14 Feb 19, 5:00am
KPMG warns banks of threats to their lucrative credit card business from rivals and regulators if they don't get on the front foot and assist struggling borrowers
1 Feb 19, 12:16pm
The emergence and growth of 'buy now, pay later' services has caught the eye of competitors and regulators. Stephen Forbes takes a look at the fast growing sector
30 Jan 19, 5:00am
Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Kris Faafoi establishing new regulatory powers targeting new credit products
10 Nov 18, 10:02am
Gareth Vaughan argues credit cards should be the first target for our regulators if they're serious about making banks protect or enhance customer interests & outcomes
28 Sep 18, 5:27pm
Aussie Royal Commission says bad conduct driven by pursuit of short-term profit at expense of basic standards of honesty. Bank shares rise despite 'day of shame'
26 Sep 18, 7:19am
Financial Advice New Zealand rejects concerns about mortgage broker commissions raised by Consumer NZ in wake of Aussie Royal Commission
7 Sep 18, 5:00am
How unlicensed forex & derivatives trader Fullerton Markets came from nowhere to get its name splashed around high profile Wellington events and sports teams
30 Aug 18, 10:01am
ASIC reverse mortgage review to see NZ's Heartland Bank work to improve customers' understanding of the long-term implications of reverse mortgages
16 Aug 18, 1:05pm
Heartland Bank restructure will leave burgeoning Australian reverse mortgage business free of regulatory capital requirement rules on either side of the Tasman
9 Aug 18, 5:00am
Life insurer accused of mis-selling to Aboriginal people sidesteps questions about its rapid growth in New Zealand 
7 Aug 18, 10:40am
Australian Productivity Commission proposes a formal, accountable reporting line to bank board and regulator putting substance to banks' marketing claim they put customers first
5 Jul 18, 1:54pm
As NZ regulators investigate banks' conduct & culture they should take a leaf out of ASIC's book and probe the credit card market too, Gareth Vaughan argues
23 Apr 18, 10:39am
Despite the revelations from Australia's Financial Services Royal Commission going from bad to worse, don't expect the local offshoots of Australia's big banks to face the same scrutiny in NZ
10 Mar 18, 11:31am
Invasive insurer horror stories highlight legal gap to be addressed in recently-announced insurance contracts law review 
6 Mar 18, 9:46am
How Heartland Bank has become the biggest originator of new reverse mortgages in Australia despite escaping APRA's capital requirements
21 Dec 17, 7:37am
Trump inches closer to signing tax bill, bitcoin doesn't pose threat to US banking system, China keeping proactive fiscal and neutral monetary policy stance, set back for Uber, NZ dollar at US69.84c
27 Nov 17, 5:02am
Kiwi Global Trust, trustee for the bank accounts of Hurricanes sponsor Fullerton Markets, 'refers matter to the Police' as problems compound for unlicensed Wellington-based forex trader
16 Oct 17, 10:44am
Aussie parents of NZ's big 4 banks seen facing increased risk of mis-selling claims as interest-only mortgage borrowers come under pressure
22 Sep 17, 6:02am
The FMA issues warnings about NZ's troublesome Financial Service Providers Register in Chinese, Malay and Arabic & admits it's easier to get on it than be removed from it
6 Sep 17, 9:40am
FMA CEO Rob Everett says banks are anxious about the bank bill benchmark rate with some variance in views on what is acceptable trading conduct


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