Personal Finance

25 Jan 18, 5:02am
How fintechs are paving the way for better competition in the payments space - with or without the support of banks or the Government
17 Jan 18, 4:18pm
David Hargreaves argues that after the fiasco of the failed sale of UDC to HNA the ANZ may be keen to now quickly offload its Kiwi finance company; Heartland Bank is still interested
17 Jan 18, 10:02am
The World Gold Council thinks 2018 will be a good one for the yellow metal. It sees four reasons to hold gold
11 Jan 18, 2:06pm
The IRD says people should consider money made selling cryptocurrencies - bought with the intention of resale - as taxable, until it releases specific guidance on the matter
4 Jan 18, 12:01pm
Kiwi savers get much higher term deposit interest rates than do Aussies. But we don't have a bank deposit guarantee scheme. Even so, the benefits Kiwis get from saving is more than the extra cost Kiwis pay for mortgages
3 Jan 18, 3:22pm
Although term deposit rates were low and steady in 2017, there were some good pickups to be had from competitive special offers. But there is little sign low rates for savers are about to end
28 Dec 17, 1:18pm
2017 was a year where the big got bigger and the biggest won an out-sized share - all while holding on to higher interest rates
22 Dec 17, 10:09am
Lack of enthusiasm from major parties for New Zealand First's government-run KiwiSaver provider pitch with Labour non-committal
21 Dec 17, 1:09pm
David Hargreaves believes a sale of UDC Finance to a credible New Zealand financial institution might be the only noble way out for the ANZ after the collapse of its ill-thought-out attempt to sell the business to Chinese conglomerate HNA
20 Dec 17, 9:26am
Treasury modelling suggests introducing deposit insurance would see savers pay a couple of dollars a year for every $1000 of deposits up to $100,000
19 Dec 17, 11:44am
Statistics New Zealand says investment in houses made up nearly a third of all kiwis' investment in the past year - the highest share of total investment since records began 45 years ago
16 Dec 17, 9:34am
The World Cold Council's John Reade sees several reasons to believe that gold could maintain its "upward trajectory" including an end to the bull market for equities, and tax changes in India and Russia
15 Dec 17, 12:24pm
Mike Pero Mortgages case study shows the larger your credit card limit, the less you'll be able to borrow to buy a house, regardless of what's owing on your card
15 Dec 17, 10:02am
Benje Patterson looks at 10 ways to kickstart your financial health
14 Dec 17, 10:47am
TSB to refund about 2800 customers an average of $170 each after overcharging loan break fees between 2008 and 2016
12 Dec 17, 10:14am
ANZ becomes primary source of funding for UDC's lending business with investors collectively withdrawing over $550m during the past year
8 Dec 17, 5:02am
Smartshares cuts cost of investing in ETFs in drive to streamline investment process; Move comes as new kids on the block offering Smartshares ETFs gain traction 
6 Dec 17, 1:45pm
Govt to further probe petrol prices and beef up Commerce Commission powers by enabling the consumer watchdog to undertake broad market studies
29 Nov 17, 11:11am
Investors looking for enhanced returns from alternative assets need a market platform that can link buyers and sellers with transparency, providing the liquidity both need
29 Nov 17, 6:39am
Household debt to disposable income comes off its peak; Low interest rates keep debt servicing costs down


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