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Election 20 - Party Policies - Maori Issues - Te Reo Maori

Election 20 - Party Policies - Maori Issues - Te Reo Maori

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The Green's policy is to:
"Introduce universal teaching of Te Reo Māori as a core curriculum subject through to year 10 and universally available elective Te Reo Māori learning through to year 13."

Forced policies are never wise to do, it tends to achieve the exact opposite.
In the communist satellite countries in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s Russian was a compulsory school subject.
All this achieved is the students overwhelmingly hated Russian language and this policy completely backfired.
What you may want to do is, make "Te Reo Māori" optional and let people who are interested, select it by free will.
You popularise the language, make it cool and not enforce it on people.
Some 50 000 people in NZ speak the language well, 1% of the NZ population.