Record number of migrant arrivals sees a net migration gain of 72,072 in year to August

An all time record of 132,153 migrants arrived in New Zealand during the 12 months to August, according to the latest Statistics NZ figures.

However there were another 60,081 people who left this country on a permanent or long term basis, bringing the net gain from migration to 72,072 for the year.

China retains its top spot as the biggest source of new migrants, with a net gain of 10,658 from China and Hong Kong in the year to August, followed by India at 7278, the UK with 6725, South Africa on 4931, and 4649 from the Philippines.

In the year to August there was a net loss of 1464 New Zealand citizens, as more New Zealanders left the country long term than arrived back, and a net gain of 73,536 citizens of other countries.

Auckland remains the destination of choice for most migrants, receiving just over half (36,796) of the country's net population gain.

However almost 12,000 migrants did not state where they intended to settle when they arrived, which means it's likely that migration added a net gain of around 43,000 migrants to Auckland's population in the 12 months to August.

That will undoubtedly have added further pressure to infrastructure and key services in Auckland which are already straining at the seams, such as housing, transport, education and healthcare.

After Auckland, the preferred destinations for most migrants (where stated) were Canterbury (6640) and Wellington (3924).

By visa type, the biggest group of arrivals were on work visas 45,780, followed by 38,483 Australian and new Zealand citizens, who do not require visas, 24,167 on student visas and 16,505 on residency visas.

Net long term migration

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... 132 153 !!! ..... cowabunga , Batman .... do you suppose that our dairy farmers have found the Filippino cow squeezers to be too expense , and are now busily replacing them with a herd of Bangladeshis ?

Abraham Lincoln would be appalled ... we have repealed the laws against slavery ....


Indeed, when will the Asian migrant bloc hold enough voting sway to control elections - are they there already?

Kiwis so dumb lah!

. an interesting point , given that the MMP voting system is purpose built to allow minority party's to establish , and to have a voice in our parliament ...

Yet we have so few minor party's .... we're still dominated by two elderly grumpy old elephants , NZ Labour & the Gnats ...

... where's the " Free the South Island " party ... the " Technophiles Party " ... we need to fully jazz up and utilize the MMP with more specialist groups based on age , sexual orientation , industries , regions .... " Motueka Fruit Growers and Nuts " party ...... yeah ... " Dipton Double Dippers " party ....


Lets take out the pipeline and stop EVERYONE coming here!

That will only stop people leaving.

There's always room for more ?


this will help WP on saturday


It is in extreme but wait if national comes in it will be peanuts compare to what they will do.

Need immigration but need a breather as anything in extreme is bad.

Reduce immigration for sometime and let infrastructure catch up with population growth before planing immigration in a systematic way .

Unfortunately National has a policy of more the merrier and only way to boost economy.

Election in 2 days time. Think and Vote.

Totally agree, Nats will ramp up immigration big time if/when they get back in, as along with more cows this is their only economic growth idea.

Which is exactly why voters should be supporting NZ First - if they end up in a confidence and supply position with National they will be saying no to the mass immigration. We don't hear it on the media but NZ First's position is that we will take those we need, not those that need us.

If Leighton's callers are an indication then there will be another 150k arriving next year. The Dipton double dipper is a done deal.


they are voting with their feet ... anywhere there is some space left on the planet left to trash & a govt with the door jammed open...
not a good omen (unless you believe in the long term viability of Ponzis)


I feel for Aucklanders. No hope at the end of the Waterview tunnel.

lol, we can use your sympathy Kate :)

The light at the end of the Waterview Tunnel is actually a new migrant wandering about with a torch looking for some shelter to sleep for the night


. what a lost opportunity that they didn't dig that tunnel a few kms longer ..... say , to Marsden Point ...

I know - and now this;

Currently, there are rumours of impending failures of a number of large house builders.

This could change the housing sector in a very dramatic way (mortgagee sales, unfinished houses, deposits lost etc.). Watch carefully !!

The writer has a history of making outrageous comments without any proof!
Simple specuation.

