Labour Party

11 Dec 17, 8:15am
Finance Minister details 'five point plan' for urban growth; will look at alternatives for Auckland's East-West link, but not interested in building 'the most expensive road in the world'
6 Dec 17, 1:45pm
Govt to further probe petrol prices and beef up Commerce Commission powers by enabling the consumer watchdog to undertake broad market studies
1 Dec 17, 8:31am
Finance Minister Grant Robertson assures business community more of the numbers behind the Government's policies will be released on December 14 
27 Nov 17, 5:32pm
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hits back at criticism over the Government's refusal to release the 33 pages of 'notes' on its coalition agreement with New Zealand First
27 Nov 17, 2:24pm
Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi on how to get New Zealand up to speed on open banking, what the Aussies are doing, and the feasibility of digital identities
27 Nov 17, 12:17pm
Leader of the Opposition says it's 'unacceptable' for PM to keep a document that supposedly reveals how the Government will behave, deal with the media and be held accountable, under wraps
24 Nov 17, 11:49am
The Tax Working Group may yet surprise us, but its brief appears to be a disappointingly shallow and obvious one aimed at achieving narrowly-defined outcomes
23 Nov 17, 2:48pm
Support for Labour/NZ First/Greens Government up from October, with government confidence the highest it's been since the start of the Key era, according to Roy Morgan Research
23 Nov 17, 2:09pm
Self-proclaimed 'pushy' Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi commits to revamping archaic insurance law, but prioritises introduction of payday lender interest rate caps & a supermarket code of conduct
23 Nov 17, 11:14am
Government releases details of Tax Working Group; reiterates commitment to 'fair and progressive tax system''; Joyce says it's an 18-month-long rubber stamp for a Capital Gains Tax
16 Nov 17, 3:57pm
Revenue Minister Stuart Nash says Tax Working Group to be established with terms of reference released and members named by Christmas
16 Nov 17, 11:25am
Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford sets out the Government's case for the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill, National housing spokesman Michael Woodhouse responds
9 Nov 17, 11:13am
The RBNZ outlines its key assumptions on 4 key areas of the new government's policies including housing, migration, minimum wage increases and spending
7 Nov 17, 10:27am
Government considering adding employment target to the RBNZ's price stability objective, and introducing a committee decision-making model for monetary policy decisions; Opposition says employment objective 'redundant at best'  
6 Nov 17, 4:29pm
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces $325m to be spent over four years to extend paid parental leave from 18 to 26 weeks
1 Nov 17, 2:39pm
Could shared equity schemes be a way for the new government to forge a new path in state housing? Gareth Vaughan takes a look a such a scheme that was proposed and rejected for Tamaki
31 Oct 17, 4:24pm
New government to amend Overseas Investment Act to classify residential housing as 'sensitive' to block non-residents and non-citizens from buying existing residential dwellings
31 Oct 17, 1:19pm
Cabinet set to discuss mechanisms for foreign house buyer ban, Ardern says; Parker hits out at previous National government over advice on ability to impose stamp duty on foreigners under Korean FTA
30 Oct 17, 12:16pm
Robertson asks to be judged on how Labour govt lifts productivity; Says foreign investment still welcome, just not in existing houses; Is 'realistic' about RBNZ's ability to effect full employment
30 Oct 17, 10:56am
Labour to be careful with how it manages housing supply and demand policies, new Finance Minister Robertson says; Ardern & Parker not keen on stamp duty, looking at ways to block non-resident foreign house buyers


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