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Election 2011 - Party Policies - Economy - Tourism

Election 2011 - Party Policies - Economy - Tourism


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Not set out on their website.

  • Direct Tourism New Zealand to encourage domestic tourism.
  • Develop a promotional campaign to encourage people to 'get out into the great outdoors'.
  • Support the ongoing development of distinct reputations for particular regions.
  • Support and promote schemes for domestic tourists to learn organic farming skills.
  • Ensure that tourism training includes strong environmental and cultural components.
  • Establish a community development fund, providing start up capital for ecologically sustainable small businesses and community enterprises.
  • Develop workable and effective safety standards and codes, particularly in relation to adventure tourism.(more here)

  • Labour will give serious consideration to the re-establishment of a dedicated Ministry of Tourism if the subsuming of the old Ministry of Tourism into the Ministry of Economic Development does not meet the needs of the sector.
  • Labour will work alongside the tourism industry to ensure a strong working relationship that is mutually beneficial.
  • Labour will encourage Regional Tourist Organisations to work more closely together and across local government boundaries to identify and promote the unique factors of each region/district.
  • Labour will ensure the Ministry of Education and the Tourism sector work with schools to provide pathways for students into the industry, particularly in regions such as Northland where there is high unemployment but many tourism opportunities.
  • Labour will review the provision of tertiary courses alongside the sector to ensure quality courses prevail. (more here)

Not set out on their website.

  • Marae CBD will utilise existing structures to maximise the inherent potential each marae currently holds including enhancing tourism opportunities and employment training. We will build the capacity of marae as an iconic resource. (more here)

  • Continue negotiations with Sky City to develop an international convention centre in Auckland, to bring jobs and high-value 
    business travelers to New Zealand.
  • Put in place the recommendations from the review of the core tourism dataset recently carried out by the Ministry of Economic Development.
  • Move Major Events back into the Tourism portfolio and involve Tourism NZ more heavily in its operation.
  • Continue to look for ways to expand the successful SmartGate system. (more here)

  • Develop effective training programs that ensures higher levels of service standards and take into account the job-rich potential of the industry is essential.
  • Review all legislation and regulations that impose coercive powers (e.g. Resource Management Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act) to ensure that the impact on business is minimised yet is consistent with the overall public interest. A specific review of the vast array of regulations impacting on the tourism sector is also needed.
  • Overhaul the Tourism Industry Training Association to reflect present and future employment and marketing needs.
  • Incorporate cultural and community values into industry initiatives, ensuring that cultural protocols are respected.
  • Support the establishment of the "Great Harbour Way" around Wellington Harbour. (more here)


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