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Election 2011 - Party Policies - Party Philosophies

Election 2011 - Party Policies - Party Philosophies

Party Philosophies

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The principal object of the Party is to promote an open, progressive and benevolent society in which individual New Zealanders are free to achieve their full potential.

To this end the Party upholds the following principles:

  • that individuals are the rightful owners of their own lives and therefore have inherent rights and responsibilities; and
  • that the proper purpose of government is to protect such rights and not to assume such responsibilities.

The Party shall promote, develop and pursue policies and proposals which:

  1. encourage individual choice and responsibility and the pursuit of excellence in all fields of human endeavour;
  2. enhance living standards for all New Zealanders through sustainable economic growth and international competitiveness;
  3. enhance choice and diversity, and raise standards of achievement in education;
  4. ensure that all New Zealanders have access to quality health care and have security in retirement;
  5. maintain social and economic support for those unable to help themselves and who are in genuine need of assistance;
  6. provide for the nation’s security and the protection of individual lives and property;
  7. explore and implement practical and innovative ways to protect the natural environment;
  8. maintain sound economic management, including (but not limited to) a balanced government budget, price stability and a free and open market economy; and
  9. limit the involvement of central and local government to those areas where collective action is a practical necessity. (more here)

  • As a party and as members of that party, we aim to:

  • Act according to our Charter
  • Respect the planet and the web of life of which we are one part
  • Take the path of caution in the face of serious uncertainty about the consequences of human action
  • Think long term and holistically
  • Make decisions by consensus whenever possible
  • Engage respectfully, without personal attacks
  • Support ideas on their merit, regardless of where they originate
  • Actively respect cultural and individual diversity and celebrate difference
  • Maintain a community focus
  • Enable participation with dignity and challenge oppression
  • Encourage new voices and cherish wisdom
  • Recognise our duty of care towards those who cannot speak for themselves
  • Foster compassion, a sense of humour and mutual enjoyment in our work. (more here)

  • All political authority comes from the people by democratic means including universalsuffrage, regular and free elections with a secret ballot.
  • The natural resources of New Zealand belong to all the people and these resources, and in
    particular nonrenewable resources, should be managed for the benefit of all, including future generations.All people should have equal access to all social, economic, cultural, political and legal spheres, regardless of
    wealth or social position, and continuing participation in the democratic process.
  • Co-operation, rather than competition, should be the main governing factor in economicrelations, in order that a greater amount and a just distribution of wealth can be ensured.
  • All people are entitled to dignity, self-respect and the opportunity to work.
  • All people, either individually or in groups, may own wealth or property for their own use, but in any conflict
    of interest people are always more important than property and the state must ensure a just distribution ofwealth.
  • The Treaty of Waitangi is the founding document of New Zealand and that the Treatyshould be honoured in government, society and the family. 
  • Peace and social justice should be promoted throughout the world by international co-operation and mutualrespect.
  • The same basic human rights, protected by the State, apply to all people, regardless or race, sex, marital
    status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religious faith, political belief or disability.

  • Mana will promote the principle that what is good for Maori is good for Aotearoa.
  • Mana will promote policies that allow all New Zealanders to lead a good life.
  • Mana will outline a budget to meet those expectations.
  • Mana will bring courage and honesty to political endeavour.
  • Mana will guarantee a measure of people power and accountability from its MPs, that has never been seen before in this country.
  • Mana is a principle we bring out of our history, to serve us in the present, and to provide us with the platform to transform this nation. (more here)

  • The Māori Party is born of the dreams and aspirations of tangata whenua to achieve self-determination for whānau, hapū and iwi within their own land; to speak with a strong, independent and united voice; and to live according to kaupapa handed down by our ancestors.The vision for the Māori Party will be based on these aspirations, for they speak to us of whānau whose wairua is strong and vibrant; who have fully developed their spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical well-being; and who are confident, secure and pro-active in all aspects of the environmental, social, cultural, economic and political life of this great country of ours. (more here)

  • We believe this will be achieved by building a society based on the following values:

    •   Loyalty to our country, its democratic principles and our Sovereign  as Head of State
    •   National and personal security
    •   Equal citizenship and equal opportunity
    •   Individual freedom and choice
    •   Personal responsibility
    •   Competitive enterprise and rewards for achievement
    •   Limited government
    •   Strong families and caring communities
    •   Sustainable development of our environment. (more here)

  • United Future is a modern centre party, focused on New Zealand's best interests. We promote strong families and vibrant communities. We seek a fair, and open society, free from poverty, ignorance and prejudice, and based on innovation, self-reliance, justice and integrity in business and personal dealings. We promote a sustainable environment, access to the outdoors and a competitive economy which encourages growth, prosperity, ownership and opportunity through market policies where possible, and government where necessary.UnitedFuture is here to make sure commonsense is always at the heart of government. We pride ourselves on keeping governments honest, moderating extremes, and making sure the interests of families and communities are at the very centre of everything we do. (more here)

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