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Election 2020 - Party Philosophies/Kaupapa

Election 2020 - Party Philosophies/Kaupapa

Party Philosophies/Kaupapa

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ACT NZDavid Seymour

Green Party Logo

New Zealand Labour Party


National Party

Winston Peters


Maori Party



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Thanks for doing this. Just the way the parties present them is telling. One in particular looks like an academic word salad. BTW I don’t think you have it correct with Shaw as the Greens pic. Davidson is number one on their list and what’s up with no leader pic for National?

Note how Labour speaks of a "just distribution". Quite a bit of veiled reference to state control and "redistribution/management" BTW there's no pic for Nats cos they've changed too quickly to keep up.. haha

What is the one thing that doesn't come to mind when thinking National

"Loyalty to our country, its democratic principles, and our Sovereign as Head of State"

How do you come by that gem of an opinion?

National - "Individual freedom and choice" ...Hardly, and it's insane to even think they ever believed that concept. NZ First - "Establishment of an Anti-Corruption Commission" ...I suppose NZ First will be exempt from investigation? Labour - "Co-operation should be the main governing factor in economic relations, in order to ensure a greater amount, and a just distribution, of wealth" ...What the fuck does that even mean?