25 Mar 19, 10:43am
It is a new week and now BNZ falls into line with a 3.99% two year fixed mortgage offer. That only leaves ANZ as a holdout among the majors. And now two year swap rates are falling too
24 Mar 19, 6:02am
Lower quartile house prices were surprisingly strong in February - making life more difficult for aspiring first home buyers
21 Mar 19, 8:43pm
Following HSBC, Kiwibank, ASB and TSB, Westpac comes back with a 3.99% two year fixed home loan offer. That's now six banks with a sub 4% mortgage offer
19 Mar 19, 8:35am
Following Kiwibank, ASB cuts its two year home loan rate to 3.99% and TSB also follows under its extended price-match policy
18 Mar 19, 9:30am
Two banks cut selected fixed mortgage rates for residential borrowers, one of which takes a rate back down under 4%
14 Mar 19, 7:38am
Westpac claims a New Zealand first with a dedicated mortgage product for prefabricated homes
13 Mar 19, 9:55am
Stable wholesale swap rates and stable bank deposit rates are limiting how far fixed mortgage rates can move down. Westpac pushes a key fighting rate up
5 Mar 19, 9:52am
New Zealand's big five banks deliver a strong quarter's financial performance, but some banks would have work to do to meet RBNZ's capital proposals
5 Mar 19, 8:24am
Taking advantage of low wholesale rates, HSBC launches a very low two year home loan rate, withdraws other 'specials' but still has market-leading rate card
5 Mar 19, 8:00am
David Hargreaves crunches some numbers on the growing proportion of first home buyers in an uncertain housing market
28 Feb 19, 3:29pm
Latest Reserve Bank monthly figures show mortgage credit growth remains above 6%, while agricultural and business credit are rising again but consumer credit is falling
28 Feb 19, 1:10pm
ANZ's latest Business Outlook survey shows the recent improvement in levels of business confidence have stopped and a net 31% of survey respondents expect deteriorating conditions this year
27 Feb 19, 3:47pm
Latest Reserve Bank figures show first home buyers getting a record high share of new mortgage money for the second consecutive month
22 Feb 19, 5:00am Home Loan Affordability Report says the slide in both interest rates and lower quartile house prices means Auckland is now considered affordable for first home buyers
20 Feb 19, 9:48am
Kiwibank half-year profit bounces back, CEO Steve Jurkovich highlights focus on improving cost-to-income ratio
17 Feb 19, 12:02am
TSB pledges to match any advertised one-year home loan lending rate from NZ's big four Australian owned banks
13 Feb 19, 4:47pm
RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr says central bank has 'historically low level' of house price inflation projected; says investor perceptions 'are being tested at the moment'
13 Feb 19, 2:08pm
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; No change to rates seen before 2021; Next move 'up or down'
13 Feb 19, 8:50am
Influential RBNZ Survey of expectations shows significant change in view of house prices this year - with the average pick now for gains of less than 2%
11 Feb 19, 10:51am
Both BNZ and Kiwibank change fixed mortgage rates for one and two years to open the bidding for the new week, hard on the heals of HSBC's market leading challenge


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