Personal Finance

8 Oct 18, 12:17pm
Australian consumers are getting an inquiry into 'excessive' foreign currency conversion fees, so could their New Zealand counterparts also get one?
5 Oct 18, 11:00am
HSBC NZ reprises very low mortgage rate offer, far below any other bank, matching the 50-year-low rate it had in mid 2018
5 Oct 18, 10:04am
More home loan rate trimming this time by ASB. Its new 18-month rate now has a notable advantage against its main rivals and matches ANZ's new 1-year rate
3 Oct 18, 2:30pm
Regressive petrol taxes drive pump prices to record highs even though crude oil prices are 40% below record highs. Rising taxes are behind the push, but retail discounts take out some of the sting
3 Oct 18, 8:40am
Both TSB and Westpac move some key home loan rates lower, with TSB's eighteen month fixed rate a notable lower level. All rate offers now tightly bunched
1 Oct 18, 8:55am
New Zealand's largest mortgage lender pushes its one year home loan rate offer to a new all-time low, challenging its rivals on price
1 Oct 18, 5:12am
Kiwibank cuts more mortgage rates, tightening up bank offers across the board. It also trims a set of term deposit rates
28 Sep 18, 10:52am
TSB moves to match rivals with two new fixed rate home loan specials. Bank rate pricing tactics getting assessed as home buying volumes stay in an unexceptional zone
27 Sep 18, 7:39am
Small time NZ investors able to get a piece of big time US stocks through new Kiwi Wealth investment platform - Hatch
25 Sep 18, 3:34pm
Bank terms and conditions are where it is most obvious that your deal with them is not an equal balanced arrangement, even if it is in plain language
24 Sep 18, 4:13pm
State-owned lender Kiwibank takes benchmark two year fixed home loan rate down to a new low by a major bank, opening up a juicy advantage over its main rivals
23 Sep 18, 6:02am
If you think New Zealand's households are much more vulnerable now than just before the GFC, you are wrong according to the data collated by David Chaston
22 Sep 18, 6:31am
SBS Bank now offers the lowest two, four and five year fixed mortgage rates, joining other challenger banks in cutting rates as the Spring house selling season advances
18 Sep 18, 5:01pm
Two and a half years after ANZ put its NZ vehicle and asset finance provider UDC on the block there's no indication of an imminent sale
18 Sep 18, 5:00am
Why are NZ banks cutting mortgage rates as Aussie banks hike them, and how long might this last?
17 Sep 18, 2:08pm
New KiwiSaver comparison site gives Milford funds higher 'Social Good Scores' than funds specifically focused on 'ethical investment'
14 Sep 18, 10:29am
Three more banks lower their home loan rates but only to levels in the middle of the pack - and one of them lowers term deposit rates as well
13 Sep 18, 5:09pm
A PSA on PIRs: Check you're paying the right amount of tax on your KiwiSaver, especially if your income's changed recently
11 Sep 18, 6:39pm
TSB takes a sharp pencil to home loan rates three years and longer. ANZ reduces most of its rates, but none market leading
11 Sep 18, 5:32pm
Government review shows two-tier retail electricity market between households that shop around and those that don't


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