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Northland will move down to Level 3 as planned on Thursday night

Northland will move down to Level 3 as planned on Thursday night

The Ministry of Health is reporting 49 new Covid cases, all in Auckland.

This follows 75 cases on Wednesday.

Northland will be moved down to Level 3 from Thursday night after all-clear wastewater results, while 96% of the people identified as contacts of positive cases in Northland had returned test results - and all negative.

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said he believed there was now a "95%" probability the 'R' value was under 1 - meaning that infected numbers could be expected to keep come down.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that 14% (seven) of the latest 49 people testing positive were regarded as infectious in the community. That's down from a percentage of 36% in the figures reported on Wednesday - although the 36% figure then was up from 25% the day before.

Arden said the 36% figure largely stemmed from essential workers. She said most of the essential worker cases were people contracting the virus outside of the workforce. Increased surveillance testing was being looked at.

There are 42 people in hospital - all in Auckland. Six of these are in ICU with three on ventilators.

There were 17,683 tests processed on Wednesday. 

There were 6700 swabs taken in Auckland on Wednesday.

Bloomfield said: "We need to have higher levels of testing to give us confidence we are getting this under control." He urged people with symptoms or visiting places of interest to get tested.

This is the detailed update from the Ministry of Health:

Number of new community cases 49
Number of new cases identified at the border 4
Location of new cases Auckland (49)
Location of community cases (total) Auckland 720; Wellington 16
Number of community cases (total) 736 (in current community outbreak)
Cases infectious in the community 36% of yesterday’s cases have exposure events
Cases in isolation throughout the period they were infected 64% of yesterday’s cases
Cases epidemiologically linked 34 of today’s cases
Cases to be epidemiologically linked 15 of today’s cases
Cases epidemiologically linked (total) 671 (in current cluster) (65 unlinked)
Number of sub-clusters Seven.  The two largest subclusters are the Mangere church group: 332; and Birkdale social network cluster: 75
Cases in hospital 42 (total): North Shore (8); Middlemore (19); Auckland (15).
Cases in ICU or HDU 6
Confirmed cases (total) 3,340 since pandemic began
Historical cases, since 1 Jan 2021 (total) 126 out of 1,526 since 1 Jan 2021
Number of contacts identified (total) 37,359
Percentage who have received outbound call from contact tracers (to confirm testing and isolation requirements) 81%
Percentage with at least one test result 86%
Locations of interest  
Locations of interest (total) 308 (as at 12pm, 2 September)
Number of tests (total) 3,024,268
Number of tests total (last 24 hours) 17,683
Tests in Auckland (last 24 hours) 6,757
Tests rolling average (last 7 days) 24,222
Testing centres in Auckland 25
Wastewater detections No unexpected detections in past 24 hours
Whole genome sequencing  
Links to current outbreak 469 cases to date have been sequenced.
COVID-19 vaccine update  
Vaccines administered to date (total) 3.59m; 1st doses: 2.35m; 2nd doses: 1.23m
Vaccines administered yesterday (total) 89,546; 1st doses: 62,218; 2nd doses: 27,328
Mâori 1st doses: 215,248; 2nd doses: 110,762
Pacific Peoples 1st doses:138,733; 2nd doses: 75,578
NZ COVID-19 tracer  
Registered users (total) 3,132,649
Poster scans (total) 335,540,705
Manual diary entries (total) 15,136,609
Poster scans in 24 hours to midday yesterday 983,104

*There may be some delays in providing data in some instances. On these occasions we will use data from the day before and clearly note this.

New cases identified at the border

Arrival date From Via Positive test day/reason Managed isolation/quarantine location
28 August* Afghanistan Australia Day 3 / routine Auckland
28 August* Afghanistan Australia Day 3 / routine Auckland
28 August Germany Singapore Day 3 / routine Auckland
30 August United Kingdom United Arab Emirates Day 1 / routine Auckland

*These cases were in a travel bubble together.


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