What? Open your eyes, if the largest is struggling, imagine what the smaller companies are going through;

there is more to this beyond what catches the eye Kate ... not a very simple equation at all ....banks demanding outrageous conditions to do business is choking the building industry and indeed pushing some big developments to the wall ...That is one of the outcomes of Instability and nervousness in the business arena !!

Well at least these numbers help the banks meet their budgets easily as one bank economist stated at a conference last weekend!!

Note: profits of Fletcher Residential and Land Development were up 55%

Yes. The small end of the market is holding up them up presently. Part of the reason National has increased the government subsidy to FHBs.

I once worked for Fletchers - they have a serious propensity to self-explode every now and then - wherever they have gone and gotten into they have eventually failed - Canada, Hong Kong, China, Australia, now New Zealand their home base - the latest detonation is courtesy ex CEO of Formica USA

same here, they have a habit of buying companies then selling the good parts of them and keeping the not so good parts, until they eventually sell them as well.
the one that makes me laugh is how many times they buy and sell the head office over the years.
i sold out my holding a while back at the peak as i could see that formica and Australia are going to be another one of these rides


Kate the ring road around Auckland as you know was designed last century & only now nears completion ??
I hope ?? I am not there to follow. However I do see a continual flood of migrants to NZs population which is going to exasperate the locals by exacerbating their commuting , hospital waiting times & classroom sizes & educational standards decline and yet some don't want to change the incompetent National 9 year govt !?
That really does sum up the stupidity of NZers to vote a 4th term of incompetence!

You watch the stupidity

We are told 75% of all New Zealanders want clean-waters and swimmable lakes and rivers

Come Saturday

If National obtain more than 25% of the votes (100 minus 75) then you will know they are lying

Yep. It is that simple.

its already happening 25 minutes just to turn into Auckland hospital ( not including travel to that point), and no choice but to leave home earlier so you can make appointments, not to mention parking.
and no there is no close public train station to where we start from and taking a bus means a 2/12 hour journey using 3 buses

No hope even at the starting of water view tunnel :)

Only hope Election and change of government to reduce the damage

Usual numbers ... these are retrospect figures of the last 12 months ..when house prices fell - remember?
So presumable we added 43000 new comers to Auckland and still prices were flat to falling since August last year - Am I missing something here??

So, No need to panic unless you have an agenda !!


Thank goodness I have voted for the only person who has promised to "hit the pause button " on immigration , if he is in a coalition Government.

Now I wait to see if he is trustworthy , and does what he said he would .

.. Hone Harawira , MANA Party ? .... yeah , he's true to his word , old Hone ...

That's if the cardboard ballot box you placed your early voting papers in wasn't violated as it was driven around town in the back of someone's car, possibly stopping at the local fish n chip shop on the way home for the night. I'm sure once they got it home they put it some place safe, or at least asked the kids not to mess with it.

I'm impressed Boater - I didn't think you would


This whole situation is madness, pure madness.


Wow, wish I could say i was surprised. Mr Dipton still thinks its all good.Ill have two of what hes smoking please.

Keep pumping the economy with the never ending flood of arrivals to poor Auckland, which is well past full. One could almost say is smells looks like a pump and dump scam. JK has just dumped with a $20m bonus into his bank account. One speculates that that could be viewed as a telling event.

Vote for crazy immigration fueled bank profits, and specuverstor debt based tax support, or vote for tax payers in NZ working and paying tax in NZ.


When John Key resigned I thought a good indicator to whether there was an impending crisis could be to see if he sells his house. 10 months later (during an election campaign to try and smooth it over) we find out that he has sold his house for a 10million dollar profit. When it comes to making money, John Key knows what he is doing and it has been to the detriment of New Zealanders. He doesn't give a toss about us, he never did and a lot of us are blind to to that fact which is really quite sad. We will look back at this time and kick ourselves for being so stupid!


Johnny K only cared if you were cute and he could fondle your ponytail!
Frankly he should've been charged with assault but as we all know it's one law for the rich & powerful & another law for joe & Mary public
Sort of like the tax system
You wonder now why no capital gains tax ?

