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Election 2011 - Party Policies - Foreign Policy

Election 2011 - Party Policies - Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

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  • [Reaffirm] the ANZUS alliance (Australia, New Zealand & the United States) [as it] exists on paper but is effectively void due to our prohibition on the US bringing its nuclear propelled warships into our waters. (more here)

  • Increase New Zealand's ODA budget to 0.7% of GNI by 2015.
  • Oppose New Zealand involvement in United States-led coalition military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan (but support UN peace-building there); and oppose any intelligence assistance to these wars by closing down the satellite communications interception station at Waihopai.
  • Support relinquishing our annexation-based territorial claim (of 1923) to the Ross Dependency, and call for Antarctica to be placed under an appropriate universal jurisdiction. (more here)

  • Labour will refocus the mandate of the development programme on the elimination of poverty, together with sustainable economic development, in order to build just, prosperous and secure societies.
  • Labour will re-establish NZAID as New Zealand’s international development agency, committed to the elimination of poverty, implementing a high-impact development programme, transparent and accountable, and contributing to New Zealand’s broader foreign policy goals.
  • Labour will recommit the NZ development programme to international best practice, including the Aid Effectiveness principles of ownership, alignment, harmonisation, results and mutual accountability.
  • Labour will re-establish a strategic partnership framework for cooperation between NZAID and New Zealand-based development NGOs with the goal of building the capacity of the NGOs and working together to get the best development outcomes.
  • Labour will build a specialist capability for New Zealand as a peace-builder in the AsiaPacific region. This will draw on New Zealanders’ experience in mediation and conflict resolution, peace-keeping, and post-conflict state building.
  • Labour will ensure that New Zealand's development assistance projects are consistent with our objectives to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. (more here)

  • Making New Zealand’s support for the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples unconditional.
  • Withdrawing of New Zealand military personnel all countries where they are engaged in combat or supporting roles for externally instigated wars.
  • Terminating all current negotiations for free trade and investment agreements, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.
  • Exploring alternative models for international collaboration based on the economics of solidarity, starting with the South Pacific.
  • Working with indigenous peoples to develop alternative constitutional arrangements that recognise and protect indigenous sovereignty.
  • Requiring any foreign investment to satisfy a Tiriti impact assessment and approval from mana whenua.
  • Implementing a ‘hone heke’ tax on financial transactions to restrict speculation on the New Zealand dollar that makes investors rich while destabilizing the New Zealand economy. (more here)

  • We support immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • We seek to bring the activity associated with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples permanently to Aotearoa. (more here)

  • Continue to maintain stability and consistency in foreign affairs to advance New Zealand’s long-term interests.
  • Campaign hard to win New Zealand a seat on the United Nations Security Council for 2015-16
  • Lead at least 28 high-level trade missions to Asian countries over the next three years to expand links. (more here)

  • Establish overseas aid at 0.5% of GDP immediately and reach the accepted international millennium goal of 0.7% by 2015.
  • Reach a multi-party accord on ten year defence and capital equipment funding for the New Zealand Defence Force so that it is well equipped to meet peacekeeping, peace building, humanitarian and disaster relief operations. We like the concept of having, ‘the best small integrated defence force in the world’.
  • Emphasise our developing relationships with Asia and the Pacific Rim, while recognising historical links with the Commonwealth and other parts of the world. (more here)

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