1 Feb 17, 12:15pm
Winston Peters pledges that he would block ANZ's sale of UDC to the HNA Group
25 Jan 17, 11:32am
Mortgage interest rates would only need to head back up to where they were two years ago to start putting pressure on household budgets
19 Jan 17, 1:25pm
Elizabeth Kerr tried the sensible, frugal and weird savings tips that you sent her a year ago and owns up to how they worked out for her
16 Jan 17, 4:18pm
RBNZ given free pass to chill, as retail banks expected to continue to raise mortgage and deposit rates to close funding gap
14 Jan 17, 9:50am
The World Gold Council looks at what to expect from the yellow metal and finds six global trends that will support demand for gold
12 Jan 17, 3:35pm
We put an age old mantra to the test to find out whether institutions with similar credit ratings offer similar term deposit rates
11 Jan 17, 10:19am
ANZ agrees to sell UDC to major asset finance and leasing company HNA Group for $660m; UDC staff to keep their jobs and existing lending to be maintained
8 Jan 17, 8:08am
We review what is on offer to term deposit savers, what is currently driving rates, and how to benefit from what appears to be a rising market
3 Jan 17, 9:11am
If you ended up with lower term deposit rates at the end of 2016 than at the start, you missed out on the upturn in the 4th quarter. Will it continue?
30 Dec 16, 9:02am
The New Zealand mortgage market grew by more than $20 bln in the past year and one bank is winning an out-sized share of that - despite being the least price-competitive
29 Dec 16, 8:40am
In 2016, having the lowest mortgage rates was no path to market share success. The big banks learned where the sweet spot was above their price-fighting rivals
20 Dec 16, 5:02am
Non-bank lenders warn borrowers may have to pay the price for rise in personal loan fraud
15 Dec 16, 3:58pm
The Bankers Association has strongly disagreed with MBIE's proposed fix for a contentious rule that leaves banks open to substantial repayments to borrowers in certain circumstances
15 Dec 16, 3:37pm
Insurer Youi cops $320,000 fine for widespread Fair Trading Act breaches; Side-steps fine of up to $9 million
14 Dec 16, 2:18pm
Diane Maxwell calls for crack down on people who get Super without earning it; Urges Govt to raise the age of eligibility to 67 and resume contributions to the Super Fund
14 Dec 16, 7:50am
Goldsmith takes pity on banks for having to invest $1 million on IT upgrades needed to disclose KiwiSaver members' fees in dollar terms
13 Dec 16, 5:02am
EY consumer banking survey suggests just 48% of New Zealanders feel complete trust in their banks to keep their money safe and protect their personal information
7 Dec 16, 2:33pm
The RBNZ appears very excited about its proposed new 'dashboard' bank disclosure regime. But how well will it serve bank depositors?
2 Dec 16, 1:30pm
People are spending more on food, housing and transport, according to the Household Expenditure Survey
1 Dec 16, 10:20am
Flight Centre launches a Mastercard credit card to enable an expected surge in travel by Kiwis in 2017, a card with rewards but also high interest rates


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