Amanda Morrall launches her new book about getting your life and your money sorted. Money Matters shows you how to generate your greatest wealth when you are in your own personal flow

Amanda Morrall launches her new book about getting your life and your money sorted. Money Matters shows you how to generate your greatest wealth when you are in your own personal flow

Getting your financial life sorted is more than just making a budget or chasing a goal. 

But however foreign the world of finance may seem to those who feel like they don’t understand money, we are all chief financial officers in our own right by virtue of the daily, weekly and monthly transactions that we make, says new author Amanda Morrall.

That’s not to say the decisions we make are necessarily good, only that we wield a lot more power than we realise.

Yet all too often we surrender that control to financial institutions by failing to take a closer look at the nature of those relationships and the terms and conditions.

Amanda talked about the ideas in her book with Andrew Patterson in the video above.

"My philosophy towards personal finance is that you need to give as much care and attention to your inner wealth and well-being as you do to your budget, spending habits, savings account and net worth. When you get the two areas working in tandem, that’s where you’ll most likely find your personal financial flow," says Amanda.

"What you do, how you do it, the people you surround yourself with, your personality, happiness, health and outlook will all influence and impact on your success, financial or otherwise." is proud to have been part of Amanda's book project and we are pleased to be able to make it available online. It is a book in ten parts:

Chapter 1: A philosophy of flow

Chapter 2: Financial vampires

Chapter 3: Say no to debt & get saving

Chapter 4: KiwiSaver & retirement

Chapter 5: To rent or buy, that is the question

Chapter 6: Insurances, wills & other housekeeping

Chapter 7: Love and money

Chapter 8: Financial advice

Chapter 9: Incorporating kindness

Chapter 10: Well-being


Amanda's new book "Money Matters" is now published. It is available in bookstores at RRP $30.00 incl. GST. Readers wanting a copy can buy it online here for $27.95 delivered (there are no credit card charges, nor any "P&P".) Click this link for more information and the credit card purchase option.


You can read the introduction, part of the first chapter here », and some selected pages here »

Here is a link to an interview Amanda had with Lyn Freeman on Radio NZ.

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Congrats Amanda. Writing a book is a major challenge, so well done. I tried to view the video but it says it's private. 

Congrats - Saw your book in the Auckland Airport book store this week.  Unfortunately, I bought the Greg Smith "Why I left Goldman Sachs" book.

Sorry folks. Video is now public.

Great video. I've ordered my copy and look forward to reviewing it :-) 

Congratulations on your book launch Amanda. Looks like a great holistic approach to financial wellbeing.  I'm looking forward to reading it.

Congratulations Amanda and I'll buy a copy to add to the shelf and lend to folks. Mind you, I'm the sort of book owner that writes her own comments in pencil down the left margin, but you probably won't mind.