Housing Affordability

4 Jul 18, 8:58am
KiwiBuild home buyers who meet the eligibility criteria will go into a ballot to be able to buy a home
27 Jun 18, 9:35am
KiwiBuild could provide a launch pad for some major new competitors in the building industry and that could force costs down
26 Jun 18, 3:51pm
Grant Robertson & Phil Twyford say getting house prices to five times income can be done, although it might take ‘some considerable time’
26 Jun 18, 9:44am
Acting PM Winston Peters says enabling young couples to buy houses for the equivalent of 5x their income is the Govt’s long-term objective, but it won’t happen during its first term
23 Jun 18, 10:01am
Offering guarantees to private developers probably carries less risk for the Government than developing affordable homes itself, Greg Ninness says
23 Jun 18, 9:46am
If New Zealand is to crack the problems of unaffordable housing, government here must look seriously at how the better parts of America finance infrastructure, Eric Crampton argues
21 Jun 18, 9:56am
Lower quartile house prices dropped in most regions in May, but increased in Northland, Auckland, Waikato and Taranaki
13 Jun 18, 4:27pm
MBIE report on housing affordability shows renters faring a bit better than first home buyers, based on data to March 2017
9 Jun 18, 7:01am
Capital outflows from China may have had a bigger impact on Auckland's housing market than low interest rates and high immigration
8 Jun 18, 9:51am
Housing Minister Phil Twyford says Ministry of Housing and Urban Development will help drive KiwiBuild and will be operational by the end of the year
6 Jun 18, 10:30am
National leader Simon Bridges suggests NZ has a housing crisis but declines an interview with interest.co.nz to explain brief comment in RNZ interview
23 May 18, 1:57pm
Westpac's David McLean says flat house prices for 20-30 years would gradually correct housing unaffordability without igniting the 'economic carnage' a big price drop would cause
22 May 18, 10:28am
First home buyer affordability little changed in April, but those who bought a first home five years ago may be wise to assess whether it is time to move on and up
15 May 18, 11:44am
Ardern admits a $650,000 three-bedroom KiwiBuild home will still be unaffordable for 'too many', but says it's better than the Government doing nothing
4 May 18, 9:25am
Housing Minister Phil Twyford says government programme aims to end homeless not just manage it
27 Apr 18, 10:00am
Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy on housing supply, urban planning, earthquakes, rent controls, transportation, foreign buyer bans & more
27 Apr 18, 8:38am
In 25 of the 30 urban areas we track buying a first home is affordable for a couple on median incomes, but not on Auckland's North Shore - and saving for a deposit remains a challenge
24 Apr 18, 9:51am
Phil Twyford says the government is considering intensive housing options in Panmure, Manukau and Henderson. Construction work not likely to start at Unitec site in Mt Albert until next year
23 Apr 18, 5:18pm
Tex Edwards cooks up a multi course recipe to improve housing affordability in New Zealand. With market failure more government involvement is required, he argues 
19 Apr 18, 10:16am
Rezoning to allow more intensive development brought windfall profits for some property owners, not so much for others, says Ryan Greenaway-McGrevy


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