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New auction results features include more detailed result descriptions and links to and

New auction results features include more detailed result descriptions and links to and has made some improvements to the way it presents residential auction results.

These include more comprehensive reporting of the results of individual auctions supported by links to other property websites such as and

Previously, the result ribbon that runs across the top left corner of an auctioned property's image would only indicate if the property was "sold" or "not sold."

That list of results has now been expanded to include results where properties marketed for auction were "sold prior" to the auction or "sold post," indicating it was passed-in at the auction itself but sold unconditionally in negotiations immediately after the auction.

Similarly, the results will also show where a property has had its auction "postponed" or was "withdrawn" from sale prior to the auction.

The expanded results will also feature in the summaries of auction activity we publish every week, helping to paint a clearer picture of what is happening in auction rooms around the country.

The expanded results are available in the table at the bottom of the page which gives a summary of the auctions held last week by Barfoot & Thompson, where 29% of the properties were sold overall, including one that sold prior to auction and four that were sold in post auction negotiations.

We are also including links to both and with the details of most of the properties featured in our results pages.

The link takes the reader to the page for the property they were looking at on our results page, where the addresses can be matched, and where they will be able to view information such as the property's previous selling price and homes' estimate of its market value, as well as all of the other information provides.

The link takes the reader to homes listed for sale on in the same area as the property they were looking at on our results page, where the addresses can be matched.

We know that many of our readers refer to both the and websites when they are researching the market, whether it be to buy or sell a property.

The links will allow them to access those sites more easily, directly from our auction results pages, hopefully giving them a more rewarding experience.

Below is the summary of Barfoot & Thompson's auctions last week, presented in the new format.

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Barfoot & Thompson Residential Auction Results 3-9 June 2019
Date  Venue Sold Sold
Withdrawn  Postponed Total % Sold
3-9 June On-site 1     6   1 8 13%
4-Jun Manukau 2 1   12 1 3 19 16%
4-Jun Shortland St, CBD. 1     4     5 20%
5-Jun Whangarei 1           1 100%
5-Jun Shortland St, CBD. 9     16   2 27 33%
5-Jun Pukekohe 1   1 4     6 33%
6-Jun North Shore 2   2 9     13 31%
6-Jun Kerikeri       1     1 0
6-Jun Shortland St, CBD. 1     6     7 14%
6-Jun Waiuku 1           1 100%
7-Jun Shortland St, CBD. 3   1 1   1 6 67%
Total All venues 22 1 4 59 1 7 94 29%

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Great news thanks Greg

fantastic on the upgrade..

dismal on the results...

Nice update thanks. Is there any chance the link to could be to the specific property (for example by clicking the logo). You could still have the "check out other properties for sale..." link below that.

When following the link most are "not listed" for sale so you can't see the details of the listing.

In the past I've copied and pasted the address into google and gone directly to the listing. By linking to houses for sale in the suburb it takes the same amount of time or longer to find the particular property.

Anyway, just sharing one user experience. Thanks again for the improvements.

Awesome, great work Greg! : )

Great. Are we able to add Raywhite data as well. Why is raywhite not sharing the data.

Very good Thank you Greg and team

The game moved on from auctions many moons ago........

No doubt, however, auctions will return with the next bull-run.

In the meantime, the Auckland market remains in a stable holding pattern - lower sales volumes but steady prices.


Not quite sure what you mean "moved on"? Yes there is "lower sales volumes" overall and the auction numbers have slipped as well ....." monitored 952 residential property auctions throughout the country in May, down 16% compared to the 1128 that were monitored in May last year"
The percentage of properties actually sold on the day, before or shortly thereafter is much lower.

Hi Houseworks,

Far less enthusiasm for auctions now - compared with 2-6 years ago.

Most people here seem to think that auctions are more relevant in buoyant market conditions.



Way back in the late nineties during the downturn (known as asian financial crisis I think) I first noticed that houses in my area of auckland that were auctioned, all sold except one. Before or after auction or on the day. Of those which were sole agency, all except one did not sell. That anecdote may still be true because auctions create an urgency and good tension amongst buyers. A friend of mine has just listed his small block of shops for auction next month which could be interesting.

If you are in a "We are not different" camp - Sydney is taking a hit; no more rich Asian buyers is one major factors.

Sounds like an improvement, all I see is the word "Withdrawn" all the time (like Trade-Me) and the property disappears into a black hole. Real estate agents appear to be quick to plaster the word "Sold" on it and keep it online to promote their success but the second it gets passed in the property vanishes from all history on their website so you don't really know what happened to it.I guess it can take months before you end up knowing what happens to many properties.