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Average value of homes in Auckland likely to pass $1 million threshold later this year

Average value of homes in Auckland likely to pass $1 million threshold later this year

The average value of homes in Auckland is now $975,087, according to Quotable Value, making it increasingly likely that the average value of homes in the region will pass the million dollar milestone later this year.

QV's valuation figures based on sales for the three months ended June show that property values around the country are continuing to rise.

The average value of all homes in the country, was $590,909 in June, up 13.5% compared to a year earlier.

In the Wellington region it was $516,430 in June, up 12.4% for the year and in Christchurch it was $491,148, up 3.6% for the year.

However the biggest increase in dwelling values over the last year has occurred just south of Auckland. Average values in Hamilton rose 29% over the last 12 months to hit $492,403 in June, and in Tauranga they have risen 23.6% over the last year to hit $599,915 in June.

QV national spokesperson Andrea Rush said housing values were rising at their fastest rate since 2004.

"Many housing markets around the country are continuing to be driven by strong investor demand, low interest rates, rapid price growth in the Auckland market and strong net migration," she said.

The latest CoreLogic data showed that 46% of all sales in Auckland were to investors, she said.

"The Reserve Bank is considering introducing further restrictions on property investors and it appears this may have led to a surge in investor purchases in various housing markets around the country over the last month," she said.

There are now only two places in the country where average dwelling values are less than they were 12 months ago, Wairoa on the east coast of the North Island, where the average value was $148,049 in June, down 2.4% compared to a year ago, and Westland, where the average value was $218,688 in June, down 5.7% compared to a year earlier.

The second most expensive place in the country after Auckland is the Queenstown Lakes District, where the average dwelling value was $899,335 in June, up 25% compared to a year earlier.

See the table below for the average dwelling values throughout the country.

QV House Price Index June 2016:

Territorial authority Average current value $  12 month  change% 3 month  change %
Auckland Area        975,087 16.1% 4.7%
Wellington Area  516,430 12.4% 5.1%
Main Urban Areas  706,477 14.1% 5.9%
Total NZ        590,909 13.5% 5.6%
Far North 351,792 14.5% 4.6%
Whangarei 411,931 18.2% 4.1%
Kaipara        418,962 19.4% 7.2%
Auckland - Rodney 854,183 16.9% 2.9%
Rodney - Hibiscus Coast 842,575 16.6% 3.8%
Rodney - North 867,065 17.1% 2.0%
Auckland - North Shore 1,135,868 15.0% 5.4%
North Shore - Coastal 1,296,298 14.9% 6.2%
North Shore - Onewa 913,236 13.7% 5.3%
North Shore - North Harbour 1,107,688 17.0% 3.9%
Auckland - Waitakere 771,270 15.0% 4.3%
Auckland - City 1,146,639 14.3% 4.9%
Auckland City - Central 995,878 15.4% 3.8%
Auckland_City - East 1,432,904 14.2% 5.2%
Auckland City - South 1,039,992 13.5% 5.2%
Auckland City - Islands 970,126 17.5% 7.2%
Auckland - Manukau 842,142 20.4% 5.3%
Manukau - East 1,083,365 18.1% 5.8%
Manukau - Central 649,964 21.7% 4.3%
Manukau - North West 724,180 23.7% 5.8%
Auckland - Papakura 626,439 22.6% 2.2%
Auckland - Franklin 611,898 17.9% 3.7%
Thames Coromandel 579,314 10.9% 2.3%
Hauraki 307,340 18.6% 7.5%
Waikato 385,618 26.4% 4.7%
Matamata Piako 341,805 20.1% 4.5%
Hamilton 492,403 29.0% 6.9%
Hamilton - North East 628,043 29.6% 8.4%
Hamilton - Central & North West 451,921 26.4% 5.4%
Hamilton - South East 449,378 29.2% 5.3%
Hamilton - South West 435,483 29.8% 6.7%
Waipa 435,827 21.3% 6.1%
Otorohanga 234,027 13.1% 4.5%
South Waikato 154,866 20.7% 7.0%
Waitomo 168,500 2.6% 14.7%
Taupo 387,697 12.4% 3.2%
Western BOP 526,756 20.9% 5.8%
Tauranga 599,915 23.6% 4.9%
Rotorua 327,596 20.2% 7.2%
Whakatane 349,171 14.8% 9.1%
Kawerau 131,004 21.6% 10.1%
Opotiki 241,948 21.6% 7.9%
Gisborne 237,185 4.4% 1.1%
Wairoa 148,059 -2.4% 1.3%
Hastings 345,577 11.6% 4.4%
Napier 372,963 13.0% 4.0%
Central Hawkes Bay 231,582 6.6% 3.8%
New Plymouth 389,369 8.2% 2.5%
Stratford 218,478 8.8% 2.1%
South Taranaki 189,418 1.8% 1.8%
Ruapehu 143,267 9.5% 2.6%
Whanganui 197,299 7.3% 3.5%
Rangitikei 152,895 7.4% 3.7%
Manawatu 265,827 10.0% 2.3%
Palmerston North 315,930 8.4% 3.0%
Tararua 156,623 1.8% 0.3%
Horowhenua 226,759 9.8% 4.7%
Kapiti Coast 421,743 10.0% 4.6%
Porirua 423,388 10.5% 3.8%
Upper Hutt 366,480 8.6% 4.9%
Hutt 413,488 9.5% 4.6%
Wellington 625,319 14.4% 5.4%
Wellington - Central & South 627,244 13.3% 5.7%
Wellington - East 689,324 16.5% 6.0%
Wellington - North 548,069 14.3% 5.0%
Wellington - West 728,296 15.7% 5.7%
Masterton 246,070 1.2% -0.8%
Carterton 281,372 6.8% -0.1%
South Wairarapa 328,463 8.0% 2.1%
Tasman 456,144 9.8% 3.4%
Nelson 460,495 11.4% 3.1%
Marlborough 385,818 9.5% 2.9%
Kaikoura 392,516 5.3% 2.8%
Buller N/A N/A N/A
Grey 212,097 0.1% 2.2%
Westland 218,688 -5.7% -4.4%
Hurunui 359,413 3.9% -0.5%
Waimakariri 427,756 2.4% 1.1%
Christchurch 491,148 3.6% 1.1%
Christchurch - East 372,878 4.2% 1.1%
Christchurch - Hills 663,657 3.3% 1.7%
Christchurch - Central & North 577,779 4.0% 1.3%
Christchurch - Southwest 464,539 2.7% 0.5%
Christchurch - Banks Peninsula 514,123 5.3% 4.3%
Selwyn 532,151 2.7% 0.0%
Ashburton 350,775 7.9% 3.2%
Timaru 322,763 7.0% 1.1%
MacKenzie 356,688 14.9% 3.6%
Waimate 218,210 7.0% 1.3%
Waitaki 238,272 3.8% 1.0%
Central Otago 384,718 17.2% 7.9%
Queenstown Lakes 899,335 25.0% 10.9%
Dunedin 327,664 10.7% 4.0%
Dunedin - Central & North 342,492 12.3% 4.4%
Dunedin - Peninsular & Coastal 290,662 4.5% 2.7%
Dunedin - South 312,140 9.6% 4.1%
Dunedin - Taieri 340,573 11.6% 3.8%
Clutha 174,414 3.8% -1.7%
Southland 216,756 1.9% 0.3%
Gore 195,477 9.3% 2.7%
Invercargill 221,391 6.3% 1.7%

