Personal Finance

21 Jul 18, 9:31am
The World Gold Council says three key macro trends will influence gold’s behaviour, and combined with attractive entry levels, will increase gold’s relevance for investors
12 Jul 18, 2:13pm
Share market investors more upbeat on NZ's financial markets than property investors despite jitters in both markets; KiwiSaver investor confidence subpar
11 Jul 18, 8:53am
ANZ's continuing to advance more and more money to its NZ finance arm - ironically at a time when it's trying to offload it
7 Jul 18, 8:09am
Henry Chueh's top nine tips for those keen to invest in cryptocurrencies
6 Jul 18, 12:59pm
The shift from a US dollar dominant world to a multipolar one where the Chinese yuan is rising could provoke considerable geopolitical turmoil. For nations seeking to mitigate their risks, gold has much to offer, says Andrew Sheng
5 Jul 18, 2:52pm
Are young people that earn decent salaries too privileged to be thrown a bone by the Government? Jenée Tibshraeny thinks not
4 Jul 18, 3:00pm
NZ warned open banking in the UK isn't all it's cracked up to be, with the tech giants rather the garage start-ups best placed to capitalise on having access to banks' data
30 Jun 18, 9:17am
The combination of boomer demographics and a weakening economy is depressing term deposit rates. Thus David Chaston says the prospect is for lower rates in the future
29 Jun 18, 11:42am
IAG the first big player in the finance sector to get rid of staff sales targets; Move comes in the wake of law changes in NZ and a royal commission inquiry in Australia
28 Jun 18, 11:28am
Do we have a household debt problem? Yes we do, but it is not as severe as you may think and we are getting it under control, David Chaston says
27 Jun 18, 10:00am
Government to strengthen consumer credit laws as it aims to stop people getting caught in 'appalling debt spirals' that are very difficult to escape
22 Jun 18, 12:00pm
ANZ's for-sale NZ finance arm lifts half-year profit 8% to $32.7 million but gives no indication of when its protracted sales process may be completed
22 Jun 18, 10:41am
Westpac cuts 1, 2 and 3-year mortgage rates by up to 10 basis points, making similar changes to those already made by ASB and ANZ
20 Jun 18, 7:36am
Investors in bank deposits need to know that their bank has the liquidity to operate safely, with sufficient margin to tolerate unusual stresses
16 Jun 18, 9:20am
Peer to peer lending facilitator Harmoney is to begin lending money through its own online platform
13 Jun 18, 3:11pm
Henry Chueh compares the different brokers, exchanges and P2P services that enable you to buy cryptocurrencies in New Zealand dollars
13 Jun 18, 9:18am
In government the National Party was opposed to a deposit insurance scheme, but now in opposition finance spokeswoman Amy Adams has opened the door to the concept
12 Jun 18, 8:00pm
The CFFC's David Boyle wants KiwiSaver members to have the choice to fill a rainy day savings bucket, before contributing to a fund for their retirement or first home 
12 Jun 18, 12:07pm
Government review of Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act includes a look at credit card interest rates
9 Jun 18, 10:54am
Matt Gibson explains how bitcoin works and the role blockchain technology plays in in its existence


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