Financial Stability

13 Aug 18, 2:54pm
Rabobank NZ, whose governance is now under the spotlight, told the RBNZ 3 years ago it would be the most adversely affected bank by extension of outsourcing policy
9 Aug 18, 9:08am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; Governor now says next move won't occur till 2020; still sees next move as either up or down
2 Jul 18, 11:37am
FinTechs have had a limited impact on the financial sector, with related new risks minimal and contained, the RBNZ says
18 Jun 18, 3:12pm
ANZ economists say the Government's forthcoming ban on foreign buyers of New Zealand houses is not expected to have much impact on either house price inflation or housing affordability
9 Jun 18, 10:02am
IMF report, that declared the RBNZ 'materially non-compliant' in 13 of 29 international bank regulatory standards, to be a key sounding board for phase 2 of RBNZ Act review
7 Jun 18, 10:31am
Phase 2 of RBNZ Act review to probe macro-prudential tools, IMF findings & potentially separation of monetary policy & prudential supervision responsibilities
5 Jun 18, 3:39pm
Westpac economists believe house price growth will be zero by the end of this year, which will be enough to prompt the Reserve Bank to further easing of lending restrictions
31 May 18, 3:25pm
The annual growth rate in the amount of mortgage money outstanding rose a touch last month - for the first time since late 2016
31 May 18, 1:44pm
A look ahead to phase 2 of the RBNZ Act review, a warning to non-bank lenders, a telling off for Westpac, open banking, BKBM & internal models discrepancies
31 May 18, 11:16am
Victoria University's Martien Lubberink embraces the RBNZ's new bank disclosure Dashboard, but would like stress test data included
30 May 18, 2:42pm
David Hargreaves sees little chance that the Reserve Bank's loan to value ratio restrictions will now ever be removed
30 May 18, 2:34pm
You now have the tools to check the risks, strength & stability of all NZ's retail banks. The RBNZ has released its Dashboard; we have released our own Key Metrics tool
30 May 18, 9:15am
Reserve Bank says financial risks have lessened but will not be loosening LVR restrictions at this stage; will wait till November 'at least' before any loosening
28 May 18, 1:49pm
Economists doubt the Reserve Bank will want to further roll back mortgage lending restrictions this week and will prefer to wait longer to see how the housing market develops this year
10 May 18, 9:10am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; new Governor stresses that the next move could go either way
30 Apr 18, 3:40pm
The annual growth rate in the amount of mortgage money outstanding remained at 5.8% for the third month in a row, while non-bank lenders are experiencing a perceptible rise in mortgage lending
19 Apr 18, 3:12pm
Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr echos 'success is failure' sentiment of his British counterpart, warning a rapid transition away from fossil fuels could cause shocks to the financial system
4 Apr 18, 7:45am
New RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr gets an early opportunity to strike a favourable impression with the public late next month by further loosening the LVR lending restrictions
29 Mar 18, 3:34pm
The sharp decline in the growth rates of mortgage borrowing seen in the past year has ended; the recent fast rise in consumer borrowing has slowed
22 Mar 18, 12:00pm
Ex-RBNZ and APRA official, Geof Mortlock, argues the RBNZ's regulation of the financial sector is so inadequate this responsibility should be passed on to a new agency


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