Personal Finance

19 Sep 17, 5:02am
Rabobank Nederland is redeeming its NZ$900m perpetual, resettable bond issue after a decade during which the interest rate paid to investors dwindled to 2.88% from 9.48%
6 Sep 17, 7:33pm
Three years in FMA CEO Rob Everett disappointed there's only one big NZ P2P lender and at the dearth of SME lending being facilitated
6 Sep 17, 4:12pm
Kiwis' debt continues to dwarf household disposable income, but courtesy of the low interest rates this debt is still being comfortably serviced
5 Sep 17, 11:35am
Brian Fallow takes a pre-election look at income and consumer spending data to get an idea of how the average New Zealander is doing financially
1 Sep 17, 1:17pm
Keeping warm a hardship for almost three in ten households, Stats NZ survey finds; Renters and those on low incomes more likely to report energy hardship; Alex Tarrant says how this could feed into the Election 2017 campaign & policies
1 Sep 17, 11:09am
Generation Rent Investment Guide episode 5: What's the value investing in funds through online intermediaries Sharesies, InvestNow and RaboDirect?
24 Aug 17, 2:00pm
Competitive prices, unlimited data, new free voice apps attract many more users to using broadband without needing the traditional phone line
23 Aug 17, 3:12pm
IAG says 'high risk regions' like Wellington to be hit hardest with further insurance premium increases; Notes households and businesses can also expect to pay higher excesses
17 Aug 17, 6:02am
FMA survey finds more than 60% of bond investors know their interest rates and maturity dates, yet only 38% understand bonds aren’t guaranteed
16 Aug 17, 8:31am
Generation Rent Investment Guide episode 4: What to look out for when managed fund shopping
11 Aug 17, 9:32am
Consumer credit contract providers celebrate successfully lobbying the Government to exempt them from new financial advice regulation 
5 Aug 17, 5:13pm
Iain Fulton sees the ageing world presenting significant savings and productivity challenges to this and subsequent generations of investors and workers
4 Aug 17, 1:57pm
Instant Finance, which offers 'all types of loans for whatever reason,' posts a 10% rise in annual profit and increases Westpac funding facility
3 Aug 17, 5:11pm
We review the June quarter global gold demand and supply data, a period of subdued demand for the yellow metal, only held up by central bank buying from Russia and Turkey
3 Aug 17, 12:03pm
Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister ready to introduce to Parliament new legislation regulating financial advice
31 Jul 17, 3:30pm
Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister dubs FMA's plan to fast-track the legalisation of robo-advice 'quite edgy' despite only learning what Blockchain is 6 weeks ago
26 Jul 17, 11:58am
Debt levels may be high, but low interest rates mean that households are no worse off today than they were in the years up to 2003 in terms of servicing a mortgage
25 Jul 17, 3:38pm
New Zealanders are at the lowest level of debt stress ever on a population-adjusted basis and close to it on an absolute basis
14 Jul 17, 10:05am
Melior Law and Regulation's Rebecca Sellers on how economics became a religion, the future of Fintech, the high price of sales culture, how to be a human leader and more
11 Jul 17, 12:37pm
Generation Rent Investment Guide episode 3: Peer-to-peer lending platforms compared


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