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Can see our hon PM Grinning.

Now that he has openly admitted that wants house price to go up will be trying harder to get it moving with support from Non Resident friends.

Who cares about common Kiwi.

In the church of economics, individual wealth is king. Damn the consequences.

Wealth is only increasing for the old/rich. The young/poor only get poorer.

we'll see gated communities next

The old generally try to help their families, especially the property owning dynasties.

Thus the treasonous wee traitor is out in the open with no clothes for all to see.


As PM has come out in open support of House price going up, will he take responsibilty and apologise to the nation when it burst as is bound to affect many kiwi.

Thiugh democracy is govt of all the people, to all the people, by all the people but national party has changed to govt of the Rich, by the Rich and to the Rich

Legacy of JK.

Guess what, all house owners are getting richer by the day (except if you live in Westland and Wairoa) - does that mean we are getting bluer?

if they're selling and not buying in the same overpriced market.. yes, they are getting richer.
If not, they might get even poorer since rates and insurance and maintenance costs keep increasing.

Muntaji, you have no idea what you're talking about


Labour have just announced that they will announce something... soon! However Mr Little calmed excitement by clarifying that he 'doesn't want to see house prices go down'

Good to have a range of political views out there in our main parties...

This is what amuses me most about all the calls to oust JK. It's not as if Labour would have achieved anything different - both lots of clowns are equally as bad.

Those people don’t want to see house prices go down – no doubt will all vote for National
If Labour concerns wants to win next election, they should more aggressive to bring the house prices down, or they have no chance to win in next year election

Your view is that if a party can bring house prices down that will make them popular and more people will vote for them?

Absolutely not. The reality is vastly different.

But for a sizable proportion that is a good thing.

Little needs to fess up and be honest. Of course ALL house prices will need to come down to have any effect on affordability now and in the future. Negative equity is compulsory. Little needs to understand, more benefits, subsidies and KiwiSaver crap just won't cut the mustard at election time. The ambulance at bottom of cliff approach will not work. Fess up or continue in opposition as National lite. Time for courage Labour! Not pussy footing around. If they won't do it I know a man who will

Shame on the government for encouraging this mess, maybe nature will sort out... bring on some volcanic activity!

