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Live-streamed video from the May 2018 RBNZ Financial Stability Report press conference with Governor Adrian Orr

Live-streamed video from the May 2018 RBNZ Financial Stability Report press conference with Governor Adrian Orr

This news conference started at 11:00 am and has ended now.

Our report on what this May 2018 Financial Stability Report means is here and will be updated as necessary following this news conference.

The RBNZ FSR media release is here.

Today's full Financial Stability Report is here.

When the live news conference is finished we will place a video recording of it on this page as soon as it becomes available.

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Orr perhaps you could tell us,

Pretty Please tell us all, where is safe to put our money, invest in the future and actually "Profit' from being sensible.

No cross border ideas please.

Just a few words will do...

Plus why are Banks allowed by Countries to thieve, steal, man-ipulate of late.

Please also answer is having money debt, or a wise move?.

As an over paid lackey, can I rely on your advice and thought pattern.


Orr was happy (From a stability pov) that less lending going to investors and more to owner occurpiers.

From memory they used a single overseas example that showed higher defaults by investors then owner occupiers.

1. Oversea law may mean defaulting is a good investor option. This is not the case in nz as investors never like to be told to sell a rental, so low defaults from nz Investors.

History will show this giant leep to the assumption that investor lending is higher risk based on single overseas examples (as nz has never had a true market crash) will be wrong.

Investors know math and make money because of it.

Manny owner occupiers don't know math, but they do like big fancy houses that based on the salary they can afford (assuming salary remains over next 30 years term!) So extend themselves, 1 job loss and bye bye house.

Wonder what the risk is of a well maintained rental property ever beginning "made redundant " I.e never get any more rent from pace, esp in these house shortage times.

Popularlist settings that go against the real answer to increased stability in mortgage market.




pay me 80k and I'll be happy to come on board and help with the background research.


Simply Simon...Nah thanks....80k is much better invested wisely, on future reality.

I am spending it on Holidays...for the foreseeable future....just like I did for the foreseeable ..past.

Retired at 55 after a life time of leisure....all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.


Quote ....." household mortgage debt remains high "
Quote......" dairy sector highly indebted and remain vulnerable"
Quote......" New Zealand financial system remains sound "
= oxymoron