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Government Statistician Geoff Bascand is joining the RBNZ as a Deputy Governor

Government Statistician Geoff Bascand is joining the RBNZ as a Deputy Governor

Government Statistician and head of Statistics New Zealand Geoff Bascand is swapping government departments to become a Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler announced the move today.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act specifies that two deputy governors may be appointed and Bascand will join the existing deputy Grant Spencer. Bascand will be officially styled as Head of Operations of the Reserve Bank, while Spencer is deputy chief executive and Head of Financial Stability.

Wheeler said Bascand’s appointment has been approved by the Reserve Bank Board, and will take effect on 27 May 2013. He replaces Dr Don Abel, the current Head of Operations, who is officially styled as Assistant Governor. Wheeler said Abel retires this week "after providing outstanding service over an eight-year period".

“Mr Bascand is a very accomplished leader and manager. In his time at Statistics NZ, he has strengthened the official statistics system, improved organisational performance, enhanced relations and governance mechanisms, and led significant cultural change and leadership development,” Mr Wheeler said.

Bascand has previously worked in senior management roles in the Department of Labour and the New Zealand Treasury, and was a senior economist at the International Monetary Fund.

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Good guy, he would have been my pick for the top job.


Has worked for IMF  -   so is educated in putting Globalism first.

"Bascand has been a Research Fellow at the Centre of Policy Studies at Monash University in Australia, and from 1996 until 1997 he was a staff economist at the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC. In February 2005, he was a recipient of a Leadership Development Centre Fellowship award." 

Chosen by the Governor of the RBNZ - who has 15 years World Bank experience.

What agenda will be first priority?  New Zealand's best interests?  Or the agenda of the IMF, World Bank, EU etc?    

Combined with a PM who, while at Merril Lynch was in charge of Global FX.  JK was also in 1999 appointed a member of the Foreign Ex Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank.

So now NZ has a Troika of Globalism leaders/strategists who no doubt are in tune with a global agenda to re-design currency systems with a strong global perspective rather than a perspective of protecting national interests.