Green Party

5 Mar 19, 12:30pm
Ardern assures any MMP threshold changes wouldn't take effect in 2020 election, despite Little hours earlier saying they could; Bridges says changes would need cross-party support
4 Mar 19, 4:08pm
Winston Peters has spent decades gaming MMP to keep himself in the position of king (or queen) maker. Asks Danyl Mclauchlan, are we really going to make it even easier for politicians like him?
1 Mar 19, 12:09pm
Revenue Minister Stuart Nash says any Tax Working Group recommendations the government adopts will be made by legislation meaning a full select committee process
26 Feb 19, 10:08am
Where would a watered-down, politically palatable version of the Tax Working Group's recommendations leave us? Jenée Tibshraeny struggles to find the modelling
25 Feb 19, 7:59am
Chris Trotter says the Capital Gains Tax recommended by Cullen’s team is of such breadth and bite it can't have been intended seriously
21 Feb 19, 1:48pm
Government taking 'measured' approach as coalition partners seek consensus on Tax Working Group's findings; Winston Peters sticks to the script
18 Feb 19, 6:43pm
Labour overtakes National, NZ First become irrelevant and Bridges falls to Collins' level in latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll
12 Feb 19, 8:29pm
James Shaw goes in to bat for a capital gains tax during parliamentary debate; Amy Adams doesn't miss the opportunity to hit back
11 Feb 19, 6:26pm
National nose-dives in new poll to the point Labour and Greens wouldn't need NZ First to form a government; Collins receives more support than Bridges
1 Feb 19, 7:57am
Climate Change Minister James Shaw says insurers are 'acting very responsibly' & working with the Govt on who pays for climate change
7 Nov 18, 8:35pm
Energy Minister Megan Woods and her shadow minister Jonathan Young go head-to-head as bill banning new oil/gas exploration passes
25 Oct 18, 9:59am
Peter Dunne suggests recent moves by NZ First and the Greens to promote their brands more vigorously are more significant than this week's opinion poll
23 Oct 18, 7:07pm
One News/Colmar Brunton poll puts support for Labour ahead of National and Ardern way ahead of Bridges, despite respondents' pessimism on the economy
11 Oct 18, 6:43pm
Greens lobby Commerce Minister to get competition watchdog to probe supermarkets after petrol companies under soon-to-be-bolstered powers
11 Oct 18, 8:48am
Peter Dunne says when the Govt Budget is in surplus, the focus comes much more onto the quality and overall value of the new spending being proposed, and that requires Ministers to make some very strong judgements
25 Sep 18, 11:02am
Energy & Resources Minister disregards MBIE advice putting cost of oil & gas exploration ban at between $1.2 bln & $23.5 bln; Pledges to give existing permit holders breathing space
21 Sep 18, 9:34am
Peter Dunne says Jacinda Ardern's apparent unwillingness to ruffle coalition feathers is starting to work against her, suggests she takes a leaf out of Helen Clark's playbook
16 Sep 18, 7:50pm
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern outlines 'blueprint' setting out the Coalition Government's priorities and steps 'to build a more modern and fairer New Zealand'
12 Sep 18, 3:01pm
Discussion papers released on Govt plans to introduce Wellbeing measures into public finance and for the setting up of an independent fiscal institution to provide non-partisan costing of political policies
24 Aug 18, 10:00am
Katharine Moody on environmental conflict resolution, towards a circular economy, banning the bag, what we can learn from albatrosses, ethics and environmentalism, Einstein & more


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