At this rate it will not be long before we will not need to send products overseas. We can eat or use all of them here in NZ.

43,000 arrivals to Auckland. If they settle as 3 people/household then we will need to build 14,333 houses to accommodate them. Current forecast is 10,000 to be built this year. So the current shortage of 30,000 homes will become at least 34,333.

But Bill English says we will need more immigrants to build them.

shoot me know!

The people that build the new houses take the steel out of the foundations after the inspection & move it to the next house for the next inspection ! This was discovered by a building inspector inspecting Millwater area a couple of years back. Then they uncovered the insulation was also removed after inspection also !
Guess who was doing the building ?
It wasn't locals

Immigarnts building houses for immigrants (some of them are builders) building houses for immigrants bui.....


Would be fair if only we were importing builders. Unfortunately only 2,000 new ones out of the 70k+ in 2016 were in any way related to construction.


At the risk of repeating myself, as a proportion of the total population, this net figures is -

New Zealand currently 1.56% !!!!!!!!!
NZ Labour proposed (40,000) 0.9%

Compared to other countries (many who also think that their immigration is far too high) -

UK 0.39%
USA 0.3%
France 0.04%
Germany 0.19%

Shear madness. National suicide - just to keep the housing ponzie going and maintain the low wage, low productivity economy.


... one of the key arguments of Nigel Farage and the Brexiters was the 250 000 immigrants flooding into the UK each year .... 0.39 % of their population .... at 1.56 % , our immigration wave is 4 times the comparative size of theirs ...

Meebee we should vote to ring-fence the Bee-Hive , and for the rest of NZ to break away from them , as an independent New New Zealand state ...


Chris-M 100% right
I informed Mr Leighton Smith of the massive difference per capita of migrants allowed into NZ compared to the UK over 2 years ago.
If they tried this % per capita in the U.K. They'd be mass riots daily but NZers are all talk no action
Politicians know it

Should add the figure for NZ Firsts proposed 10,000 to 15,000 say 12,500 0.27%. Looks far more reasonable and in fact given the problems we are having as a result of the gross overdose that we have had, cutting it as close to zero would be warranted until we sort out the mess.


I will watch the TV news tonight to see if this is covered at all - I don't hold much hope.

We seem to not be able to even discuss the topic of immigration in this country for fear of being labelled racist or xenophobic, even though it has the potential to permanently change our country for the worse.

I enjoyed reading Michael Reddell's blog post on immigration this morning, its worth a look:

Nothing xenophobic about talking about such radical migrant numbers year upon year
Imagine it ever being allowed in China ?
NZers not allowed

Didn't see anything on TV1, thought their days of bias were over ...


It is not Xenophobia; if the 43,000 new Aucklanders were all from the Vatican City it would still be madness.

I think the Italians offer a lot like the mafia ! & wine growing

A lot of work in the construction industry then, those concrete boots don't make themselves you know.

Also a spike in demand for horse parts and pillows could be a great boon for Kiwi businesses.



Its the only way to stop this madness!

We should only allow those migrants that bring their own houses.......

That would mean snails and tortoises only.

The Japanese could bring their own people movers

Yes the tortoise & snail of Palmy


But but but!

Don't we need the immigrants, to build the houses for the immigrants? Bill's big argument.

Yeah maybe some of those chefs can build me a house out of tofu blocks and gingerbread.

To be fair that's a good a use for Tofu as any, better than eating it.

Porridge houses could work, have you tried getting that crap off of a bowl after it's hardened?

Oh thank God. I was scared.that the might click in, and house prices fall to affordable levels.

I strongly suspect that our governments can no longer control this monster that National has spawned.

Isn't this all part of National's master-plan.

Slightly unfair. Excessive immigration: as with most things invented by Labour and carried on with lemming like enthusiasm by National.
The tragedy being NZ unlike most countries could have had a really sensible immigration policy with say 10,000pa highly skilled immigrants almost all arriving with the money to buy and build a new house and maybe paying the government say $100,000 per family for the privilege and thus cutting our taxes by $1Billion.


