2 Feb 19, 9:01am
Rabobank says good production conditions and strong commodity pricing will continue in 2019. But that policy decisions made this year will determine rural resilience for the inevitable downturn
28 Dec 18, 9:31am
Production pressure sees Rabobank lowering farm gate milk price forecast despite another small lift in recent GDT auction results
7 Dec 18, 9:58am
Rabobank survey shows farmer confidence falling for the third straight quarter pushing the net rural confidence reading further into negative territory, now with more of the country’s farmers pessimistic than optimistic
4 Dec 18, 3:30pm
Co-op Bank, SBS, TSB, Heartland and Rabobank all deliver lending and deposit growth in the September quarter
16 Nov 18, 11:49am
Rabobank sees solid returns in red meat sector in 2019 with sheepmeat leading the way. The trade wars may improve our competitiveness, but other risks need to be watched and responded to
9 Oct 18, 4:53pm
With new rules and restrictions coming for red meat farmers, producers have little choice but to 'invest' in the hope consumers will start paying extra for sustainability - something they haven't shown they will do so far
4 Oct 18, 10:58am
Rabobank trims its dairy payout forecast even though world supply growth will only be modest because the fast rising US dollar and potential trade war consequences will limit what export customers can afford to pay
27 Sep 18, 4:08pm
Wobbly dairy prospects hit overall farm confidence, and investment intentions slip. But some sectors remain positive, and many farmers see their own situation better than others
3 Sep 18, 1:29pm
Rabobank NZ commissions independent report to probe its governance and management frameworks & the extent of its independence from the Rabobank Group
3 Sep 18, 12:25pm
Beef prices have been rising locally as exports to China jump. But it is US market and weather conditions, and US trade policy, that might will set the future direction
28 Aug 18, 11:08am
Financial performance and lending growth steady across The Co-operative Bank, SBS, TSB, Heartland, and Rabobank during the June quarter
13 Aug 18, 2:54pm
Rabobank NZ, whose governance is now under the spotlight, told the RBNZ 3 years ago it would be the most adversely affected bank by extension of outsourcing policy
8 Aug 18, 5:00am
Rabobank NZ says it operates with 'completely appropriate independence' from sister bank Rabobank Australia and its Dutch parent as concerns are raised
3 Aug 18, 8:36am
Red meat exporters schooled in the key factors needed to succeed in China - and not risking it all there despite the lures is also a core takeaway
2 Aug 18, 2:25pm
Rabobank reports survey results from China that indicate sustainability attributes are set to play increasing role in Chinese food choices, especially for horticulture products
5 Jul 18, 2:08pm
While this long-running Rabobank survey found lower confidence among farmers, a record high number assess their business as either 'viable' or 'easily viable'
22 Jun 18, 1:00pm
Rabobank says New Zealand's dairy exports are facing brighter export prospects as prices rally on unfavourable weather in other countries, and trade frictions damage supply
10 May 18, 11:23am
Rabobank says new dairy season should be the third in a row with the payout price 'starting with a six' – a shaky start possible but a strong finish anticipated
27 Mar 18, 12:06pm
Net rural confidence has edged up in the first survey of 2018 supported by growing optimism among horticulturalists, says Rabobank survey
9 Mar 18, 9:37am
Rabobank NZ annual profit jumps 21% as impairment losses tumble, but impaired assets more than double


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