Outstanding issues, including Cabinet positions, mean NZ First board not debating completed agreements Monday, PM English says; Govt formation could come later this week

Government formation may not come until later this week, Prime Minister Bill English said Monday morning, as Kingmaker New Zealand First readied for an all-day board and caucus meeting to discuss which way to go.

Meanwhile, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said at 4:30pm Monday that internal talks between his board and caucus on post-election negotiations were ongoing, and that the meeting would likely run for several more hours. The meeting began at 10:30am.

Speaking on several media Monday morning, English said there were still outstanding issues to be decided on, meaning Winston Peters' board was not choosing between completed agreements. Issues include Ministerial positions.

"There's still more discussion to be had about the nature of a coalition or other form of confidence and supply agreement - those discussions are yet to be had," English said on three's AM show.

He told Radio NZ that discussions had taken place over the weekend between National and NZ First to clarify certain policy positions.

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or BE is a dead man walking.

Yea. What a weird thing to say on record if the negotiations weren't over yet.
If there is one thing WP doesn't like, it's telling tales out of school. Saying something like this which could only embarrass WP further isn't something you do when you think you have still got a shot.

The Kiss of Death

The reality is that WP is an egotist who is orchestrating a media event with him at centre stage. One might have assumed that you could have had both parties appearing to announce an agreement. However, what I suspect will happen is that WP will want a press conference where he 'announces' the new Government.


"I suspect will happen is that WP will want a press conference where he 'announces' the new Government"

I don't find anything particularly problematic with that. Seems like that sort of thing warrants a press conference.


English is covering himself for when he loses . Blame blame blame wasn’t me. Scary what will happen in the leadership rolls with national when they lose . I’m expecting alsorts of sneaky practices coming out that national don’t tell the public. Fun times ahead

Headline - "PM English says..."

Is he actually PM or just some wannabe billshitter at the moment ?


Maybe further debate between National and NZ First is not particularly relevant any more?
The stream of press coverage coming out of Auckland (particularly the Herald) at the moment is interesting, the theme seems to be anger and annoyance that MMP has put NZ First in the position of deciding who will be the next government. They completely ignore the fact that the balance of the voters that did not want National. Furthermore the NZ First voters wishes are irrelevant and they are morally obligated to support National. What they are really saying is that they are annoyed that there is a good chance that the grouping of minority parties will form the government and what they really want is a first past the post result i.e. a national government. I wonder if the boot was on the foot if they would be arguing the same way? I think that NZ First would be crazy to trust National. Look at the fate of all their past coalition partners.
United Futures party - gone
Maori Party - gone
Act Party - practically gone

The theme seems to be that coalition partners are just there to enable National holding power and not play any meaningful roll in a coalition government i.e. their attitude is really more first past the post oriented and any coalition partners voters end up feeling betrayed. By nature the whole ethos of the left is more communal and consultative, so better suited to the coalition arrangements that MMP delivers.

Does seem to be a case of MMP being fine and dandy when one's own team wins (e.g. cup of tea in Epsom) but deplorable and unwanted when the other team is winning. And we don't even know for sure which team will be in charge.

The thing is out 8 NZ MMP elections, only two (1996 and 1999) could actually be classed as MMP outcomes. The rest are just FPP with National and Labour getting 70%+ of the votes between them and governing somewhat as a majority.

MMP in NZ is still broken, and we still have a left vs right FPP mentality.

So is he going to sing Willie Nelson's "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" or Split Enz's "I See Red"?????


Its too early to say how Winnie will go...

But if Winnie rejects National, they have themselves to kick!!
- Claimed that there is No Housing crisis
- Record immigration while ignoring infrastructure, schooling, hospitals
- Ignored poverty
- catalyst to SPECULATORS


- created a governmental culture which resulted in three different ministers being briefed on Winston Peters private superannuation details under no surprises rule... the details of which were then leaked to the media...

lol, forgot about that saga



Yes - their lying became a continual theme.

poor ol Toddy was only doing what was in his DNA and shown by his S Clutha mentor.

Will Winnie get on with James Shaw? how long will the Labour/Greens/Winston First get on?

I give it 100 Days. then the country will be back to the polls

now seeing Jassie Arden and Winnie and Billie , at least Bill has explained where things are at , what a circus the public should of know what's going on with but secret service is happening .
I believe this process has been smokes and mirrors , we should all be disgraced whether you are Greens/ Labour / National supporter we are been held to ransom by someone that should be retired by now , keeping people out of employment for the young .
What a shambles as 92.5% of us didn't vote for Winnie, HOW FAIR IS THAT

Personally I dont care, we have had 9 years of high immigration, underfunding of infrastructure, high property prices, high homelessness, traffic problems, hospital problems... the list goes on.

Whats a few days to get some things nailed down and hopefully improve the country. Maybe its the quick fix hit like immigration that has gotten us into this mess.

Maybe we need short term pain for long term gain.

You have got a very short memory, who dealt with the Earthquakes, who got the country back on its feet financially. think back over the last nine years, not just what a wishie washie media keep delivering

That would be the China, who had gotten a taste for dairy products, in the main, so on our part there dumb luck and the Labour govt's fta with China. Beyond that, any idiot could have opened the immigration door wide but not kept infrastructure tracking alongside it, all the while allowing foreign buyers absolute carte blanche in our real estate market, even while saying "We do not want to become tenants in our own land". Add to that squeezing to just about death, as we are finding out now, health, education, police etc.
Yep, clever little clogs, they - NOT.

I tell you who dealt with the Earthquakes etc: everyday Nzers who got shat on by govt and insurances, accepted overcrowding, worse work conditions, ballooning house prices and living costs. Govt did FA. Increased immigration (that I agree with) but without any long term plan, just short term quick buck thinking.
Some dealt better than others, seeing the ever increasing suicide rate.

dealt with the earth quakes..it came down to the local people..government just got in the way...talk about clueless.

The issues will be outstanding between the coalition partners even after the formation of the government, well into the next 3 years. That is the nature of the beast, isn't it. Just agree on the few main things and get things going, guys.

I neither like nor trust Peters,but I really really want to see National booted out-they don't deserve another term.I hope he goes with labour,though I wouldn't put any money on the coalition lasting a full electoral term.