National Party

19 Jul 18, 9:17am
Infometrics is expecting GDP growth of roughly 2% a year until 2021 – 1% under Treasury’s forecast – and the regions are expected to do the economic heavy lifting
9 Jul 18, 1:28pm
Opposition Leader Simon Bridges is calling the Government out for its plans to increase debt by $17 billion but Jason Walls says the National leader is comparing apples with oranges
7 Jul 18, 10:01am
She is known for her skills as an Opposition MP and her political prowess, even earning the nickname Judith ‘Crusher’ Collins – but Jason Walls discovers she has never seemed so relaxed
4 Jul 18, 3:42pm
The Opposition’s Finance Spokeswoman has slammed the combined income limit of would-be KiwiBuild homeowners, but Grant Robertson says it’s the fault of the previous Government
3 Jul 18, 4:50pm
Revenue spokesman Paul Goldsmith says the National Party won't support new tax bill because the government parties reversed National's planned tax cuts
3 Jul 18, 12:00pm
NZIER business confidence numbers show firms' optimism at its lowest level in seven years
2 Jul 18, 2:11pm
Government documents show the option of increasing the minimum employer KiwiSaver contribution was rejected in favour of adding new 6% and 10% employee contribution options
27 Jun 18, 2:29pm
The Government’s fiscally conservative Budget has done nothing to stop declining business confidence levels, now back down to Coalition agreement negotiation period levels
24 Jun 18, 7:02am
For months National’s finance spokeswoman failed to put a dent in Finance Minister Grant Robertson’s fiscal armour, but Jason Walls says this week she found a chink
20 Jun 18, 3:04pm
Opposition MPs upset the Treasury did not consult them before releasing a new living standards framework report to the public
14 Jun 18, 10:48am
Peter Dunne looks back at the collapse of the Coalition Government in 1998 and sees warning signs in the current Government
13 Jun 18, 9:18am
In government the National Party was opposed to a deposit insurance scheme, but now in opposition finance spokeswoman Amy Adams has opened the door to the concept
7 Jun 18, 9:44pm
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern criticises the Opposition for spreading ‘false claims’ around its working groups
6 Jun 18, 4:54pm
Speaking to MPs at a rare appearance at a select committee, the Finance Minister defends his Government’s debt track as Amy Adams goes on a familiar offensive
6 Jun 18, 10:30am
National leader Simon Bridges suggests NZ has a housing crisis but declines an interview with to explain brief comment in RNZ interview
28 May 18, 3:13pm
Salvation Army questions ability of government departments to handle the flagship house building plan; seeks establishment of group to deliver houses 'quickly and at affordable cost'
27 May 18, 7:23am
For the 1st time in his tenure as Speaker Trevor Mallard kicked an MP out of the House. Jason Walls asks if all the theatre & spectacle to make a point was worth it for the Nats
23 May 18, 8:27pm
In an eventful day National’s deputy leader Paula Bennett stormed out of parliament & Gerry Brownlee attacked speaker Trevor Mallard in a letter and a press conference questioning his ‘neutrality’ 
22 May 18, 4:05pm
Minister of Housing Phil Twyford says MBIE correctly diagnosed the weakness in the Treasury’s KiwiBuild forecast & they're the ones implementing the policy
22 May 18, 12:05pm
Simon Bridges says he doesn't want to use Mycoplasma bovis as a ‘political football’, despite the issue for weeks being kicked around by both National and Labour


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