as his father and if he chooses to be Maori is he rejecting his mother? Then there is a Kiwi freind born in South Africa who always claims to be Maori to screw the system and another friend who has 1/16th Maori heritage but refuses to tell his daughter because he is concened that cultural pressures will cause her to drop out of school. There is a grey area and as time goes by it will get larger. Isn't it better to just keep moving towards being one people - meaning Pakeha becoming knowledgeable about Maori history and culture and Maori continuing their progress of learning about Pakeha history, culture and technology while retaining their traditions. The examples of countries with political systems that specifically recognise various ethnic groups is not good: eg The Lebanon.

Any structural change to MMP or parliamentary term must go to the people. Recall the latter was shot down well and truly once before. And while they are at it they should ask the people too if they would like the number of MPs reduced back to the 90 or so pre MMP. In fact the relative Royal Commission recommended no increase as being necessary.

Increasing the term by a year is really just an indictment on the public service, not the politicians.
It's not like Labour weren't in opposition for several years recently which should be plenty of time to get their policies lined up and fleshed out. Just like National and other minor parties now have close to 3 years ahead of them to sort it out.

If it weren't for the Greens, who else would save us from their coming vast climate apocalypse?

PDK ..

...." Mr Powerdownkiwi " to you , denier ! . .

Where's your tin foil hat ?

Can't see anything good in there for the Greens, other than a few on higher salaries. They just proved they are simply a branch of Labour.

When Labour fails at addressing climate change, they will have a good scapegoat now. "But look - we put James Shaw and the Greens in charge of it, so it's their fault".

It's lose/lose for the Greens as far as I can see (no real power, able to be blamed for screw ups or lack of action), win/win for Labour (can defund all the Green initiatives and only support their versions of it, still retain Green support if some of their own MPs go against them, blame the Greens when they don't deliver).

As far as being politically savvy the Greens look rather, er green.

Off the topic question : I'm getting " Burger King " adverts blocking up the bottom right of my screen ... are others getting annoying pop ups ?

Yup now I find myself sitting in my local burger king smashing a whopper meal deal... good marketing...

The paid ad free version costs about the same as a whopper :)

There's always annoying popups, but I've got the ad blocker turned off so it's to be expected.

Another step towards the ‘great reset’.
And the ‘build back better’ from Covid as per the PMs victory speech. , there's no excuses for Jacinda Ardern & her government ... you've got a majority .... the Greens are slobbering contentedly at your feet .... it's time to live up to your election mantra :

" Let's Start Moving ! " ...

Yes, onwards to the health governance, digital id and human tracking.
With no Opposition.

... sounds awesome .... yay ....

Check for the signal/keywords in the speeches:
“A true recovery from COVID-19 will not be about putting things back together the way they were: we need to ‘build back better’, to 'reset', if we are to address the deep systemic vulnerabilities the pandemic has exposed. For businesses, building back better is about much more than corporate social responsibility”
Private property ownership rights?, freedom of movement, social credit, ...etc

The centre of New Zealand voted in Labour to govern alone. Three more years of not rocking the boat. Houses will continue to increase in value at the current rate we are experiencing and the poor will become poorer. Maintaining power is more important than helping those who need it.

This will lead to young new zealanders leaving new zealand for a better life or giving up (why bother working hard if the goalposts keep being shifted....) The suicide rate will also increase as young people see no hope..... I can see slums starting to appear.. (similar to south east Asian slums) it will get to a point when there are no young people to pay for old peoples superannuation and healthcare... this will eventually bite boomers in the ass in some way.... housing market needs to be crashed as soon as possible... short term pain for long term gain....