21 Jan 19, 9:23am
Credit Suisse says potential for Royal Commission to recommend changes to mortgage broker remuneration could be lucrative for Aussie banks
17 Jan 19, 4:07pm
Westpac reduces one-year mortgage rate 'special' by 16 basis points to 3.99%
16 Jan 19, 4:49pm
Fitch sees Auckland continuing to record lower house price growth than other NZ regions this year with price falls likely
12 Jan 19, 6:02am
The first 2019 home loan rate reduction has arrived, taking the two year fixed to a market-leading 4.19% level. Eyes are now on rival moves
9 Jan 19, 12:00pm
We look at some key data available from the RBNZ Dashboard to help investors and depositors in our banks understand where some important hazards lie
22 Dec 18, 7:16am
David Hargreaves says the interlinked issues of KiwiBuild, immigration and the overall housing market performance in 2019 will together be the key determinant of who forms a Government in 2020
20 Dec 18, 3:30pm
Latest Reserve Bank monthly figures show the share of borrowing by the housing investor is continuing to drop sharply to new lows
18 Dec 18, 8:40am
The bank that led fixed mortgage rates lower ends its 'specials', reverting some key rates back to 3.99%. Almost all banks have now raised fixed rates in the past month
17 Dec 18, 8:37am
The end of the road approaches for sub-4% home loan rates as another two banks withdraw, leaving just one challenger bank with such offers
13 Dec 18, 10:38am
As Shane Jones pushes for a bank levy to support regional NZ banking services, ACCC report says Aussie bank levy costs not being passed on to mortgage borrowers
9 Dec 18, 12:02pm
Yes, housing debt is growing but perhaps not to levels that anywhere near threaten financial stability, especially if you measure that on a per dwelling basis. The regulatory restrictions are doing their job well
6 Dec 18, 10:11am
David Hargreaves wonders whether perhaps we really can achieve a subdued, but not falling, house market - 'neither too hot, nor too cold'
6 Dec 18, 10:09am
Co-operative Bank CEO David Cunningham says sub-4% home loan rates unsustainable unless deposit rates fall about 50 basis points
6 Dec 18, 8:39am
The last of the main banks retreats from a sub-4% home loan offer rate, just as wholesale rates tumble on the darkening international mood. But two smaller rivals still offer sub-4%
4 Dec 18, 3:30pm
Co-op Bank, SBS, TSB, Heartland and Rabobank all deliver lending and deposit growth in the September quarter
2 Dec 18, 7:02am
David Hargreaves looks at some of the past impacts of the RBNZ's 'LVR speed limit' home loan restrictions and ponders how the latest changes to the LVRs might affect the housing landscape
30 Nov 18, 5:29pm
NZ's largest mortgage bank also raises a key rate, but then adds a competitive 18 mth 'special', and extends its $3000 cash-back inducement
30 Nov 18, 10:16am
BNZ ups its sub-4% two year home loan rate to match its rivals at 4.29% as the competitive imperative for lower rates to win market share fades. Westpac follows
28 Nov 18, 3:12pm
David Hargreaves admits to reservations about the Reserve Bank move to lift the 'speed limit' for high loan to value house lending - and particularly the move to free up some of the shackles on investors
28 Nov 18, 9:08am
The Reserve Bank is loosening the 'speed limits' on high loan to value ratio lending and says further relaxation of the rules is likely in future


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