Election 2014 - Party Policies - Arts, Culture and Heritage

Election 2014 - Party Policies - Arts, Culture and Heritage

Arts, Culture and Heritage

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Not set out on their website.

  • Support and promote the right of Māori to protect both traditional and contemporary Māori art and art forms and remain committed to dedicated Māori Television and Radio broadcasting services.
  • Review the Government's approach to incentivising film production in New Zealand to ensure that locally written and produced smaller budget films are not disadvantaged and support measures to provide contractors with access to a dispute resolution process, the ability to bargain collectively, and legislation for minimum pay and conditions.
  • Recognise the value of arts in our educational institutions through the development and implementation of an ongoing arts education strategy, continue funding community arts organisations, and encourage participation and access to art and art programmes.
  • Support and invest in the arts industry as a socially and commercially sound proposition and ensure artists are able to make a living.
  • Support the increased recognition of heritage places in district plans, support funding schemes for owners of heritage buildings, and establish a well resourced national funding scheme for the earthquake strengthening of heritage buildings. (more here)

  • Focus on building careers in the arts sector through a Creative Industries Apprenticeship Scheme, and by reinstating PACE,
  • Reinstate the Artists in Schools Programme and establish a network of Children’s Art Houses,
  • Continue to support the New Zealand film industry including reviewing incentives to ensure benefits to the domestic industry are maximised. (more here)

Not set out on their website.

  • We will establish Peace Week, from 31 October to 5 November; to honour the heroism and the peacemaking heritage established at Parihaka.
  • We will reintroduce a Private Members Bill to give official endorsement to Matariki and Puanga events.
  • We will seek sustainable funding and support for Māori cultural events, perfoming arts and tourism opportunities to showcase Māori to the world. (more here)

  • Roll out the Systema Aotearoa programme to more communities in New Zealand.
  • Investigate the feasibility of creating a National War Museum in Wellington, and Te Papa North in Auckland.
  • Continue our work to grow the New Zealand screen sector.
  • Make more television content available online. (more here)

Not set out on their website.

  • Recognise the special place of Maori and Pacific culture in New Zealand society.
  • Review the funding of Creative New Zealand with a view to increasing accountability, and require ‘simple English’ explanations of all public monies allocated for cultural purposes.
  • Require Creative New Zealand to 'bring art to the people' through increased community involvement.
  • Strengthen community participation at all levels in Heritage New Zealand and provide adequate resourcing for its work.
  • Encourage government and community involvement in the preservation of historic places. (more here)


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