Geoff Bascand

8 Feb 19, 11:17am
ASB CEO Vittoria Shortt says 'huge agenda' of potential regulatory change could lead to price changes for bank customers & credit rationing
25 Jan 19, 2:11pm
Deadline extended for feedback on Reserve Bank's proposals for increases to banks' regulatory capital requirements
17 Dec 18, 2:40pm
RBNZ capital proposals would see bank profits take a significant hit with billions of dollars worth of new Tier 1 capital required
14 Dec 18, 1:26pm
RBNZ proposes significant increase in bank capital requirements that will eat up 70% of the sector's profits over 5 years but only have a 'minor impact' on borrowers
13 Dec 18, 10:00am
Robertson quiet on whether something's wrong when the RBNZ pays the Government a $430m dividend but can't afford to hire 15 new staff
1 Dec 18, 10:16am
Jenée Tibshraeny on why you should spend more time talking to insurers before buying a property
30 Nov 18, 12:47pm
Higher bank capital requirements are necessary, RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr says, with big four banks' use of internal capital models to be constrained
27 Nov 18, 9:42am
Martien Lubberink questions whether the RBNZ has become too philosophical about bank capital
26 Nov 18, 9:41am
LVRs, bank capital review, dashboard plans and credit union struggles; Four things to keep an eye out for in the RBNZ's Financial Stability Report on Wednesday
17 Nov 18, 10:02am
RBNZ, a payer of chunky dividends to the Government, wants to keep more of the money it generates to boost its prudential regulation department
14 Nov 18, 11:45am
Kiwibank economists say latest house sales figures show a 'well behaved' market and so there is 'every possibility' of the RBNZ further relaxing lending limits
13 Nov 18, 12:43pm
Reserve Bank climate change strategy to focus on both its own activities and its regulatory oversight of financial stability
12 Nov 18, 2:15pm
CBL Insurance to be wound up as creditors back RBNZ's liquidation push over directors' rescue remedy; RBNZ commissions inquiry into its handling of CBL Insurance 
6 Nov 18, 5:12pm
In the wake of the bank conduct & culture review, Gareth Vaughan argues more sunlight is needed on the RBNZ's DIY regulatory regime
17 Mar 18, 10:00am
Gareth Vaughan seeks answers after the RBNZ declines to release a report it commissioned on the requirement for directors to sign-off on the accuracy of bank disclosure
10 Mar 18, 8:58am
Deloitte review commissioned by RBNZ on the regulator's bank director attestation regime 'being kept confidential'
8 Mar 18, 9:27am
Martien Lubberink says the RBNZ publishing bank stress test results would stimulate public interest in banks more than the RBNZ's Dashboard will
5 Mar 18, 3:39pm
RBNZ's Geoff Bascand says bank reporting 'appropriately' vouched for by bank directors through attestation statements but regulator 'actively considering' steps to enhance effectiveness of attestation
1 Mar 18, 2:33pm
RBNZ Deputy Governor Geoff Bascand says CBL Insurance paid $55 mln to overseas companies 'in the context of significant doubts about CBL Insurance's solvency'
15 Feb 18, 5:02am
RBNZ plans public awareness and education campaign to promote its bank financial strength Dashboard initiative


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