28 Feb 18, 10:41am
The stock of homes for sale is up compared to a year ago in several main centres even though new listings have dwindled
1 Feb 18, 6:28am says the housing market cooled in the main centres last month but it's still on the boil in the provinces
4 Jan 18, 12:02am
Listings slump in December but asking prices continue to climb despite high total stock numbers which are now at their second highest level in 21 months
1 Dec 17, 1:02am
Listings of homes for sale are surging as sales remain sluggish, which could create an overhang of unsold properties next year
1 Nov 17, 1:02am
New listings on are well down on a year ago, but unsold stock is up in Auckland, Waikato, Wellington and Canterbury
9 Oct 17, 4:26pm reported a rise in new listings and average asking prices in September, but listing numbers are still well below 12 months ago
6 Sep 17, 1:02am
Buyer demand for Auckland properties is lower than in any other region in the country and new listings and prices have also tumbled, says
1 Aug 17, 2:03am
The downturn in Auckland's housing market is starting to spread to the rest of the country. New listings on at their lowest level in 10 years
1 Jul 17, 7:49am
Average prices on dropped in 10 out of 19 districts in June. Auckland's average price down by $73,639 since February
2 Jun 17, 12:31pm
The number of homes available for sale in Auckland up 51% on last year. Stock also up in Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Canterbury
2 May 17, 5:02am
The number of homes available for sale in Auckland hits a five year high, while many regions struggle with record lows:
1 Apr 17, 5:02am
Residential property becoming a buyer's market as rush of new listings and rising stock of properties for sale give buyers more choice
2 Mar 17, 9:43am
Property pendulum swings more in favour of buyers in Auckland as a rising stock of homes for sale gives them more choice
1 Feb 17, 3:37pm
Auckland and Waikato housing markets show signs of cooling as new listings on rise while asking prices fall, but there's still plenty of heat around the rest of the country
23 Jan 17, 11:35am
What happened while this newsletter has been away: UDC sold, mortgage rates hiked, bank executive appointments, property market cools & more
31 Dec 16, 12:02am
The Queen City bucks the usual holiday season trend with a sharp rise in the number of properties listed, little rise in asking prices, and a higher inventory of unsold stock:
16 Nov 16, 11:49am
Greg Ninness sees growing evidence Auckland’s housing market could be at a major turning point as it heads into summer, and wonders if other regions would survive a slowdown
1 Nov 16, 10:36am
Fewer people searching for properties to buy in Auckland and more looking around the rest of the country, says
1 Oct 16, 1:02am
No spring in the housing market's step with new listings in September tracking down instead of up
1 Sep 16, 4:11pm
Auckland's property market may be losing some of its heat as inventory levels rise even as new listings decline


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