Credit Ratings

22 Mar 19, 8:10am
US equity markets have lifted, while bond yields have consolidated yesterday’s drop after testing even lower levels; US dollar has recovered with major indices back to where they were pre-Fed; NZD pushed above 0.6900
20 Mar 19, 8:49am
Fonterra's new chief executive says the co-operative needs to put New Zealand 'front and centre' and extract the maximum value from milk produced here
14 Mar 19, 9:52am
Ratings agency S&P Global says while the global economy is more leveraged that it was at the time of the GFC the likelihood of a widespread investor exodus is contained
11 Mar 19, 3:35pm
The new leadership of Fonterra will need to demonstrate at next week's half-year result announcement that they are getting a handle on the giant dairy co-operative's many problems and issues
5 Mar 19, 10:09am
Ratings agency Fitch says Fonterra has structural issues it needs to address; expects Fonterra to prioritise the strength of its balance sheet over payments to farmer shareholders; Hurrell gets Fonterra CEO job permanently
22 Feb 19, 7:33am
Fitch Ratings lowers the outlook on BNZ's credit rating to 'negative' from 'stable' following similar action on parent NAB
11 Feb 19, 12:16pm
Mauldin Economics' Robert Ross argues the corporate debt bubble is strikingly similar to the subprime mortgage bubble
4 Feb 19, 2:56pm
ANZ NZ prices five-year covered bond issue at 33 basis points over euro swap rate
28 Jan 19, 7:51am
Markets optimistic on positive signs in US-China trade discussions, further policy tweaks by China, more positive Brexit smoke signals, and Trump signing bill to reopen the US government
24 Jan 19, 5:00am
Against the backdrop of the RBNZ's review of bank capital requirements, Gareth Vaughan details the nitty-gritty of the RBNZ proposals & what they might mean for bank customers
16 Jan 19, 4:49pm
Fitch sees Auckland continuing to record lower house price growth than other NZ regions this year with price falls likely
19 Dec 18, 9:56am
RBNZ bank capital proposals go well beyond the international norm, are highly conservative & positive for banks' credit profiles, Fitch says
5 Dec 18, 9:35am
First Credit Union's First Insurance to offer insurance via other NZ credit unions after Co-op Money sells its insurance operations
30 Nov 18, 9:50am
Fitch Ratings says a sharp housing market correction remains a possibility but slowing house price growth has dampened the risks of that occurring
23 Nov 18, 5:08pm
Co-op Money, the credit union industry association, has its credit rating downgraded as Fitch frets about tight liquidity, weakening capitalisation & its lack of profitability
21 Nov 18, 7:43am
US dollar has pushed higher across the board, arresting its slide over the past week; plunge in oil prices continues; NZD opens this morning close to its overnight lows around 0.6810; US interest rates traded a narrow range
15 Nov 18, 7:54am
Equity markets oscillated around flat before pressing lower, likewise US yields; oil prices have recovered a small amount of recent heavy losses; NZD is at the top of the G10 leader board
4 Oct 18, 3:49pm
Ratings agency Moody's says the financial performance of our banks will continue to compare favourably with peers in other countries over the next 12-18 months despite slower credit growth and rising wholesale funding costs
14 Sep 18, 7:48am
US equities rose and US Treasury yields fell modestly; NZD is not much higher than this time yesterday; USD weakened after the CPI data; Turkish central bank raised its one week repo rate by a whopping 625bps, which has helped support EM currencies
13 Sep 18, 7:54am
The USD and US rates drift lower. US wants more trade talks with China. Fed sees 'restrictive' rates needed. Oil prices reach four year highs. Eyes on US CPI


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