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Election 2011 - Party Policies - Health - Hospitals

Election 2011 - Party Policies - Health - Hospitals


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  • Doctors help patients make informed decisions (rather than serve the government).
  • Hospitals compete in the business of delivering high quality healthcare at competitive prices. (more here)

  • Hospitals regularly assessed against these guidelines laid down by the Healthcare Authority.
  • Review drug-induced diseases and deaths in hospitals and residential facilities with a view to improving quality assurance systems surrounding multi-drug use.
  • Ensure all hospitals and health services meet nationally consistent clinical safety standards including national infection control standards, to minimise the risks to patient safety.
  • Ensure all hospitals and rest homes have implemented nationally developed infection control standards and ensure ongoing national monitoring of these standards. (more here)

  • Labour will launch the Health Innovation Project to be led by the National Health Board to drive nationwide application of models of good practice in the delivery of health services.
  • Labour will launch the Health Innovation Project to be led by the National Health Board to drive nationwide application of models of good practice in the delivery of health services.
  • Labour will re-invigorate the primary healthcare strategy to ensure all New Zealanders have access to affordable primary healthcare, including after-hours care.
  • Labour will support the development of strong regional and/or national networks to make the most efficient use of health resources.
  • Support the development of national services, where appropriate, to deliver specialised care and encourage innovative practice.
  • Labour will review the capital charging regime as it applies to public hospitals.
  • Labour will ensure a coordinated hospital and specialist care system with consistent access criteria, quality and timeliness across New Zealand.
  • Labour will develop nationwide tools for elective surgery prioritisation based around timeliness, equity and quality.
  • Labour will develop a model of care for acute services that encompasses the needs of patients, primary care and hospital emergency departments.
  • Labour will develop sustainable and high quality palliative care services.
  • Labour will build and upgrade facilities across New Zealand to support the network of care across New Zealand.
  • Labour will strengthen the provision of ambulance services by instituting a staged plan to deal with funding, workforce, crewing and training issues. (more here)

  • Levy private health providers to contribute to the public health system where they transfer patients to maintain private profitability.
  • Eliminate institutional discrimination in the health system through greater ethnicity-based auditing, a more effective governance system, the expansion of Māori health provision, and health workforce development to address racism in health care workers and systems.
  • Introduce plain language information for users of health services to improve health literacy.
  • Include health care services for eyes, ears, and teeth within the subsidised primary health care system.
  • Eradicate third world diseases from New Zealand.
  • Support the development of a high quality public health system which is free and accessible for all New Zealanders. (more here)

Not set out on their website.

Not set out on their website.

  • Review the administrative and policy compliance burden facing hospitals and GPs to free up resources currently dedicated to management, which should be directed towards actually making people better.
  • Encourage the development of integrated electronic medical records and prescribing systems to reduce medical errors, remind patients and physicians about preventative and follow-up care, and facilitate the sharing of integrated records and information across sites of care. (more here)



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