Definitely not in a bubble. But where is the rest of the opposition govt in all of this? Get some balls.

Only one thing


Labor would never have let it get to this!!!
House prices only go up when national
are in!!!

Please inform me as to what the Labour party would have done,then all the other countries with the same problem could follow suit.

Was jumping on the band wagon and doing a bit of blame storming
with a bit of sarcasm thrown in!!!
No party could have stopped this.With cheap money to
borrow all asset classes are seeing rapid price growth

$1 Million average for Auckland, heading for a $650k average for provincial cities.

When will this madness end? The investment fundamentals just do not make sense, reliance on a capital gain is not sustainable. I do not see future rental yields ever able to justify the capital outlay.

It will end when the last wheel falls off the bandwagon 2cent. Opposition need to turn up the pressure now ten fold, start yelling, screaming and pointing at the most obvious facts this is becoming a disaster

Agree Justice. Opposition should be shouting now and preparing strategies for next year's election.

It doesn't matter whether the whole shit show falls apart now or the bubble continues to inflate this will be the only real election issue.

As a former money trader JK's risk management has been appalling. NZ will take a decade to recover from the social and economic damage once this blows. That will be the price for JK gambling with our future.

I know exactly when it will end but I will not share this information. It's not that hard to figure out but so many people are busy with the wrong issues like politics or love to blame everyone else that they fail to see the 1 obviously clear reason for the price increase

you are exactly right. those who are buying now and have bought recently are taking huge risks.

I notice the growth rate in Auckland is falling already and is now below the rest of the country.... the smart money is getting out of Auckland and into the regions - or has already done so.

Unfortunately I think it's going to end in tears for NZ. A lot of people driven to poverty. And an economy mired in a long term decline, as a debt overhang left over from a housing bubble bursting crushes many households.

Why is everyone ignoring that major contribution to this bubble is Overseas/non resident buyers. Put a brake/measure on them.

Check with any estate agency office and will see that the majority house buyer are Chinese sounding name. Am sure experts must be having friends in estate agency office to check with them and will give you a frank data unofficially as do not want to be in trouble.

Official data is under nation party control and JK has already mentioned that he is interested in ever rising house price so will do anything to achieve the goal as can be seen from the last faulty data about overseas buyer that was released. Am sure they know what the reality is but is just manipulation and lie to achieve their goal being in power.

If wrong why does not the National party proves by releasing the correct data.

we are ignoring this because it is not the cause. If immigration was the cause then rentals would have gone up by the same amount. If rentals went up business would move out of Auckland. This is purely a speculator-driven bubble that is going to burst a create a generation with debt they cant pay back.

Woo Hoo I'm a Millionaire ! property owners are noticeably absent here today by the looks of things. Unfortunately its human nature, met a guy I used to work with who I have not seen for years at the gas station and he is smiling from ear to ear with the value of his property. The flow on effects are confidence and more borrowing. Did your hear on the radio today new car sales have hit a record ? its keeping the whole economy propped up. Party like its 2099.

Sure, it will be doing wonders for consumer spending, which is essentially the backbone of the economy. Restaurants should be booming too I would imagine (I can only imagine as I'm based in S'pore).

I own an import/dist business. 50% growth year on year for the last 3 years, leisure industry (not a need). I have just had to order this summers stock, if it implodes in the interim, Ill be asset rich.


A friend I hadn't seen years. In the first 5 minutes of conversation he tells me to come around for bluffys and champagne (a few of his friends are heading around - at his expense), and then starts talking about his house value and how National are the best thing ever yadda yadda - driving a new car. I have a pretty good feel for what he earns so either
a) he won lotto/inherited a lot
b) His new found property value is driving a spendathon.
c) The cocaine that was recently confiscated was his second shipment.

So you reckon

a) ran up the mortgage and/or;
b) ran up the credit card

on unrealised gains from a completely batshit credit and hysteria-driven bubble. What could possibly go wrong with that. Hope for his sake that he inherited.

I'm truly at a loss as to what to do now. I have waited and waited and saved and saved and saved. It now is looking like despite it being bad for everyone and everything we're heading upwards in price, to infinity. I have vested interests in Auckland and I cannot leave for a variety of reasons right now. So what? What is it we're supposed to do? Just watch as prices go up and up and up. Keep quiet about how unfair and unjust it all is? I want a home. I want to be able to knuckle down and save a deposit for a HOME. I want to have a dog, hang pictures and paint walls. I don't understand how this can be good either way, whether a crash or whether we become The Capitol and all the districts have to pick the pluckiest kids to fight to the death in an arena once a year. HOW is this healthy? Why is this carrying on???? Why are there no riots on the damn streets about this??!!!

It is quite soul destroying I know.

However, I hope you did not vote for national or labour in the last election as they facilitated the mass immigration behind this.

