12 May 17, 5:02am
Chinese conglomerate HNA plans to place NZ finance company UDC under the wing of its large European-Canadian equipment service subsidiary TIP Trailer Services
10 May 17, 8:04am
The IMF suggests a de minimis exemption of $10,000 per depositor as a second best option to the full blown introduction of deposit insurance in NZ given govt & RBNZ opposition
4 May 17, 4:06pm
Four approaches the Society of Actuaries suggests you could adopt as you convert your retirement savings into income
28 Apr 17, 6:37am
Chinese conglomerate HNA 'will be a good owner' of UDC after the planned $660 million acquisition, ANZ says
10 Apr 17, 1:07pm
A look at whether your insurer will pay for what the Government won't if you get cancer
10 Apr 17, 9:00am
Tax agents who solicit for consumers to sign up with them have been warned about their obligations around uninvited direct sales. Consumers reminded of the IRD's free service
3 Apr 17, 10:04am
FMA CEO Rob Everett tells Kiwi retail investors if you must dabble with short-term derivative products do so with locally licensed firms, not overseas-based cold callers
28 Mar 17, 11:25am
The Co-operative Bank adopts risk-based pricing for its personal loans, bringing sharp interest rate benefits to borrowers with a good credit score
27 Mar 17, 3:37pm
FMA report highlights financial advice inequality and raises questions around breadth of financial advice on offer to even those who can afford it
27 Mar 17, 6:49am
'NZ very different to Australia' mortgage brokers' lobby group argues as ASIC eyes major changes after reviewing mortgage broker remuneration
23 Mar 17, 4:02pm
Meeting for 13,500 UDC debenture holders to vote on winding up the finance company's existing $1.6 bln debenture plan set to take place in coming months
20 Mar 17, 11:59am
Fair Play on Fees & Kiwibank quietly settle fees dispute following ANZ settlement. BNZ, Westpac cases 'still before the court'
16 Mar 17, 12:39pm
Our economy is growing, but is our bank debt growing too fast in support? We update the internationally recognised benchmark used to test the prudence of our financial system
15 Mar 17, 12:52pm
Exports of gold from New Zealand hit an eight year low in 2016, falling more than -20% in a year, even though prices rose +8%
15 Mar 17, 12:44pm
Auckland to lead NZ jobs growth over next four years as Christchurch falls below national average, Infometrics says
10 Mar 17, 11:47am
'It is harder for young people these days to buy a house than it was for the Baby Boomers. This is not because of greed by older people,' Tony Alexander says
10 Mar 17, 9:37am
PM English has kicked off his superannuation roadshows; Tells Kapiti Chamber of Commerce economic confidence allows for decision to be made now; Takes dig at Aussie super settings
9 Mar 17, 10:36am
Labour has been laying further groundwork for its call for NZ's tax system to be fundamentally overhauled as Robertson and Wood raise inequalities in Parliament
9 Mar 17, 8:47am
Psychiatrists call for government review on the way life insurers treat people with mental illness; Underwriter explains extent to which industry goes to fairly assess possible risks of mental illness
8 Mar 17, 4:32pm
PM's Wellington rent rise 'success' comment, another olive branch to Peters on Super and tax cuts vs Cullen Fund contributions - Wednesday in Parliament


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