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Election 2020 - Party Policies - Welfare - Superannuation

Election 2020 - Party Policies - Welfare - Superannuation


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National Party

  • Establish a Seniors Commissioner to be a champion for all seniors
  • Ensure the NZ health system is responsive to the needs to seniors
  • Provide couples on superannuation an extra $1,000 and singles an extra $560 from our economic stimulus package
  • Ensure adequate protections exist to prevent elder abuse: incluidng physical, psychological and financial abuse
  • Maintain superannuation payments at no less than 66% of the average ordinary wage for couples and the universality of the superannuation scheme
  • Maintain the Wintere Energy Payment and Super Gold Card

Not yet available on their website.


Maori Party



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average ordinary time weekly earnings"of a person, household, couple or what?


Don't like the Greens idea of opposing compulsory retirement savings.. I think Kiwisaver should be mandatory for all - including those on Welfare