peer to peer lending

8 Mar 19, 5:00am
Harmoney looking to raise $25 mln of new equity this year, founder Neil Roberts says, as the peer-to-peer lender eyes continuing growth
23 Nov 18, 1:18pm
Strong annual growth in peer to peer lending as value of outstanding loans reaches $489 million and write-offs rise 64% to $13.9 million, FMA figures show
8 Nov 18, 7:45am
Licensed P2P lender Harmoney says it has facilitated loans across New Zealand and Australia valued at $1 billion
12 Oct 18, 10:58am
Interest-free 'buy now pay later' products such as Afterpay, PartPay, Laybuy and Oxipay, to remain outside the CCCFA, MBIE says
25 Sep 18, 2:02pm
Bank for International Settlements highlights the dominance of consumer lending in New Zealand fintech sector
16 Aug 18, 1:05pm
Heartland Bank restructure will leave burgeoning Australian reverse mortgage business free of regulatory capital requirement rules on either side of the Tasman
9 Aug 18, 5:00am
Gareth Vaughan conducts a stocktake on just how involved retail investors are in NZ peer-to-peer lending, checking to see if banks are in danger of being disintermediated
1 Aug 18, 9:53am
Heartland Bank unveils restructure plans to 'remove business growth constraints currently arising from Reserve Bank regulations'
16 Jun 18, 9:20am
Peer to peer lending facilitator Harmoney is to begin lending money through its own online platform
21 May 18, 10:31am
Judge rules Harmoney's platform fee is a credit fee, doesn't accept the 'relative novelty of peer-to-peer lending should preclude the usual application of the CCCFA'
21 Feb 18, 11:40am
Heartland Bank says it's behind more than 60% of the new Australian reverse mortgage business being written and provides about one-third of Harmoney's funding
2 Dec 17, 6:26am
FMA statistics show the fledgling NZ P2P lending sector is serving banks and fund managers well, but more needs to be done for retail investors and SMEs, Gareth Vaughan argues
18 Nov 17, 7:11am
George Friedman takes a look at Chinese authorities efforts to keep the country's burgeoning financial sector in check and highlights the extent of the challenges they face
16 Nov 17, 10:23am
Harmoney tells court it can charge a fee for its services like a broker that includes profit as Commerce Commission argues there is nothing new or disruptive about what Harmoney's doing
6 Sep 17, 7:33pm
Three years in FMA CEO Rob Everett disappointed there's only one big NZ P2P lender and at the dearth of SME lending being facilitated
1 Sep 17, 3:23pm
Is Harmoney merely an intermediary or is it really a creditor? Here's a look at the key issues in the P2P lender's fees court case brought by the Commerce Commission
28 Aug 17, 9:55am
Key Harmoney borrower's fee at centre of Commerce Commission court proceedings seeking compensation for borrowers
2 Aug 17, 9:57am
Peer-to-peer lender Harmoney nudging $27 mln of accumulated losses despite drop in annual expenses and surge in fee income
11 Jul 17, 12:37pm
Generation Rent Investment Guide episode 3: Peer-to-peer lending platforms compared
22 Jun 17, 9:35am
Despite having 2 questions knocked back by a High Court judge, the Commerce Commission says it can get the answers it needs from the 3 questions allowed in its Harmoney CCCFA case


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