Your only vote should be for Winston Peters who would target the immigration side of the equation.

Here's the thing. Your government does not care, your bank does not care, your landlord most probably does not care.
And those riots will come only after the whole thing tanks. NZder's are not proactive, we are reactive politically.

Just protect what you do have ( savings etc) from being stolen via anything resembling the OBR. Ok. You are not alone, there are thousands of people just like you waiting for that stolen dream to return. The fact of the matter is, there are many actively working against you from having it, because YOU and others are a cash cow to them. Be angry, but also be self aware and prepared for anything.

The answer for you is wait, and prioritise.

Things won't continue on this trajectory forever, things will come back, so keep putting cash away.

If having a dog and hanging pictures is a priority and your current landlord won't let you do that, then look elsewhere for another rental, but bear in mind that's likely to come with a cost (larger place with a lawn etc), but then it's all about how much having those things are worth to you.

If buying your own place is really that important and not homeowning is making you miserable, then depending how much you have in the bank, just buy something, even if it's a 1 hour commute or only a 1 bedroom flat. Otherwise, just wait..... in another year or two, you'll have more cash, more options and the housing market is likely to be different.

You say "I have waited and waited" STOP WAITING is the answer to your question

And what? Magically be able to afford the deposit that's now at a starting point of at least double what I have and every week getting more and more expensive and I can't save fast enough even pulling all expenses back to bear minimum and working 3 jobs. I'm not waiting because I'm stalling. I'm waiting because I can't do much else. I can't afford to 'just jump in'.

Looking good! Money, money, money....moooooney. Unless you're a clown who didn't buy property in the last 5 years.

You and I both know you're cruising for a bruising's just a matter of time!

Why smart money is still investing in Canadian houses: Don Pittis

...strong global economic forces are pushing prices ever higher in our most international cities.

Metro Vancouver housing prices expected to climb another 25% this year

Money quickly becoming worthless... What does a million dollars buy you? Laugh.. a house in Auckland. Buy a jetski you'll have more fun..

You'll need a double garage to park the jetski and the car that transports it.

It slides into the hull... cars we rent.

So, need to buy a boat then? I bet you could get something pretty decent for a million.

Cha Ching!

The United Kingdom’s narrow vote to leave the European Union had specific British causes. And yet it is also the proverbial canary in the coal mine, signaling a broad populist/nationalist backlash — at least in advanced economies — against globalization, free trade, offshoring, labor migration, market-oriented policies, supranational authorities, and even technological change.

That's one of many such articles.

Valuations in globalised cities are rising much faster than in their hinterlands

GLOBALISATION has created a handful of metropolises that attract people, capital and ideas from all over the world, almost irrespective of how their national economy is doing. House prices in such places, unsurprisingly, outpace the national average.

Haha why is everyone talking about $1m while the top 10 suburbs are inching closer to $2m, with Herne Bay already reached the milestone.

Gridlock isn't cheap.

Auckland property appears expensive but one of the major reasons investors have bought is that the population density is in the lowest decile of global cities. Everybody knows the density is going to rise significantly over the coming years especially in the more central areas. All part of the urbanisation process that we learnt about in geography lessons years ago.

Even National Party supporters are asking the question:
Or perhaps this is a deliberate pollster/masses control technique: allow an uproar, then respond with some sort of 'action'. Joe Average then thinks that the Govt is doing its best.

Politicians are bonkers if they think Aucklanders want to see 40% wiped off their house value and will vote in droves to support that. Key is not bonkers. Not sure aboutr Fran O'Sullivan after reading her piece in the Herald.
What Aucklanders want is some affordable alternatives for FHBs.
To present the proposal as a way of wiping out home owner's equity is a ridiculous way of trying to sell it. Naturally we are going to circle our wagons. What are they thinking?

What a move, allows the bloke to throw residential home investors under the bus.
Not being bonkers he sees investors as expendable (as if they won't vote for him come whatever).
He can tell em it could have been worse.
Whose not bonkers now.

I didn't read anything in that article that suggests that. Quite the opposite really in that Key sees the need for investors.

Is this true:?

billmurray (438 comments) says: 
July 6th, 2016 at 8:28 am
The Labour party is again waxing and having fits about the housing crisis in Auckland,
What Labour does not tell us that it was Labour that caused the present crisis when they signed a free trade agreement with China in 2008 which gave Chinese people the right to buy property in New Zealand WHETHER OR NOT THEY RESIDED IN NEW ZEALAND.
It was the Helen Clark government and Phil Goff was the lead negotiator, this agreement was endorsed by all political parties and the CTU also not only endorsed it but sent representatives to the signing in China.
We now have humbug and lies about this situation with Labour ranting about John Key and National causing this situation when the architects are the Labour government of 2008.

Days to the General Election: 27
See Party Policies here. Party Lists here.