12 Mar 19, 5:00am
Government warned of big bank backlash in wake of surprise Reserve Bank capital proposals going above international norm
1 Mar 19, 10:05am
UBS analysts suggest Aussie banks' response to RBNZ's proposals to increase bank capital will have economic impact on NZ 'larger than assumed by the RBNZ'
7 Feb 19, 10:15am
Australian bank shares surge after final Royal Commission report was more positive than expected, or less negative than it might have been
30 Jan 19, 3:53pm
Analysts suggest ASB's parent CBA, expected to need more capital to meet new RBNZ requirements, will splash out A$3.5b in share buyback
24 Jan 19, 5:00am
Against the backdrop of the RBNZ's review of bank capital requirements, Gareth Vaughan details the nitty-gritty of the RBNZ proposals & what they might mean for bank customers
18 Dec 18, 12:40pm
Analysts crunch the numbers on how much capital the big 4 banks & Heartland would need to meet proposed new RBNZ capital requirements
7 Dec 18, 12:07pm
Aussie Royal Commission tipped to recommend remuneration overhaul as FMA gives views on how banks should pay mobile mortgage mangers & mortgage brokers in NZ
17 Sep 18, 5:00am
The capacity of home loan borrowers to borrow has dropped by about 20% over the past couple of years, mortgage brokers estimate
30 Aug 18, 10:01am
ASIC reverse mortgage review to see NZ's Heartland Bank work to improve customers' understanding of the long-term implications of reverse mortgages
28 Aug 18, 12:37pm
Westpac Banking Corporation experiences biggest net interest margin fall since the early 1990s as mortgage delinquencies reach 20 year high
31 Jul 18, 4:16pm
UBS economists suggest higher funding costs may be a new structural market feature for the Australian parents of New Zealand's big four banks
4 Jul 18, 11:54am
Aussie sharemarket investors no longer keen to see banks growing lending, especially investment property lending, strongly, analysts argue
21 Jun 18, 10:52am
UBS points out APRA's focus on debt-to-income levels may significantly reduce the borrowing capacity of many would-be Aussie home buyers
20 Jun 18, 9:37am
UBS argues APRA move on debt-to-income limits could hit Australian investors who have an owner-occupier mortgage and geared investments hard
15 May 18, 12:41pm
Australasia's big banks have come to the end of a super cycle and face a difficult transition featuring a combination of operating headwinds and regulatory risks, analysts say
10 Apr 18, 3:01pm
Could Australia's banking Royal Commission be the catalyst for the country's Minsky moment?
27 Mar 18, 9:52am
Could Australia's banking Royal Commission be the catalyst for a credit crunch, and potentially a recession?
14 Mar 18, 3:45pm
UBS analyst forecasts Fonterra will take a writedown of $160 million on its Chinese Beingmate shareholding and reduce dividend payment this year to 32c from 40c last year
6 Dec 17, 11:16am
Royal Commission expected to cost Australian banks between A$50 million and A$100 million each
13 Nov 17, 10:51am
Australasia's big 4 banks deliver their lowest bad debt charge since they began reporting credit expenses in 1980


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