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Election 2017 - Party Policies - Pacific Island Issues

Election 2017 - Party Policies - Pacific Island Issues

Pacific Island Issues

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Having family and friends living in a major Pacific Island I think a popular policy might be to process visitor visas in a humane manner rather than with erratic glacial speed.
Last year it became so embarrassing having my UK relatives just arrive and my highly reputable PI relatives requiring sponsorship, a fairly expensive visitors visa which needs a confirmed flight to be processed but then is processed so slowly that the air ticket expires. The PIs involved thought it was caused by their visas being processed in Fiji which tends to be seen as a rival country for sporting events. I didn't like the racial overtones so I wrote and complained and asked for an explanation - I mean it is only a visitors visa not a work visa and these were mainly people who had visited several times in the past without any crime or over-staying or demands on the health system.
To cut a long story short: although Fiji processes other countries they give the same diabolical service to their own citizens. On the NZ visa website it allow for says 25 working days but in practice they miss this ludicrously long deadline for over 20% of applications. Surely if there is an issue with an application then the applicant should be contacted in hours not months.
So a policy for all political parties: treat Pacific Islanders like human beings - if they want to visit NZ and spend their money here let them do it.