You can now control the arrows on our mortgage and term deposit pages to see when rates last changed

Today we are launching a new feature for regular users of our mortgage and term deposit rate tables.

Our rate tables feature arrows that indicate changes up or down.  or 

The default setting for these arrows is that they will show if there was a change over the past week.

We have now added some flexibility.

However, control of these settings is only available if you are registered and signed in.* Register here.

You can set the time sensitivity to one of the following. Show changes over the past:

one day
one week (default)
two weeks
four weeks
3 months (91 days)
6 months (183 days)

This will be helpful for both intensive users (who may well just want to see changes over the past 24 hours) to more casual users.

When you are signed in, you can set this arrow control from your Profile page.

Go to the View tab to find the choices, and select.

They will change immediately and stay on the selected setting until you change them again.

At this time, only the Mortgages page, and the two Term Deposit pages can be customised in this way. Other rate table pages may be included later. Your new selection applies to all rate pages with this feature activated.

Feedback is appreciated, as always.


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