7 Feb 19, 7:18pm
Former BNZ boss Andrew Thorburn is to leave as NAB CEO at the end of this month; Chairman Ken Henry will go after a permanent new CEO is found; moves come after fallout from Hayne Report; board member Phil Chronican will be acting CEO
5 Feb 19, 1:01pm
NAB CEO and ex-BNZ CEO Andrew Thorburn cancels leave, says he will 'personally and visibly' lead response to stinging Royal Commission criticism
5 Feb 19, 8:04am
Aussie Royal Commission's final report lashes sales incentives & ex-BNZ boss Andrew Thorburn, brings bad news for mortgage brokers
21 Jan 19, 9:23am
Credit Suisse says potential for Royal Commission to recommend changes to mortgage broker remuneration could be lucrative for Aussie banks
17 Dec 18, 9:37am
The ANZ Banking Group says ANZ NZ would need up to NZ$8 bln of new capital to meet RBNZ's new bank capital proposals
18 Nov 18, 5:23pm
Surprise! For the first time ever we are now not paying more than the Aussies for one key fixed rate. We look at how New Zealand mortgage pricing compares with what Aussies pay for the same sort of loans
2 Nov 18, 3:33pm
CEO Angela Mentis says BNZ hopes to recoup revenue lost through fee reductions by gaining more customers' business & new customers
1 Nov 18, 10:19am
BNZ posts 10% rise in annual profit as income rises and bottom line gets boost from mark to market movements in offshore debt
31 Jul 18, 4:16pm
UBS economists suggest higher funding costs may be a new structural market feature for the Australian parents of New Zealand's big four banks
21 Jul 18, 10:02am
BNZ's Craig Ebert can't shake the niggle that there is a fundamental inconsistency in RBNZ policy positions. But he suspects it may be our exchange rate, rather than interest rates that will sort it out
4 Jul 18, 11:54am
Aussie sharemarket investors no longer keen to see banks growing lending, especially investment property lending, strongly, analysts argue
28 May 18, 10:40am
BNZ service loss, blamed on parent NAB, raises questions about its implementation of RBNZ's outsourcing policy & closely follows RBNZ stating foreign controlled banks must acknowledge they are operating in NZ & the responsibilities this implies
21 May 18, 9:43am
BNZ working with MBIE to resolve Holidays Act breaches which include annual and public holiday payments to 'certain employees'
15 May 18, 12:41pm
Australasia's big banks have come to the end of a super cycle and face a difficult transition featuring a combination of operating headwinds and regulatory risks, analysts say
4 May 18, 9:54am
BNZ CEO Angela Mentis says systemic bad bank behaviour happening in Australia is not happening at BNZ, but the NZ bank's not complacent
3 May 18, 10:32am
BNZ half-year profit surges to $490 mln as lower funding costs help boost the bank's net interest margin, new CEO says BNZ is not complacent about the issues emerging from Australia
23 Apr 18, 10:39am
Despite the revelations from Australia's Financial Services Royal Commission going from bad to worse, don't expect the local offshoots of Australia's big banks to face the same scrutiny in NZ
10 Apr 18, 3:01pm
Could Australia's banking Royal Commission be the catalyst for the country's Minsky moment?
27 Mar 18, 9:52am
Could Australia's banking Royal Commission be the catalyst for a credit crunch, and potentially a recession?
5 Feb 18, 10:25am
Why shifting to New Zealand from Australia will feel like a breath of fresh air for ASB and BNZ's new chief executives


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