Official Chinese media push into Australia with 'cooperation agreement'. Propaganda head also vists New Zealand

Official Chinese media push into Australia with 'cooperation agreement'. Propaganda head also vists New Zealand

Some large media organisations in Australia have signed a 'cooperation agreement and memorandum of understanding' with the "head of the propaganda department of the Chinese Communist Party".

Liu Qibao, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and head of the CPC Central Committee's Publicity Department, has been in Australia.

The agreement he has signed was with Fairfax, and Sky News, and a small set of other Australian media companies.

Earlier this year Chinese President ordered Chinese media to adhere to the strict Party line.

“All news media run by the party must work to speak for the party’s will and its propositions, and protect the party’s authority and unity,” Mr. Xi told media officials, according to Xinhua, the state news agency.

Mr. Xi also wants to curb the presence of foreign media companies. At the same time the Chinese government also announced a regulation that would prevent foreign companies from publishing and distributing content online in China.

With last week's agreement in Australia, the effort is going in to extend that reach.

The tainting of coverage about China comes as local media struggles with its revenue base making it ripe for targeted and sanitised influences.

Although Lui Qibao has also been in New Zealand, even meeting with Prime Minister John Key, so far there is no similar agreement with Kiwi media companies announced.

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Does it mean that now chinese will also control the news. What only can be said and what not. Our government is already sold out to them. The very reason that the government is blind and deaf to housing probllem and not taking any action under presure from - should I say..... Now only Winston Peter can save NZ to maintain its identity or with their money n powe will no longer be NZ.

its a sad day when we need Winston to save us

Better than being ruled / dictate by foreigners which is not too far, if not changed as even now our government decession is based on how to please n oblige overseas bosses. The proof of that is inaction by govt on housing buble n panama papers.

The beginning of the end of free speech in Australia then NZ.
Will Google & FB be restricted soon as well?
"It was "frankly alarming", he said, if it amounted to an endorsement which "officially welcomed foreign political party propaganda placements in Australian media".

Read more:

Truth is..they do not like the truth.

Excellent work David.

Hi, Auckland is now dominated by chinese and now even the media though by back door does influence and dictate national government decessioin.or no decission like controling housing buble for if any action is taken it will not go down favourably with the govt chinese friends. Are they friends or bosses is another point of discussion.

Key should not have met with them - he and the media should have told them to piss off back to where they came from. Not welcome here.

Sounding more and more like 1984. Anyone else tempted to take up revolutionary arms?

No, but I am ready to vote.

Getting ready for the propoganda required for the coming blow up in the Sth China Sea

Expect the NZ Pravda to grab its ankles

I take it they are expecting trouble in China.

This sort of thing doesn't really work anymore, the MSM has been discredited so many times that at best it's entertainment at worst it's up with the best of the propagandists.

It's going to be an economic crisis, demand is just not happening, we are in decline, it's already affecting exporters in some industries in NZ , I think it's going to get much worse.

The bubble has blown at the core, times are getting tougher, ZIRP is not working, pensions are suffering and potentially very serious bubbles in housing and other assets are upon us.

I don't have an idea what China's future is but I know that these totalitarian governments eventually run into huge opposition from within. They are trying to let people have some freedom but once they get a little they want a lot and then there is the corruption.

They may be able to stall the inevitable but to stop it is going to be a challenge.

China is very exposed to energy movements through the straits of Malacca,yet we sign these trade deals that keep China on the outside, while bringing in many of the countries their oil supply has to pass through. I would be pissed if I was in their shoes.

Australia signs this agreement while on the other hand it's beefing up defences.

At least David hasn't been bought yet, although they say everyman has his price, maybe he will just disappear.

Thanks Andrew, your comments and links are very much appreciated.

Nation has to rise if the government does not wake up and realize the damage happening to the country in the name of so called development. Is the government a ruthless businessmen and and who looks after community, social fabric. Overall welfare of the country.

China with their money power will dictate NZ in time to come.

New Zealand for sale; including our freedom of speech. Bring back radio hauraki style broadcasting. For the people by the people.