Bill English has maintained that the immigration numbers is largely based on returning New Zealander's.
It appears not - "In the year to August there was a net loss of 1464 New Zealand citizens, as more New Zealanders left the country long term than arrived back, and a net gain of 73,536 citizens of other countries."

This statistic alone suggests the government have completely lost track of migration numbers.

Out of interest is there any information on the original point of origin for the kiwis that have departed? Only asking as I've had numerous conversations with Uber drivers about how they're settling into NZ etc etc, what their plans are, how they're enjoying it. Quite a few have told me that they're here for citizenship so they can move to Australia for a better life...

If this is the case, and many migrants will make the move to Australia, then it will make it harder for NZ'ers to settle there in the future. You could argue it has had an affect already.

The net flow of migration is from, not to Australia. If that doesn't make you want to close the borders, nothing will
An Auckland cafe owner who took advantage of migrant workers has been fined just over $30,000.

There will be more and more Foodora and Uber Eats delivery people

Interesting that this isnt easy to find on the herald or nz stuff sites....

Powers at be have silenced it

Net migration has fallen for the last two months. Annual net migration is slightly down too. Changes to the rules are beginning to have an effect. Still too high but looks like we have passed the peak and Labours as yet unspecified measures (another secret committee anyone?) will not be necessary.

Record migration i think we need Labour now more than ever.

Labour will
Cut immigration
Ban foreign buyers buying existing properties

These two measures will help more than any deposit assistance to get young kiwis in homes.

Lets not forget this beauty back in 2007 and consider what national have achieved in regards to housing since then.

Over the past few years a consensus has developed in New Zealand. We are facing a severe home affordability and ownership crisis. The crisis has reached dangerous levels in recent years and looks set to get worse.
This is an issue that should concern all New Zealanders. It threatens a fundamental part of our culture, it threatens our communities and, ultimately, it threatens our economy.
The good news is that we can turn the situation around. We can deal with the fundamental issues driving the home affordability crisis. Not just with rinky-dink schemes, but with sound long-term solutions to an issue that has long-term implications for New Zealand’s economy and society.
National has a plan for doing this and we will be resolute in our commitment to the goal of ensuring more young Kiwis can aspire to buy their own home.

Personally believe that we need a deep investigation into what "deals" the John Key led National Party have done overseas (particularly with China) under the guise of a Global Economy. You'd have to be stupid to not see the advantage to China in owning so much of our "food" industries, land, companies - so why did they allow it?

The National party purveyors of fake growth due to massive over capacity immigration, and fake news in terms on blatant lies.
Yet some would actually vote for people like this, takes all sorts doesn't it.

National are the fake news party. It has been cover up, stall, nothing to see here for the last 9 years.

Remember that in 2015 they said they would get LINZ to create teh survey to see who is buying NZ property
2017 and LINZ still hasn't shown us any results.


Exactly right, it's unashamedly "fake news national", I hope people in this country have long memories, we've never really been able to trust politicians that much, but the nats have taken that to a whole new level.
They plainly cannot be trusted at all, I believe this very blatant attitude started with Key and has whole heartedly been continued since he's gone.

What baffles me about a lot of would-be National Party voters is the belief that on the one hand we have a "strong economy" that is "delivering for NZers" but on the other hand don't you dare touch immigration, the housing market or dairy farmers because our whole economy will then collapse!

Let's be straight up - if our economy is "growing" at 0.8% per quarter only because we buy & sell houses to each other (using imported funds), we import 130,000 to work for us and burn through our natural capital through water pollution and the overuse of fresh water, I would be really afraid to see what a recession looks like....

Productivity gains anyone?

We've been firmly ushered into post-truth politics.

5 years of productivity Recession under National

Only labour will

That's far to much pressure on Housing, Health, and Education..
It has to drastically reduced until the infrastructure is in place to be able to cope.

Migration must be slashed asap - this is out of control in NZ and keeping wages low.

Where do SNZ get their data from?