30 Dec 18, 8:02am
With Jami-Lee Ross gone, Chris Trotter wonders why National Party leaks continue against Simon Bridges. He explores what is really going on
24 Dec 18, 7:02am
Gareth Vaughan details the two reports, the consultation process and the chart he'll be keeping a close eye on in 2019
20 Dec 18, 9:33am
Peter Dunne would like a political party he can vote for at the next election
17 Dec 18, 7:47am
Chris Trotter questions whether PM Jacinda Ardern is really running the Government or is merely its figurehead
13 Dec 18, 9:46am
Peter Dunne says nobody wants to see a return to the once-common pattern of industrial disputes
30 Nov 18, 2:59pm
Gareth Morgan backs newbie Amy Stevens over Geoff Simmons in The Opportunities Party's leadership race, saying he'll put his money where his mouth is
29 Nov 18, 8:55am
Peter Dunne says it seems that where China is concerned, New Zealand has become very reluctant to say a word out of place, presumably for fear of the economic consequences
26 Nov 18, 1:30pm
Simon Bridges: National won't introduce new taxes in its first term if elected into government, and will reverse any laws passed introducing a potential Capital Gains Tax
22 Nov 18, 2:12pm
Peter Dunne says carefully crafted Parliamentary Questions are the primary weapons of an Opposition to get the answers it needs to do its day to day job of holding the Government to account
12 Nov 18, 11:14am
Opposition pulls up Shane Jones for not disclosing 61 meetings he had with a variety of business, government and community leaders over seven months
11 Nov 18, 6:30am
Shane Jones accuses the FMA of being 'chummy' with banks, the RBNZ of being too independent and the Super Fund of using the wrong investment strategy 
9 Nov 18, 10:00am
Gareth Vaughan on Francis Fukuyama & identity politics, Silicon Valley & the radicalisation of the world, Corbyn the Trotskyite, Goldman Sachs cops a kicking, Bolsonaro & the Amazon & more
7 Nov 18, 4:00pm
Jami-Lee Ross to have his vote cast in Parliament as an independent MP for Botany thanks to New Zealand First
1 Nov 18, 8:37am
Peter Dunne says the Government's flagship housing programme is beginning to look like no more than one of Edmund Blackadder's cunning plans
30 Oct 18, 5:10pm
Collins slates Twyford's KiwiBuild for not serving those most in need, but is comfortable with nearly 10% of residential property purchases in central Auckland being made by foreigners
30 Oct 18, 3:00pm
Jami-Lee Ross asks National to vote for him while he's on leave. If National says yes, this could prevent it from booting Ross out of Parliament under the waka-jumping law
25 Oct 18, 9:59am
Peter Dunne suggests recent moves by NZ First and the Greens to promote their brands more vigorously are more significant than this week's opinion poll
23 Oct 18, 7:07pm
One News/Colmar Brunton poll puts support for Labour ahead of National and Ardern way ahead of Bridges, despite respondents' pessimism on the economy
23 Oct 18, 1:45pm
National Party leader Simon Bridges and president Peter Goodfellow say they heard second and third hand of dissident MP Jami-Lee Ross being taken by police to a mental health facility
20 Oct 18, 7:11am
Jami-Lee Ross staying in Parliament is a nightmare for National but a lifeline for Simon Bridges - at this stage, says Jenée Tibshraeny


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