Financial Stability

18 Mar 19, 11:45am
Martien Lubberink says the RBNZ should soften its bank capital proposals and allow the use of hybrid capital which could save taxpayers' money & benefit cooperative and mutually owned banks
12 Mar 19, 5:00am
Government warned of big bank backlash in wake of surprise Reserve Bank capital proposals going above international norm
7 Mar 19, 2:12pm
Miao Yanliang welcomes the Chinese central bank's more open communication and increasingly flexible exchange-rate regime
28 Feb 19, 3:29pm
Latest Reserve Bank monthly figures show mortgage credit growth remains above 6%, while agricultural and business credit are rising again but consumer credit is falling
27 Feb 19, 3:47pm
Latest Reserve Bank figures show first home buyers getting a record high share of new mortgage money for the second consecutive month
27 Feb 19, 5:00am
Rodney Dickens says the stirring of wage inflation worldwide signals official interest rates will need to be higher than many expect, which in turn will cause extreme turmoil in financial markets
13 Feb 19, 2:57pm
RBNZ: Monetary policy could be used to stimulate economy as proposed bank capital rules are bedded in, but economic effects of these rules should be minimal
13 Feb 19, 2:08pm
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; No change to rates seen before 2021; Next move 'up or down'
12 Feb 19, 5:22pm
Proposed requirements for banks to hold more capital won't cause KiwiBuild catastrophe or economic slowdown, according to Twyford and Robertson
11 Feb 19, 9:20am
Westpac economists change their call and now see no OCR change before 2022, with the 'balance of risks' for rates going up or down evenly balanced
7 Feb 19, 5:00am
The Reserve Bank's first major set piece of the year will be all-change as the central bank prepares for the imminent introduction of a formal committee-based interest rate setting structure
31 Jan 19, 3:43pm
Latest Reserve Bank monthly figures show mortgage credit growth remains above 6%, while non-bank lending has surged in the past month
29 Jan 19, 3:50pm
Latest Reserve Bank monthly figures show first home buyers getting a record high share of new mortgage money last month
20 Dec 18, 3:30pm
Latest Reserve Bank monthly figures show the share of borrowing by the housing investor is continuing to drop sharply to new lows
17 Dec 18, 5:14pm
Gareth Vaughan details how the RBNZ's proposals for NZ banks to hold more capital are a victory for the smaller NZ owned banks over their much bigger Aussie owned rivals
30 Nov 18, 2:24pm
Governor Adrian Orr says RBNZ to impose capital standards on banks that match the public’s risk tolerance
30 Nov 18, 12:47pm
Higher bank capital requirements are necessary, RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr says, with big four banks' use of internal capital models to be constrained
26 Nov 18, 9:41am
LVRs, bank capital review, dashboard plans and credit union struggles; Four things to keep an eye out for in the RBNZ's Financial Stability Report on Wednesday
22 Nov 18, 10:56am
The Reserve Bank admits it might need to change the way it oversees banks' books, as banks are poised to start servicing their customers more through third parties
13 Nov 18, 12:43pm
Reserve Bank climate change strategy to focus on both its own activities and its regulatory oversight of financial stability


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