Grade: Store Stag
  LWT kg weight range
  Weaner Stags 15mth stag 2yr Velvet stags M/A Velvet
50 60.0 70 over   Velvet records
57.5 69.5 75 85.0   average good tops
  Price basis NZc per kg  LWT
Price basis NZ c/kg NZ $ /Head Price basis
NZ $ /Head
Store Sale Lorneville JR & AM Duthie     Yarding 253        

Av 62kg @$412/hd @679c/kg lwt

S = latest Scheduled as published
R = Per saleyard Report, sale average
D = Dead weight basis
L = Live weight basis
  Surcharge Notes:

Prices are 'as reported', the gross price offered to the seller. Levies, cartage, and other charges may well be deducted from these prices. CHECK THESE DETAILS BEFORE AGREEING TO ANY PRICE. Read our disclaimer.
The dates listed in the above table are the dates we posted the data, not necessarily the date when the price applies.


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