Not much under $600,000 in Auckland at Harcourts' latest auctions, but you could get a house on a big spread in Invercargill for $200,000

Not much under $600,000 in Auckland at Harcourts' latest auctions, but you could get a house on a big spread in Invercargill for $200,000
This house at Army Bay sold for $532,000.

The cheapest Auckland home to sell among Harcourts' latest batch of auction properties was a two bedroom house (the second bedroom a single) on an 809 square metre section (pictured) at Army Bay at the end of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula.

It sold prior to coming to auction for $532,000.

The most expensive sale was a large house with another two bedroom dwelling on a 6028 square metre site at Coatesville, which sold for $2.175 million.

Significantly only two of the auction properties sold by Harcourts in Auckland last week went for less than $600,000.

Plenty for over $1 million though.

In Tauranga prices ranged from $348,000 for a section in Otumoetai to $920,000 for a house also in Otumoetai.

In Hamilton prices ranged from $435,000 to $725,000, there were a couple of sales Taupo, Hawkes Bay and Wellington, while prices in Christchurch ranged from $340,000 to $860,000.

In Invercargill a three bedroom house and large workshop/shed on a 3731 square metre site sold for $200,000.

See below for Harcourts' full auction results form last week:

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Only one house in the Auckland list actually sold for under 600k. Possibly quite a good buy at 532k:
17 Shakespear Rd Army Bay. Big section but long commute. Bach-like living.

how long before it gets resold, let me guess due to change in circumstances

thankfully the bright line test gets around that loophole now.

in my opinion, anyone buying property in this market should be considered as purchasing for the purpose of getting capital gains, because they sure aren't purchasing for the yield.

Wait, wait... There will probably be a mad dash by the Non-resident investors (Well at least the corrupt officials and money launders), to purchase NZ property before the new Anti-corruption restrictions come in to force. You'll probably see a property spike, so it's a excellent time to sell up!! :P

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