Jami-Lee Ross to have his vote cast in Parliament as an independent MP for Botany thanks to New Zealand First

Jami-Lee Ross to have his vote cast in Parliament as an independent MP for Botany thanks to New Zealand First
Jami-Lee Ross

New Zealand First has agreed to vote in Parliament on behalf of former National MP Jami-Lee Ross while he is on medical leave. 

The party has announced that on November 3 it received a letter from Ross, asking it to hold his proxy vote further to the National Party refusing to do so. 

New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters says: "The New Zealand First caucus strongly believes that in terms of the Electoral Integrity Amendment Act, that someone in Mr Ross’ position should resign his seat and test his mandate with the electors of Botany and we urge him to do so.

"That said, after careful deliberation New Zealand First is able to confirm that it has accepted Mr Ross’ request.

"The party wishes to make clear that its decision to accept Mr Ross’ proxy, until such time as he revokes it, is done solely on the grounds that the electors of Botany gave a clear expression of their will at the 2017 General Election when they elected him with a significant majority.

"It is on that basis, and that basis alone, that the New Zealand First Whip will use Mr Ross’ proxy - to be exercised at all times in support of the vote of the National Party - as a temporary delegate for the electors of Botany.

"New Zealand First does this to ensure that all New Zealand voters continue to receive representation in parliament."

The move by New Zealand First makes it more difficult for National to use the waka-jumping legislation to boot Ross out of Parliament, should it choose to do so. This is because by having his vote casted, Ross is avoiding distorting the proportionality of parliament. 

Ross has tweeted:

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" . . . someone in Mr Ross’ position should resign his seat and test his mandate with the electors of Botany and we urge him to do so."
That says it all.
It is improper that JLR continues to remain in Parliament and double standards on NZF part to facilitate him in continuing to do so when he does not have any mandate.
Neither JLR nor NZF demonstrate any integrity.


Integrity maybe not, Machiavellian most definitely, National I don't think can Waka him, as he's given his vote to National, he's also playing by the parliamentary rules. NZF on the other hand will get some first hand dirt on National, Paula Bennett no doubt will be squirming at this turn of events. It's house of cards played out in reality, marvelous!


Oh Winnie you will be sorely missed when it comes time to ride off into the west, there is no none so entertaining as you, no fox as cunning.


You may recall, he's got an ax to grind with Goodfellow - and I suspect Jami-Lee can deliver that blow..


He should do the honourable thing as WP did when he resigned from Bolger’s government. But like many predecessors, he won’t! Why not? Because where else would he have the earnings and perks for another two years. This is all about self interest, nakedly so. But in reality, and in terms of self interest, he is not much ahead of much of the remainder of the pack anyway.

Am trying to think of the last time we saw an MP resign (or another act) for reasons of honour.

Realistically, would you resign a 200K plus job for doing sweet FA? I don't think the people of Howick is on his mind!

Probably, but being about half-ish Peters age... Well it's a new paradigm forming. Such fun

They elected Ross, not the Nat Party. Once elected,a member should vote for whom and whatever they like. Being 'told' what to do by the party undermines the independence of our MP's. I want the MP to represent me, not what their leader tells them to do.

You have a lot of faith in NZ electors...


that seat would vote in a blind drunk monkey as long as it was part of the national party, that is a crock to say they voted for him, and he knows it that's why he wont resign.
why else do all the high flying party members end up in areas they have no knowledge of or live anywhere near ALA JK and helensville, because its a safe party seat and they need to be looked after by the party

Perhaps we should replace JLR with a blind drunk monkey wearing a blue tie. Would take a sharp eye to spot the difference from what I remember from the small amount of Parliamentary TV I could stomach.

Haha the one time I watched some Parliamentary TV episodes they were debating the FBB. Sounded like someone set up a camera and microphone in the local pub on a Friday night.

It may be they're currently negotiating the sale price of his seat.

I find it difficult to think of a party less representative of the Botany electorate to give your proxy to.

a lovely bit of irony, NZ first representing Botany

$100k 'donation' and you get Winston giving your vote.
Doesn't get much more ironic than that.

I do wonder if Winston might somehow be delayed on some important errand one day when some bit of legislation National is supporting/promoting comes to a vote.

Wouldn't all of NZF have to be on the same errand?

sure, but if king Winston gives the order.. and it'd probably be followed by tabling a recording handed to him by JLR, just to rub salt in the wound.


Mr have-it-both-ways Peters at his very best. The irony is the icing. As only a legal mind should.

Ross should resign.