Bayleys' auction rooms were more buoyant in the lead up to Easter

Bayleys' auction rooms were more buoyant in the lead up to Easter
This refurbished villa at Pipiroa sold for $440,000.

Bayleys' auctions were surprisingly buoyant in the week before Easter, with 45 properties marketed for auction in the upper North Island and sales achieved on 22 of them.

That meant Bayleys' overall sales clearance rate was just a single sale away from hitting the 50% mark last week.

Bayleys' Hamilton auctions led the way, with 10 properties on offer and sales on eight of them, giving a sales rate of 80%.

In Auckland 21 properties were offered and sales were achieved on 11, giving an overall sales rate of 48%, in Tauranga two of the seven properties offered were sold and at the Matamata auction one of the three properties was sold.

At the Auckland auctions prices ranged from $926,700 for a four bedroom, brick and tile house at Dannemora, which was the only property at the Auckland auctions to sell for less than $1 million, to $6.2 million for a five bedroom house on a 1540 square metre section at Greenlane.

At the Hamilton auction prices started at $440,000 for a refurbished, three bedroom villa at Pipiroa not far from Thames, to $3.25 million for a 49 hectare dairy unit at Tirau.

At the Tauranga auction a three bedroom house on a lifestyle block at Pahoia fetched $935,000, while an apartment at Mt Maunganui went for $1.225,000, and in Matamata a four bedroom house on one hectare of land sold for $520,000.

The full results, with photos and details of all the properties and the prices achieved on individual properties are available on our Residential Auction Results page

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Jacinda and Clark's home has just sold to a quote "nice kiwi family".

As an endorsement for Auckland property, a few commentators originally salivated over their Sandringham purchase and decided both were accumulating Auckland real estate and becoming Landlords. Its now obvious they're not!

This Government has set out to increase the supply of affordable owner occupied houses for NZ families. Why would our very own Prime Minister want to be seen contributing to New Zealand's low home ownership rate!

Yawn, WTF is a 'loving kiwi family'? More unicorn fairy dust fluff pieces. If you really want to extol Taxinda's attributes then come across to Trademe. They'll keep you so busy defending the COL you'll want to be retired.


Ex Expat, your comments are depressing reading at its finest. Good news angers you.

Chin up, NZs finally in good hands. As you are too busy admiring your image in the mirror, you just haven't realized it yet.

What's the news? A couple sold a house. Whoopdedoo. Personally I though you'd be pulling the auction results apart to support your view of the coming property rapture not adding 'news' that wasn't in the article.

Ex Expat, good news in support of our Governments mission might not bring solace to your household but it does to others. You're coming across as just another bitter member of the Coalition of Whingers who whines day in and day out about present Government and policy. Be thankful for what you have. It distasteful that while these are prosperous times for you in particular, all you can do is moan.

Will your teenager be taking up the first year free tertiary?

As posted before, my wife and I will wipe his student debts when he graduates. I’m not sure of the dates but he expects to get at least two free years and may sneak in for a third. A stupid policy as it enriches someone who doesn’t need it by $20,000 plus.

TradeMe forums?? As in the only place on the internet dumber than Youtube comments?

Au contraire. Some of the posters there in Opinions will give you the insight into what's really going on that the mainstream media takes days to regurgitate. They are very well informed and usually know the dirt.

I have to agree. You can learn a lot by "Listening" to the general public.

Most of the Global "surprises" have been anything but, when you look at the mood "on the ground" rather than that presented in the media.

And the mood on the ground is currently very much for the coalition. So many of my friends and aquaintances that voted National now realise their error.

Channeling “Baghdad Bob“?

There's Stuff and the Oily Whale, where much of Trademe comments would not look out of place.

National trolls have been astroturfing the crap out, in the Stuff comments section since the election. You would think the Labour coalition were heading into single figures for popularity, if you believed the "fear & loathing" comments posted there.

I don't believe the article mentions the word "loving" unless I have gone blind and my find function isn't working. Some kind of Freudian slip perhaps?
Still, shows the market is pretty healthy. Easy to sell, didn't even need to advertise!

Zachary, I think it was you that previously commented that if they were to let or sell that it would have extra appeal being the ex home of a PM. It's not an endorsement of the health of the wider Auckland market so it's not a time to pop corks - lol!

I have corrected the "loving" in my comment to "nice" as it appears so have the Herald!

Wtf is COL?

Coalition Of Losers I believe.


Oh is that the little coalition of estate agents and landlords that come here to congratulate each others magnificence?

No, thats the soggy biscuit competition.

The unholy Offspring of the tooth fairy and Rumpelstiltskin conceived in an ecologically sensitive location.

An acronym popularised by the CoW - Collection of Whingers.

Greenlane property has a leasehold neighbour for sale. Will be interesting to see the difference in value.

That's a huge house at 639 sq m. Great view of Rangitoto and I love the smoking room. That will sell well above RV.

Which one is the smoking room? And who will have the money to buy it?

The predominantly red room next to the snooker table room. I'd call it a smoking room. Imagine a fine cigar, a glass of brandy, sitting next to a roaring fire, away from the ladies. Needs some hunting trophies on the wall though.
There does seem to have been a lot of high value properties on the market recently. They are selling too.

I think the red room is really scary...just not my cup of tea. many high end listings...have you seen this one too?

I hadn't seen it. There seems to be no end of these luxurious houses coming on the market.

47 sold properties added to the auction results since my last "analysis" about a week ago.

65.078M in sales
2017 RV of 62.065M
2014 RV of 42.995M.

That's 4.85% above 2017 RV and 51.36% above 2014 RV.

A pretty strong result for properties that actually did sell. No sign of a downturn yet in these results. More sales and higher values by the looks of it.

One property I didn't include was a mortgagee sale of a ten acre block beyond Waiuku.
331 Gleeson Road sold for 622k, had a 2017 RV of 790k and a 2014 RV of 600k. Mortgagee sales are a disastrous way to sell a place. You never want to let the situation get that bad if at all possible.

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