Sales rates rising at Bayleys' auctions in Auckland and Eves' auctions in Tauranga

Sales rates rising at Bayleys' auctions in Auckland and Eves' auctions in Tauranga
This one bedroom apartment on Auckland's Queen St sold for $250,000.

Bayleys' Auckland auction rooms had a cracker of a week with sales achieved on 62% of the properties offered.

Bayleys marketed 29 Auckland residential properties for sale by auction in the week to October 26 and sold 18 of them, one of the best results achieved for a while.

Prices started at $250,000 for a one bedroom apartment with a balcony in the Portland Tower on Queen Street. The apartment was under management contract to Quest and was one of several apartments sold at the auction.

The most expensive sale at Bayleys' Auckland auctions was a 338 square metre house on an 824 square metre section in Remuera that fetched $4.41 million.

Of the 15 properties that sold where their selling prices could be matched with their rating valuations, 10 sold for more than their RVs and five sold for less than their RVs.

Things were a bit quieter at Bayleys' auction rooms down the line during the week, with seven residential properties marketed for sale at the Hamilton auction but only one sold, while two of the eight properties offered at the Tauranga auction were sold.

Also in the Bay of Plenty, Eves Real estate in Tauranga had 16 residential properties for auction and sold exactly half of them, with a conditional contract signed on a ninth shortly afterwards.

Details and photos of all of the properties offered at both the Bayleys and Eves auctions, along with the selling prices and rating valuations for most of those that sold, are available on our Residential Auction Results page.

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A cracker week indeed.

Today's headline will send the Doom and Gloom Merchants into a tailspin......

Retired Poppy ("Crash Crusader") - what happened to the housing crash that you promised was going to happen before the end of 2017? And then by the end of 2018?

We would welcome some accountability from you. Are you capable of responding directly - and without becoming bombastic?

Let's wait and see.......


Agent TTP, again, some proof by way of the two links when I allegedly commented this would be nice.

I do recall commentator John Wheeler saying on several occasions that a housing crash is imminent. Perhaps TTP, fatigue has got the best of you and perhaps you think I'm him?

Assertions from the likes of yourself and BLSH there will never be another GFC2 is merely another reason why we should all be worried....

There will almost certainly be another GFC at some point. But as to when it will come about, you are completely and utterly clueless.

BLSH, maybe I am clueless on this but seeing that you've self anointed yourself ""The Oracle", you can now enlighten readers as to when GFC2 is coming and what will be the trigger/flash point. Something tells me you won't be able to offer any meaningful comment on this without some considerable ambiguous waffle.

GFC1 hasn't ended

Yes-true, its all still pretty much on life support. Central banks seem pretty eager to exit QE to gain some interest rate margin to fight the next crisis.



Relying on the suckers who overpaid at today's or yesterday's auction is meaningless. Have a peep over the horizon and see what's heading our way....Unless you are totally out of touch me thinks you either have a ton of skin in the game or you are a paid poster of the undustry?

Many sighs of relief heard from vendors who succeeded in exiting. The rest left with no choice but to reassess their expectations - lower.

Are you still standing by your prediction of 5% plus YOY drop in Auckland by December 18? We are currently flat (0%). If you’re right I’ll change my name to BuyHighSellLow if you agree to change your name to Retired-Poopy if you’re wrong.

BLSH, as I have already had to reassure you to ad nauseum, I stand by my prediction and will still be here if my timing is proved wrong. If it transpires that your recovery by 2021 is proved wrong, will you change your monica to "Blow High Sell Low"? Several areas in Auckland have already dropped more than 5%. You conveniently choose to ignore that. As your friend TTP says "those who hesitate are lost" - so stop blowing and deleverage yourself while you've got the chance. Both yours and TTP's reassurances there won't be a GFC2 are laughable :)

It's interesting, the median price for Auckland the past 3 years at this time each year is bang on $850k. It's like house prices in Auckland sort of hit a critical mass where the aggregate of local purchasers can only afford to borrow/buy outright at this level.

Id say thats very likely true. Affordability is what stopped the gains. Affordability has improved but sentiment has changed so the market seems a bit stranded. No one wants to sell for a loss when they know property is scarce and no one wants to pay top dollar given how slow the market is.

An auction the other day in Greenlane got only a solitary bid for 1.7M. Seven days later sold for 2.225M.

Nothing new there Zach
My own property sold for 25% more than its highest bid at auction 2 weeks later & that was in Q3 2015 of market
You only need 1 buyer
However the Auckland property market as usual is proving fairly resilient so far
They’ll need to be some more significant financial pressures before there’s any serious declines
Sure there’s been a leveling off and declines in some parts of the market

Look at this cracker, sold for $2,050,000
-12.7 from RV and -23% down from "estimate"

108/133 Beach Rd, CBD. Unilodge on Beach bldg.
Sold for $52,000 plus GST. RV $215,000

204/138 Anzac Ave, CBD. Unilodge bldg.
Sold for $46,000 plus GST RV $155,000

People need to remember that freehold, cross-lease and leasehold all have the same RVs more or less as if they are freehold. After all some entity does own the land. What they sell for can be quite different.

I have to agree with Zachary

This property has a strange sales history and according to QV sold for 1.51M in 2014. An increase of 540k in just four years. That's like $2,500 a week. I'd call that a "cracker" appreciation.

Sold $650,000 RV $900,000
-27% from RV and 13.3% from "estimate"

Rather remote and almost a bach with some ugly power lines spoiling the view. A good first home buy for someone seeking something a little bit different.

