National Party

21 Apr 18, 10:05am
Despite National’s attempts to paint the three-headed Government as uneasy bedfellows, the Labour, Greens & NZ First alliance has held up rather well… so far
10 Apr 18, 12:18pm
The Opposition leader hits back at claims the previous Govt critically underfunded key areas of public service, accusing the PM of playing politics and spinning the issue
9 Apr 18, 5:18pm
The Prime Minister is warning the state of the Government’s books is much worse than anticipated and says next month’s budget will be the 'rebuilding budget'
7 Apr 18, 9:36am
Peter Dunne outlines what a truly effective road safety strategy needs to focus on
4 Apr 18, 12:34pm
As National and Labour play the blame game over the state of the public health system, the Finance Minister says Vote Health will be a ‘major focus’ area in May’s Budget
31 Mar 18, 8:31am
The Claire Curran saga, the expelling (or non-expelling) of Russian spies, new laws and an RBNZ shake up – a lot happened this week; here’s what you might have missed
28 Mar 18, 10:32am
Peter Dunne questions whether the Prime Minister is 'playing a long game' with the assertion that Russian spies are not active in New Zealand
28 Mar 18, 10:05am
The Bill that will see the bright line test extended from two-years to five has passed its third reading and now awaits the Royal Assent to become law
27 Mar 18, 2:33pm
National’s Amy Adams is concerned the RBNZ’s Monetary Policy Committee will allow the Finance Minister to ‘exert political influence’ over the RBNZ
25 Mar 18, 1:26pm
Housing and Urban Development Minister says 29 hectares of Unitec land at Mt Albert will be transferred to Crown ownership; between 3000 and 4000 homes to be constructed
21 Mar 18, 12:44pm
National’s housing spokeswoman Judith Collins challenges Housing Minister Phil Twyford over a lack of KiwiBuild homes so far
19 Mar 18, 4:07pm
The Government's decision to have a 'significant' portion of the Kiwibuild houses pre-fabricated is logical, but risky
15 Mar 18, 2:27pm
National’s new finance spokeswoman Amy Adams says the IRD “don’t support [the bright line test] going to five years” – but a spokesman for the department says her comments are “not strictly true”
15 Mar 18, 8:06am
EY's David Snell says the Government’s Tax Working Group asks some great questions, but misses others
14 Mar 18, 12:20pm
The Tax Working Group's paper calling for submissions explicitly seeks views on whether there could be items exempt from GST in order to benefit low income people
12 Mar 18, 3:41pm
David Hargreaves fears the Government's desire to push through difficult-to-implement offshore housing buyer legislation may prove a distraction in tackling the most pressing housing shortage issues
12 Mar 18, 6:41am
National's new leader Simon Bridges has placed Judith Collins in his top 5 and given her the shadow housing portfolio, a role he says she asked for
11 Mar 18, 5:02am
Rodney Dickens says section prices are the key to solving the housing affordability problem, not higher density around transport hubs. He warns against force-feeding in areas that won't deliver the intended outcome
8 Mar 18, 7:16am
National’s new Finance Spokesperson Amy Adams says she will continue to hound the Government over its alleged fiscal hole, as well as criticizing it for increasing net Crown debt when it said it plans on reducing it
7 Mar 18, 4:58pm
The new National Party leader is not expecting any more of his MPs to quit before the new Caucus line up is announced within the next week, but says more will likely go 'over time'


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