Labour Party

12 Mar 19, 5:00am
Government warned of big bank backlash in wake of surprise Reserve Bank capital proposals going above international norm
11 Mar 19, 9:42am
Chris Trotter says the Government's handling of the Tax Working Group has highlighted Grant Robertson's reliance on his mentor Michael Cullen
6 Mar 19, 5:03pm
Tax Working Group Chair kept on the job for 4 months longer than initially planned; Michael Cullen says he's there to bat for the integrity of the report not the Government 
5 Mar 19, 12:30pm
Ardern assures any MMP threshold changes wouldn't take effect in 2020 election, despite Little hours earlier saying they could; Bridges says changes would need cross-party support
3 Mar 19, 6:02am
Grant Robertson's wellbeing budget, will it be a new way to measure our success as a country or just a public relations exercise? Or is it just a twist on the National Party’s social investment approach?
26 Feb 19, 1:41pm
Finance Minister Grant Robertson says government to go through Tax Working Group recommendations to see what will add to fairness & what's possible to gain consensus on in a coalition
26 Feb 19, 11:43am
David Hargreaves says the lasting legacy of the Government's new 'Healthy Homes' initiative will likely be increasing numbers of people dependent on the state for a roof over their heads
26 Feb 19, 10:08am
Where would a watered-down, politically palatable version of the Tax Working Group's recommendations leave us? Jenée Tibshraeny struggles to find the modelling
26 Feb 19, 7:53am
Housing and Urban Development Ministry officials concede that the Govt's new 'Healthy Homes' initiative will drive up rents, see rental stock taken off the market and may increase demand for public and emergency housing
25 Feb 19, 7:59am
Chris Trotter says the Capital Gains Tax recommended by Cullen’s team is of such breadth and bite it can't have been intended seriously
21 Feb 19, 1:48pm
Government taking 'measured' approach as coalition partners seek consensus on Tax Working Group's findings; Winston Peters sticks to the script
18 Feb 19, 6:43pm
Labour overtakes National, NZ First become irrelevant and Bridges falls to Collins' level in latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll
14 Feb 19, 8:47am
Peter Dunne says Greens co-leader James Shaw's CGT comments are far less a statement on his party's position and more an attempt to flush out where NZ First stands
13 Feb 19, 10:20am
Grant Robertson announces Budget 2019 will be delivered on May 30; Politicking sees collapse of public meeting where Budget priorities would've been discussed
12 Feb 19, 5:22pm
Proposed requirements for banks to hold more capital won't cause KiwiBuild catastrophe or economic slowdown, according to Twyford and Robertson
12 Feb 19, 11:03am
New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) re-evaluating Auckland’s much maligned East-West Link (EWL) motorway project
11 Feb 19, 6:26pm
National nose-dives in new poll to the point Labour and Greens wouldn't need NZ First to form a government; Collins receives more support than Bridges
8 Feb 19, 8:38am
Ardern warns of slowing global growth, talks up trade, and announces vocational training sector reform to help plug skills shortages in first major economic speech of 2019
31 Jan 19, 10:08am
Jim Bolger chaired group details a proposed fair pay agreements system in report to Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Iain Lees-Galloway
28 Jan 19, 10:04am
Chris Trotter on how middle class housing subsidies overwhelmed the social housing priorities of the Labour Party's rank-and-file members


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