23 Jan 19, 11:00am
No major surprises as inflation rises 0.1% in Dec quarter and 1.9% in year to Dec; Economists' OCR outlooks differ but remain unchanged
18 Aug 18, 10:02am
Matt Nolan on the top 10 freely available indicators to use to try and figure out what's going on with the New Zealand economic cycle
24 Jul 18, 7:08am
The Reserve Bank has been clear the next move in the OCR could be a hike or a cut – but economists say the latter option is ‘very unlikely’
20 Jul 18, 10:00am
Liz Kendall and Miles Workman look at the Top 10 things keeping ANZ economists up at night, which include expensive houses, underwhelming productivity, the cost of an ageing population, anxious businesses and more
19 Jul 18, 9:17am
Infometrics is expecting GDP growth of roughly 2% a year until 2021 – 1% under Treasury’s forecast – and the regions are expected to do the economic heavy lifting
17 Jul 18, 3:43pm
CPI data shows kiwis' grumbles over hefty insurance premium hikes are justified
17 Jul 18, 11:16am
Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation came in at 1.5% in the year to June 2018, up 0.4% on the quarter before led by higher housing costs and fuel prices
12 Jul 18, 12:13pm
ASB is expecting the hikes to the minimum wage, wide fair pay agreements and collective bargaining will see the end of years of sluggish wage growth
23 Apr 18, 12:55pm
Although wage inflation is expected to bounce, the Government’s progressive increases to the minimum wage is not forecast to have a major impact on CPI, Westpac says
19 Apr 18, 11:02am
CPI falls to the bottom of the Reserve Bank’s inflation target, as the Government’s fees-free education policy drags on overall price gains over the quarter
16 Apr 18, 4:01pm
The market consensus is for CPI inflation to fall to 1.1% year-on-year when the data is released on Thursday but most bank economists say that figure is higher than they are expecting
25 Jan 18, 11:01am
Statistics New Zealand says inflation for 2017 was just 1.6%, versus market expectations of 1.9%, after a virtually flat December quarter; Kiwi dollar falls
12 Jan 18, 2:25pm
Statistics NZ completes its 3-yearly review of CPI components that monitor consumer inflation. Food and housing are weighted a little higher in this new review
6 Nov 17, 2:46pm
BNZ economists say the Reserve Bank should back up tighter monetary policy emphasis by bringing the date of the first interest rate rises forward
6 Nov 17, 7:41am
Economists expect OCR to stay on hold on Thursday, start to get excited about RBNZ views on new govt policy and implications for growth and inflation ahead of new employment target and new Governor
17 Oct 17, 10:59am
Housing, insurance and food price pressures have CPI inflation near RBNZ’s 2% target band – annual rate of 1.9% slightly above market expectation, above RBNZ’s 1.6% pick
2 Aug 17, 11:23am
We look at how well pay packets have grown on an after-inflation basis. And we compare that to how our economy has grown on a 'real' basis
14 Jul 17, 10:13am
Economists expect much of the sharp rise seen in the Consumers Price Index during the March quarter to evaporate, led by sharp falls in petrol prices
14 Jun 17, 12:42pm
Another very sharp rise in food prices raises further questions about the Reserve Bank's benign inflation forecasts
7 Jun 17, 9:10am
Finance Minister Joyce renews existing RBNZ Policy Targets Agreement for when incoming acting Governor Spencer takes over from Wheeler in September


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