15 Mar 18, 1:21pm
The ACCC shines a spotlight on 'less than vigorous' mortgage competition between the Australian parents of NZ's big four banks
10 Mar 18, 11:07am
In a lacklustre real estate and mortgage market, another bank cuts a key rate to generate some momentum and snare some market share even as funding costs remain stable
7 Mar 18, 11:26am
Small NZ owned banks again grow mortgage lending faster than the major banks
6 Mar 18, 9:52am
Bank of 'Let's Do It' sets a 4.49% two year fixed mortgage rate, about -16 bps lower than all its main rivals but still above both HSBC and TSB
2 Mar 18, 5:02am
ANZ NZ posts big jump in quarterly profit to $520 mln, deposit growth comfortably outstrips lending growth
27 Feb 18, 10:15am
Kiwibank's December quarter net interest margin rose, but so too did its cost to income ratio and cost of funds
27 Feb 18, 10:11am
BNZ net interest margin up, and both its cost to income ratio and cost of funds down year-on-year
23 Feb 18, 5:41pm
With a new two year rate of just 3.95% HSBC restores its substantial market-leading position for a key mortgage rate offer
23 Feb 18, 11:30am
Owning a home is now more within reach for first home buyers in Auckland as prices tumble and interest rates remain low
23 Feb 18, 11:28am
The ANZ Group boosts the capital behind its NZ mortgage book by A$1.5 billion at the behest of APRA
23 Feb 18, 9:57am
Kiwibank interim profit drops $21 mln to $42 mln after IT impairment and higher expenses, no new permanent CEO yet
19 Feb 18, 7:39pm
SBS Bank launches a market leading 5.55% fixed five year home loan rate while reducing three other fixed rates, the latest bank to cut their mortgage rates
16 Feb 18, 1:48pm
TSB opens the low-rate competition to the two-year fixed term with a rate sharply lower than just about everyone else
15 Feb 18, 6:42pm
Mortgage rate competition gets fiercer around the fixed one year offer with ASB now offering 4.30% as a carded 'special', below rivals who cut rates earlier in the week
14 Feb 18, 8:22pm
Kiwibank matches the (almost) market-leading 4.35% one year home loan rate and adds their $2,000 cash-back offer to qualifying borrowers
14 Feb 18, 3:30pm
Influential RBNZ Survey of expectations shows anticipated inflation of 2.11% in two years time, up from 2.02% in November; house price inflation expectations rise from a low base; wage rise expectations increase
12 Feb 18, 5:14pm
New Zealand's largest mortgage lender makes a relatively unusual move (for them) to price its one year fixed rate below all its main rivals
9 Feb 18, 1:48pm
Westpac makes second home loan rate change this week, matches BNZ with 4.39% for one year fixed. Rivals seek new ways to be competitive
8 Feb 18, 12:51pm
Hard on the heels of changes by Westpac and TSB earlier in the week, BNZ strikes with a market-leading low one year 'special' home loan rate
8 Feb 18, 9:06am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; notes rise in house price inflation but sees this moderating over time; revised down economic impact of new Government's measures


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