16 Oct 18, 10:59am
Stats NZ says prices rose 0.9% in the September quarter, giving an annual inflation rate of 1.9%; economists expected just a 0.7% quarterly rise
15 Oct 18, 11:44am
We face the apparently contradictory situation in which inflation is strongly rising and yet the Reserve Bank will keep the possibility of interest rate cuts on the table
9 Oct 18, 11:16am
David Hargreaves ponders where the turbulent forces of a falling dollar, rising fuel prices and falling business confidence may take us
4 Oct 18, 4:00pm
Patrick Watson says businesses that depend on imports or exports can't plan ahead against the backdrop of a trade war which is why Trump's trade war won't work
3 Oct 18, 3:09pm
David Hargreaves ponders whether the bottoming levels of business confidence are really pointing to a substantial economic slowdown
26 Sep 18, 1:37pm
ANZ says latest results of its Business Outlook Survey suggest that while 'the economy may have hit a pothole, the wheels are not falling off'
26 Sep 18, 1:02pm
August trade deficit driven to record high by rising costs of crude oil and diesel imports
22 Sep 18, 10:10am
Sunil Kaushal says the time is ripe for New Zealand to tap into the opportunities presented by the new India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi
20 Sep 18, 10:59am
Stats NZ says June quarter GDP surged 1% against expectations of 0.8% rise; biggest increase in 2 years; size of the rise means OCR cuts may now be off the table
18 Sep 18, 10:03am
Economists note that economic growth slower than the central bank is predicting would see growing speculation of future interest rate cuts - but higher growth figures would curtail such speculation
3 Sep 18, 12:25pm
Beef prices have been rising locally as exports to China jump. But it is US market and weather conditions, and US trade policy, that might will set the future direction
30 Aug 18, 3:50pm
David Hargreaves says the Government may need a real business-friendly symbolic gesture to stop the country heading into a self-induced downturn
24 Aug 18, 9:18am
DC Report's David Cay Johnston takes a look at the impact of Trump’s trade war finding the US trade deficit has grown worse while China finds new suppliers and markets
14 Aug 18, 5:00am
Simon Bridges on how he would take up John Key's challenge to identify new economic drivers to replace strong migration and house price growth if he was in government
8 Aug 18, 4:15pm
Trade Minister David Parker and Minister of Finance Grant Robertson have both expressed concerns over yet another round of US tariffs on China
2 Aug 18, 2:25pm
Rabobank reports survey results from China that indicate sustainability attributes are set to play increasing role in Chinese food choices, especially for horticulture products
21 Jun 18, 2:10pm
EU and NZ officials officially kick off negotiations for an FTA that is expected to boost goods trading by 50%
13 Jun 18, 4:09pm
The ‘First Citizen of the Provinces’ has called for the resignation of another top public-sector figure – Fonterra Chairman John Wilson
11 May 18, 9:03am
Westpac's Paul Clark assesses the prospects for the important, complex forestry sector, finds China demand likely to wane, local processing lacking advantages, and issues with both sustainability and carbon emission timing
30 Apr 18, 7:33am
Simon Papa argues there's a way to both stop NZ's Financial Service Providers Register being a register of convenience & support legitimate financial services exports


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