Jonathan Coleman says he won’t run against Collins, Bridges and Adams but says the best person to lead the Party is one of those three

Former Minister of Health Jonathan Coleman has ruled himself out of National’s leadership race, saying the best person for the job is among the three declared candidates.

On Wednesday, Simon Bridges, Judith Collins and Amy Adams all announced they were seeking National’s leadership.

Coleman won’t say which of the three he is supporting, only that that person will be “the best to beat Labour” in the 2020 election.

He says no one has asked him not to stand and he has not canvased the numbers.

“In the end, I looked at who would be best to lead the party and it’s one of those three.”

After the resignation of John Key in 2016, Coleman had a run at the leadership but pulled his bid before Caucus voted.

With Coleman ruled out, the only National MPs remaining who are still considering a run are ex-Finance Minister Steven Joyce and Rodney MP Mark Mitchells.

Meanwhile, Collins says this is the first time the National Party has had a “proper vote” for its leader in 12 years.

She says when former Prime Minister John Key nabbed the top job, it was “pretty much an agreement” and didn’t go to a Caucus vote. With Bill English, he was the last candidate standing after the others dropped out of the race.

“I have been in Parliament for 15 years and this is an extraordinary opportunity for Caucus, and an extraordinary opportunity for members of the Party for them to be able to tell Caucus what they think,” Collins says.

When pressed on the deputy leadership of the Party, Collins was not giving much away – saying a vote on the deputy is “entirely up to the Caucus."

Current National Party deputy, Paula Bennett, says she wants to stay in the job as she believes that is where she has the most to add.

In terms of a shadow cabinet, Collins says she would like to see more diversity – be that ethnic or gender – but stressed it’s important promotions are always made “on merit.”

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Nice photo of Crusher. She's so pretty :-)

Oh so pretty

She’s your style Dubs


No, she's not one of the candidates.

Amy Adams ? Seriously stupid
Simon Bridges ? Toss up which one is dumber
Crusher carrying too much baggage
Coleman just a wimp No surprises he dropped out
Bring some new blood new ideas
Oh yes sorry it’s the Nats they have no new ideas

Out of those three though Bridges is the better pick.

its like putting your hand in the lolly jar and coming out with empty wrappers

A totally uninspiring bunch.

.. if Jacinda is the anti-Trump ... and very much in vogue ....

Crusher Collins is the Grumpy-Frump ...

Simon is Key Lite, with the same accent and expression.

I am picking Simon will get it.

I've had dealings with him before and unfortunately agree that he is Key lite, and not the Key I thought I voted for but the Key we found out later that we got. I do not rate Simon's ethical standards.

Bridges just can't brush off the used car salesman persona IMO.

Simon is Key Lite, with the same accent and expression.

Judith will do the dirty and easy work for the next year!
There will be a changing of the guard before the election and would think National would be a shoe in

Resurrecting the Minister for Oravida, huh.

Collins is a classic Crony Capitalistic Tory, with plenty of Crony support, plenty of Party support, but without a clue about why all the voters run a mile from her whenever she dares to appear in public. All her well publicised business dealings, at home and abroad, make her a political liability, as an M.P., let alone with any higher responsibility. Poor old Simon is rapidly heading in the same direction politically, which leaves the other woman. She should be a shoe-in, except for the party people, who have no clues about voter attractiveness, and good sense. The sensible thing is to put one of the first two in, it doesn't matter which, and then number three picks up the pieces and runs with them, Jacinda fashion just before the next election!

Amy Adams has demonstrated some pretty cronyist moves as well.
To be honest, this next leadership is going to be as poisoned a chalice as the one John Key handed Bill English. The scales are still falling from eyes now where the National govt and Teflon John went.
I reckon we have no idea who the next National PM might be. Me, I am hoping his/her mum is having a relatively easy time toilet training him/her.

National will need to pick the one with the most cut through personality wise. 100% personality contest with Jacinda Ardern. There's no ammunition policy wise in the National Party. They lack the talent at the moment. If they don't pick Adams it'll be a sign that they haven't properly thought about. They still will go thinking they're still in Power. It's going to be a rude awakening.

Cinty's flicked a switch none but Nikki Kaye will be able to turn off. She's the only one who can do US Vogue.

.. Coleman is wise to step aside ... he knows full well that , as a current leader of the Gnats , he just doesn't cut the mustard ...

My tip is that the Gnats will become either Team Crusher .. .. or the Adams Family ... Nick Smith stars as Uncle Fester ...

They'd be crazy to choose the Crusher. Amy Adams is my pick.

Interesting to see WhaleOil with all guns blazing for Judith right now, and looking to pull Bridges down. Obviously some pretty strong jostling for power going on in the party.

Probably because his fortunes are tied to hers?

Well I asked my mirror, mirror on the wall..
Who's the fairest of them all
Jacindarella or Crusher C?

Mirror just cracked up at that..

No Dr Death, what a shame..