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Political party policies 2020

This is where you can find summaries of all party election policies for the October 17, 2020  election. All policy summaries use the wording of the parties who developed them. The key points have been extracted and linked to the original online policy documents.

Only parties currently in Parliament are indexed in this service. To be included, the policy must be available on the Party website. We only link to individual Party policy, and not to Government or coalition policies.

Please email with any updates, corrections or feedback.

These pages are a summary, and are not intended to be a full version of any policy position. Each summary includes a link to the full, official policy page.

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Arts, Culture and Heritage    
Broadcasting and Journalism    
Community and Voluntary Sector Gambling LGBTQ+ Issues
Senior Citizens Sport and Recreation Youth
Defence and Security    
Defence Veterans Privacy & Security
Alcohol Cannabis Pharmaceutical Reform
Business Manufacturing Maori Economic Development
Monetary Policy Regional Development Regulation
State Owned Enterprises Tourism Trade and Investment
Women's Economic Development    
Charter Schools Early Childhood Education Primary Education
Secondary Education Tertiary Education Training and Apprenticeships
Electricity Power  
Biosecurity Carbon Tax Climate Change
Conservation Emissions Trading Scheme Resource Management Act
Water and Oceans    
Children Parental Leave Women's Issues
Foreign Affairs    
Constitutional Reform Local Government Treaty of Waitangi
ACC Aged Care Children and Youth
Disability Food Mental Health Services
Palliative Care Primary Care Specialist Care
Building Workforce Emergency Housing Healthy Homes
Home Ownership Schemes Insurance Rental Issues
Resource Management Act Social Housing Speculation
Building and Development    
Immigration Refugees  
Information and Communications Technology  
Access Business Education
Privacy Security  
Justice, Law and Order    
Corrections Domestic Violence Firearms
Justice and Courts Law and Order Police
Restorative Justice Sentencing Youth Justice
Labour and Employment    
Benefits and Income Support Industrial Relations Minimum Wage
Parental Leave    
Maori Issues    
Maori Economic Development Maori Seats Te Reo Maori
Pacific Island Issues    
Primary Industries and Rural Issues  
Agriculture Biosecurity Fisheries
Forestry Mining Racing
Regional Development    
People and Culture    
Treaty of Waitangi    
Public Holidays    
Science and Research    
Business Tax Capital Gains Tax GST
Income Tax    
Emissions Freight and Rail Public Transport
Roads Road Safety  
Benefits and Income Support Superannuation  


Very grateful to you all at for collating these policies.
Disappointing that the parties themselves have less and less policy as they live in fear of media critique.
Particularly the 2 big parties who should have the most!

Demand better from your political parties, NZers!
Do they think we will sign blank cheques at every election?