Personal Finance

9 Mar 17, 10:36am
Labour has been laying further groundwork for its call for NZ's tax system to be fundamentally overhauled as Robertson and Wood raise inequalities in Parliament
9 Mar 17, 8:47am
Psychiatrists call for government review on the way life insurers treat people with mental illness; Underwriter explains extent to which industry goes to fairly assess possible risks of mental illness
8 Mar 17, 4:32pm
PM's Wellington rent rise 'success' comment, another olive branch to Peters on Super and tax cuts vs Cullen Fund contributions - Wednesday in Parliament
8 Mar 17, 9:39am
Maori Party keen on Peter Dunne's flexi-super policy, co-leader Fox says; Set to meet United Future, ACT on proposals following National's plan to raise Super age
8 Mar 17, 7:38am
FMA criticised for compromising quality by trying to increase the quantity of KiwiSaver advice on offer
8 Mar 17, 6:33am
National's Super policy gets solid attention in Parliament; Peters details betrayals, Greens say Gen-X will foot the bill; Labour touts Cullen fund returns higher than govt debt costs
7 Mar 17, 10:48am
Generational comparisons not helpful during superannuation debate, PM English says
6 Mar 17, 3:53pm
Kiwis' debt continues to dwarf household disposable income while household wealth is shrinking as a percentage of household income
6 Mar 17, 1:32pm
Anthony Healy tweets apology for Tony Alexander's 'inflammatory remarks' about the housing crisis, saying inter-generational debates aren't helpful
6 Mar 17, 9:40am
Super changes won't include means testing or payment change, PM English says after revealing govt work stream to alter settings; Labour says won't raise super age
2 Mar 17, 5:06pm
BNZ's Tony Alexander challenges young people to drink as many lattes, hire as many feng shui consultants and subscribe to as many TV channels as the boomers did, if they want to buy a house
2 Mar 17, 4:10pm
Mortgage rates to keep rising as OCR remains on hold, NZIER says; House prices may not fall far as population growth boosts demand and supply struggles to keep pace
21 Feb 17, 2:02pm
Steven Joyce says the risks facing the NZ economy are 'almost exclusively international', while Roger Kerr and Anthony Healy only see household debt as a 'medium term' issue
20 Feb 17, 4:12pm
Financial advisers' disclosure requirements to be dealt with by regulation not legislation; Govt seeks to remain flexible on the matter
18 Feb 17, 7:31am
Alan Greenspan reveals his deep concerns about economic prospects in the developed world, his view on gold’s important role in the monetary system
17 Feb 17, 7:48am
KPMG's annual FIPS says bank bosses are questioning whether the beginnings of a structural change in the way Kiwis invest is hitting their deposit funding
16 Feb 17, 8:42am
Bank bosses see debt-to-income ratio between 5 and 7 as ideal in any new RBNZ macro-prudential tool
15 Feb 17, 7:42am
FMA puts spotlight on complex financial products aimed at attracting yield seekers; Works with KiwiSaver providers to mitigate looming rate rise turbulence 
8 Feb 17, 11:58am
Sixty-year-old denies operating Ponzi scheme involving supposed investments in the diamond trade, a New Caledonia chicken farm and Thai brokering deals
6 Feb 17, 11:23am
We review the December quarter global gold demand and supply data, noting how India's demonetisation policy shows up flaws in the 'gold is money' claim


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