Check the prices achieved at Harcourts' auctions in Auckland, Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Taupo, Palmerston North, Kapiti, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Wanaka

Check the prices achieved at Harcourts' auctions in Auckland, Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Taupo, Palmerston North, Kapiti, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Wanaka
This 180 square metre Queenstown apartment with views across the lake sold for $1.44 million.

Harcourts had a particularly busy week in their Hamilton auction rooms last week, putting 15 homes up for auction and achieving sales on nine of them.

Another five properties that were marketed for auction were sold prior to the auctions taking place.

Prices at the Hamilton auctions ranged from $320,000 for a 4990 square metre section at Ngahinapouri to $990,000 for a lifestyle property at Morrinsville.

The other major auctions were in Auckland where the cheapest home sold at auction was a house at Massey in west Auckland that went for $688,000 and the most expensive was a house on Tamaki Drive at St Heliers that fetched $3.35 million, and in Christchurch where prices ranged from $283,000 for a property in Hoon Hay to to $1.62 million for one in Merivale.

This week for the first time our Auction/Sales Results page also carries the results of Harcourts' auctions in the Queenstown/Lakes District, as well as the usual results from Harcourts' offices in Hawkes Bay, Taupo, Palmerston North and Wellington.

To view Harcourts' auction results from most regions, with selling prices and the details and a photo of all properties, including those that didn't sell, go to our Auctions/Sales results page and use the search fields to select the locations that are of interest.

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Still cheap in waikato.Just bought in Cambridge for 8.7 yield.stoked!!!

Well good luck mate, but I'd rather be the vendor.....just slipping out the door In front of the stampede.

I spose time will tell.fingers crossed we do ok out of it or my kids do at least!!!been told by real estate agent I could sell easily just under six percent yeild.but I'll batten down the hatches and keep paying down our debt and see how it goes

wow you take an agents word, I have a bridge could sell you hardly used

Good on you NB. At least you are giving it go. When I purchased my first investment property 14 years ago many people knocked me for doing so. I still own the property so I have done well with that purchase.

Well done NB
This week someone was telling me how they were shocked at the price of Hamilton homes for 575000. That same auckland person living on a busy road across from ugly state houses is pleased as punch their property is "worth 1.5 million". Haha. Hamilton and the greater Ykato have plenty of room for growth in prices imo

last night I watched Pavlova Paradise Revisited - First Episode
Television – 2002
Mayor Warren Cooper argues that Queenstown wont become an unpleasant place as the market will react. Sam Neal says they wouldn't be allowed to do that overseas (eg the Cotswolds and Lake districts as they are landscapes of international significance).
Looks like Johnny developer won. There are still plum locations for the well healed. Meanwhile wealthy Chinese and Indians inured to urban grottiness aren't put off.

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