Harmoney tells court it can charge a fee for its services like a broker that includes profit as Commerce Commission argues there is nothing new or disruptive about what Harmoney's doing

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Harmoney definitely using borrowers and lenders to make money, lenders who invest are losers ultimately for sure!!!

Plenty of investors on Harmoney are making a return of around 10-12% P.A. after fees, tax and defaults.

this is not a assumption or guessing this is my experience

after 1 year for $2000 invested this is what i get ,
Gross interest received $467.69

Service / Lender fees -$93.54
Withholding tax -$154.34
Charged-off principal -$147.78

your RAR :17.13% p.a.

please tell me do i get 17.13% ? all fake Harmoney take 93.54, withholding tax $154 god knows where it goes!!! i am paying 154 as tax overall i didn't event get 67$ but pay tax 154 doesn't make sense,


Charged-off principal -$147.78

not even 1 recoveries ?

above is lender problem with Harmoney,

according to Borrower he pay upfront fees to Harmoney to approve any way !!!

Platform users of Harmoney are the loosers, they make money

I was not making an assumption. I've been a lender on Harmoney since March 2016. In regards to your numbers - it does not appear as though you have made sufficient effort to understand Harmoney's RAR calculation which is clearly explained on their website.

It doesn't seem suspicious to anyone else that Harmoney make a bulk of their 'profit' when they approve a loan, as opposed to every other lender who makes it when the loan is repaid? Surely this is an incentive to approve all sorts of marginal loans, because they're getting paid the up front fee. And as it's not their money being lent, do they really care if it goes bad down the track?