Amazed it even fetched that much to be honest.

sold $2,400,000 RV 3,100,000
-22% from RV and -5.5 from "estimate"

This house sold in October 2015 for 1.925M. I'd call a gain of 475k (25%) in just three years a spectacular result for the vendor. Especially as prices have been flattish for over a year now.

Moneyphobe folks don't want to except that only exceptional properties are selling close to the RV, which normally would have sold well above. All rest are selling well below. .

BLSH should already change his name to BHSL..

Nevermind went too far back.

Just to show I'm not being too biased this house was reported by the NZ Herald as selling for 1.05M recently, 375k below RV. It actually sold for 1.08M. Never trust news reports! Still a bargain I think and the only example I have seen so far of a disturbingly lowish price. Still over a million for a two beddie though.

Good to see reference being made to RVs. While RVs are a crude and not overly reliable measure, this information does at least provide a more meaningful indication as to how the market and in particular the auction market is performing.
However the cynic in me wonders, while not all good news there is some positives, if this initiative is relief and a positive spin on the part of nervous REAs.

Most of those couples would never have been able to do this otherwise.... hopefully this will help many more

"Sales rates falling at Bayleys' auctions in Tauranga ( 25%) and Eves' auctions in Tauranga" is an alternative headline.
(NB: There were only 14 auctions listed for Eves, not 16, according to the attached link - 8 didn't sell = 43%, not the 50% disclosed?)

Best results in a while - right after the so called 'foreign buyer' ban came into effect as well.

It is after the ban so is good result.

Interesting time ahead.

Comment section amusing as always. One swallow does not make a summer. Lets see if we can get a month of better auction results, and with some volume behind it before we call it a recovery.

A recovery from what? An intensely boring period of flatness?

Peak hype?
Just buy a house and it will earn you the average wage they said.
Instead you will be paying a weekly top up to the rent and also losing 1000's in equity.

In the week 18 properties sold which 11 of them were sold a day before the ban, will be interesting
seeing the next Auction results.

Not too many of the DGM surfacing today.......

The headline is proving a bit too hot for them to handle.

They've scuttled off and into hiding.

Surprise, surprise......


Nice try, lol

Wait n Watch.

Stats.. we had a net loss of 3k from Auckland, excluding immigration, which is also slowing...

The housing shortage is not as acute as claimed

Many speculators went wild and at times made money but all who bought on crazy price in in 2016 to 2017 are bound to make lose.

This house in 2015 sold for 805000 and in 2016 was sold again for 1240000 - 50 % profit in one year (( and now again in 2017 is up for sale. Auction failed and now wants 1.3 million to get out without lose but the Question is will he :

In this market if he gets near around 1.1 million will be a deal but again it is wait n watch.

At least that property looks like it's been lived in.

It's an interesting one. I'd say it had a big renovation done just after it sold in 2015. That would account for the big price leap in 2016. Someone bought it to do up and sell on and got the timing right.
It is a full section. Looks like they are just trying to sell it and recoup any costs rather than make a profit. If you bought in 2016 that is probably a best case scenario for many properties. Why pay top dollar to only sell two years later though?


Here's how it looked in 2015:
Rough diamond says the blurb. Nice job done by the renovators and a nice profit too?

And in 2016:

It could be a genuine change of circumstances.

The person who bought for 1.24 million had done heavy renovation after buying in 2016.

More lose to current vendor.

No they didn't stuart786786. Check my second link above from 2016. You will see it says sold. The photos prove the renovations were all done when they bought it. It is a bit confusing as the same agents that sold it in 2016 are selling it now but you can see that it says sold (top right of image), the reno appears to be all done and the staging is different.

Sorry to bust your narrative!

Why Zach you really have surprised me with your fact based comments throughout today
Cant knock facts

People are still exiting Akl as economic refugees from nine years of the last Govts policies. According sales in the likes of Tauranga, Hamilton, Cambridge are somewhat expected. Akl remains, like many citys, a victim of speculation in cheap cash foreign and domestic.

Still short on Akl. Headwinds continue to build.

Your right averageman.aucklanders are pouring into Cambridge. They are cashed up and raising the prices of houses like the Chinese did in's a vicious circle.maybe I should enter my four year old into kiwi build now

Yes Averageman as a e con omic refugee myself I took the $ & flew out of Auckland my place of birth & home for 55yrs
Do miss Muriwai though

I thought from the headline we might be getting some more indicative info to go on (re where the market could be heading). 18 sales in a week at Auction actually a cracker week?

I could understand if speculators were celebrating 62% sales on a high volume of auctions, but is 18 sales actually a lot? How does that compare to other weeks in overall volume? Seems like we're not getting enough info to establish much from this.

I recall we've also had 100% clearance rates on a few auctions recently, which was more impressive. (Sure, they were only two or three houses auctioned, but it's the rate that's important eh.)

That’s the issue Rick it’s flatlined but no collapse

Tales of the two (similar) cities:
2.25M for that Greenlane home,

or this 2M in another city

I think as long as the Chinese banks don’t request their money back the Auckland housing market looks pretty safe. When GFC2 comes and it will I suggest Jacinda call John Key former NYFED board member & well regarded in banking etc to negotiate like he helped ASB ( an Aussie sub bank anyway ) secure overseas funds to get them through the world financial crisis.
The worst I could say about the current Auckland property market is it’s pealing off some of the profits which let’s face it if you failed to cash out is a dragging loss of profits. Strange I’m not hearing that familiar cry “I’m in property for the long term rah rah”
Property is no different to any other investment you try to buy in the lows & sell at the peaks
Holding property and watching your profits decline however slowly is a mistake

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