Credit Ratings

4 Oct 18, 3:49pm
Ratings agency Moody's says the financial performance of our banks will continue to compare favourably with peers in other countries over the next 12-18 months despite slower credit growth and rising wholesale funding costs
14 Sep 18, 7:48am
US equities rose and US Treasury yields fell modestly; NZD is not much higher than this time yesterday; USD weakened after the CPI data; Turkish central bank raised its one week repo rate by a whopping 625bps, which has helped support EM currencies
13 Sep 18, 7:54am
The USD and US rates drift lower. US wants more trade talks with China. Fed sees 'restrictive' rates needed. Oil prices reach four year highs. Eyes on US CPI
12 Sep 18, 12:15pm
Credit rating agency has stable outlook for regional New Zealand banks despite pressures
5 Sep 18, 8:12am
USD rises push the NZD and AUD to multi-year lows. Italy recommits to its EU membership. Eyes now on AU GDP, Canada rate review and NAFTA progress
4 Sep 18, 7:58am
NZD is hovering around the 0.66 mark while GBP is the weakest of the majors; Sweden’s krona takes top honours, up 0.8%; AUD has outperformed; NZ rates market showed further downward pressure
3 Sep 18, 8:08am
Safe-haven currencies and the USD outperform, while the AUD hit a fresh low; US equities and the 10-year Treasury rate were little changed; NZD was also on the soft side, NZD/AUD broke up through 0.92 for the first time since the beginning of August
31 Aug 18, 7:51am
NZD is the weakest of the majors, with AUD and CAD underperforming as well; ANZ business outlook survey showed confidence lurching down to a fresh low; global yields are lower
30 Aug 18, 7:33am
GBP strengthened after EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said the EU was prepared to offer a special deal to the UK; AUD is the weakest currency; NZD fell in response to the move lower in the AUD
29 Aug 18, 7:48am
USD was mixed, but the NZD has moved up towards resistance around 0.6725; EUR initially moved up towards resistance near 1.1750, but it has since retraced back towards 1.1700; US Treasury yields moved higher
28 Aug 18, 7:59am
The US dollar continued where it left off on Friday, weakening across the board overnight, while US Treasury yields were modestly higher; the NZD is up only slightly from Friday’s close
27 Aug 18, 8:12am
Both the DXY and broader Bloomberg DXY 0.5% lower, in part due to the Powell speech; CNY strength and USD weakness combined to help boost the NZD; AUD was the best performing currency
24 Aug 18, 8:07am
USD is broadly stronger, recovering some of its losses seen earlier this week; NZD slipped around 30pips to 0.6670; AUD is the weakest of the majors, with political risk overhanging the currency; UST yields are little changed
23 Aug 18, 7:43am
The NZD has spent the last 24 hours hovering around 0.6700, while US equities and bond markets show little movement; USD is down just 0.1% for the day; NZDAUD shifted up to a higher plane after the retail sales data
22 Aug 18, 7:57am
NZD is touching 0.67 amidst a weaker USD backdrop; global rates have drifted higher; AUD rose up through 0.7380 but has slightly underperformed the NZD; GBP and EUR up about 1%
22 Aug 18, 7:51am
Jen​ée Tibshraeny talks to S&P's US Chief Economist about the US being strong enough to weather a trade war, but vulnerable to fiscal stimulus creating more inflation than productivity
21 Aug 18, 7:59am
GBP is near the top of the leaderboard; NZD was in a drift-down mode for much of Monday but ended the day flat at 0.6630 on USD weakness; UST yields have drifted lower and the curve shows a slight flattening bias
20 Aug 18, 8:14am
USD was the weakest of the majors; US 10-year rate traded in a 3bp range; NZD closed the week on a strong note; CAD’s performance was supported by Canada CPI inflation
17 Aug 18, 7:54am
US and China to resume trade talks; amidst a sharp rise in the offshore Chinese Renminbi, the NZD and AUD are amongst the better performing currencies; Turkish lira continued its recent recovery
16 Aug 18, 8:19am
Emerging markets remaining under pressure, despite a further recovery in the Turkish lira; USD has continued to strengthen; NZD made a fresh low overnight; bond yields lower


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