3 May 18, 8:32am
Peter Dunne sees opportunities for National in the regional and environment areas and warns against them lapsing into 'Opposition for the sake of it - as looks to be the case at present'
21 Apr 18, 10:05am
Despite National’s attempts to paint the three-headed Government as uneasy bedfellows, the Labour, Greens & NZ First alliance has held up rather well… so far
16 Apr 18, 12:10pm
Geoff Simmons on why we can't have a fair and efficient tax system, as well as an exemption on owner occupied housing
13 Apr 18, 9:59am
One for the commenters... PhD student Kade Sorensen uses 10 interest.co.nz comments to jump into the debate on a fuel tax, B&T sales data, the minimum wage, interest rates and more
12 Apr 18, 3:18pm
Jenée Tibshraeny takes aim at the Government for looking beyond the local, as it eyes the global, by banning new offshore oil and gas exploration
31 Mar 18, 8:31am
The Claire Curran saga, the expelling (or non-expelling) of Russian spies, new laws and an RBNZ shake up – a lot happened this week; here’s what you might have missed
28 Mar 18, 10:32am
Peter Dunne questions whether the Prime Minister is 'playing a long game' with the assertion that Russian spies are not active in New Zealand
25 Mar 18, 8:08am
NZ First MP Shane Jones’ calculated pot shots at Air New Zealand were clearly an attempt to garner voter support in the regions, Jason Walls says
21 Mar 18, 2:55pm
PM Jacinda Ardern tells Minister of Regional Economic Development Shane Jones his calling for the sacking of Air NZ’s chairman went ‘a step too far’
14 Mar 18, 8:48am
Immigration Minister Ian Lees-Galloway says the Government never had a specific target for cutting immigration numbers, but National says Labour was beating the anti-immigration drum in the election campaign and is now “backsliding on a grand scale”
6 Mar 18, 2:15pm
Ex-Finance Minister Steven Joyce is stepping down as an MP to seek new opportunities outside Govt; Says new leader Simon Bridges offered him any portfolio he wanted, but he turned the offer down
6 Mar 18, 11:47am
Government commits to reviewing archaic laws criticised for putting consumers on the back foot when dealing with insurers
5 Mar 18, 10:47am
Geoff Simmons questions what exactly is the 'family home' the Tax Working Group's tip-toeing around?
1 Mar 18, 8:48pm
Former Prime Minister and Finance Minister Bill English delivered his valedictory speech in Parliament on Thursday, which had MPs and members of the public laughing and wiping back tears
1 Mar 18, 8:44am
Peter Dunne says much of the commentary around the new National Party leader has been 'mindless'; says the new leader does have an opportunity to fill the current void for a party appealing to the liberal, urban, middle-class
27 Feb 18, 1:03pm
Tauranga MP Simon Bridges elected National Party leader; Says he'll present an 'ambitious and strong alternative government'; Paula Bennett retains position as deputy
27 Feb 18, 12:45pm
Under-Secretary rolls Government Minister as Fletcher Tabuteau becomes NZ First deputy leader 
26 Feb 18, 2:23pm
The Party won just 0.5% of the vote last election and has been doing some soul-searching on how to win more support; it’s leader, David Seymour, says the end of the ‘English era’ spells good news for ACT
24 Feb 18, 6:51am
Interest.co.nz spoke to each candidate and gauged how they planned to change the National Party if elected leader on Tuesday – there is a clear split in direction, says political reporter Jason Walls
23 Feb 18, 5:02am
She’s the only National leadership hopeful who has spent time in Opposition and plans to lean on that experience – but what policy changes does she have up her sleeve?


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