22 Nov 18, 7:54am
Global equities higher, global rates rise modestly and commodity currencies are supported; bounce in oil prices is interesting considering the stream of negative headlines; NZD and AUD have been the best performing
21 Nov 18, 7:43am
US dollar has pushed higher across the board, arresting its slide over the past week; plunge in oil prices continues; NZD opens this morning close to its overnight lows around 0.6810; US interest rates traded a narrow range
20 Nov 18, 11:02am
ANZ economists see continued strength in the regional housing markets with further 'catch-up' on Auckland prices
20 Nov 18, 8:07am
US equity markets have turned south; US Treasuries have been better bid; Mike Pence has appeared keen to trade barbs; his comments weighed on NZD and AUD sentiment at times
19 Nov 18, 8:11am
USD and US Treasury yields fell after comments from Fed Chair Clarida were interpreted as dovish; that helped the NZD to continue to power on up; AUD closed the week around 0.7330
16 Nov 18, 8:13am
GBP trashed again and UK gilt yields plunging, dragging down US Treasury yields; US equities are now back to square; NZD continues to perform well, making further gains overnight
15 Nov 18, 7:54am
Equity markets oscillated around flat before pressing lower, likewise US yields; oil prices have recovered a small amount of recent heavy losses; NZD is at the top of the G10 leader board
14 Nov 18, 11:45am
Kiwibank economists say latest house sales figures show a 'well behaved' market and so there is 'every possibility' of the RBNZ further relaxing lending limits
14 Nov 18, 7:59am
US-China trade talks and a Brexit deal have supported risk currencies like the NZD; GBP has been the top performer; US Treasury yields haven’t responded to the better risk backdrop
13 Nov 18, 8:16am
US equity markets have remained under downward pressure; USD has extended its recent gains; NZD has held up reasonably well, and is down only marginally against the USD overnight; NZ swap rates nudged up slightly yesterday
13 Nov 18, 7:50am
David Hargreaves says the new wave of competition between banks for mortgage business may prove to be short lived but it should certainly provide some life for the housing market leading up to Christmas
12 Nov 18, 7:56am
Heavy-handed Chinese moves on setting commercial interest rates overshadows markets. Oil drops into bear territory. Eyes on both Brexit developments, and upcoming Powell comments
9 Nov 18, 8:29am
US equities are flat and US Treasury rates are little changed; NZD sits this morning at 0.6780; the local 2-year swap rate rose by 3bps to a fresh high of 2.19%, while the 5-10 year swap rates were up 6bps
8 Nov 18, 9:05am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; still sees upside and downside risks
8 Nov 18, 8:03am
USD is modestly softer across the board; US Treasury yields are down slightly; NZD has been the star performer following the surprising strength in labour market data yesterday
7 Nov 18, 3:29pm
Influential RBNZ Survey of expectations shows sharp rise in inflation expected over next year, but more subdued in two years' time; house price expectations have moved up a little
7 Nov 18, 11:12am
Stats NZ says unemployment rate now lowest since June 2008; Employment rate at 68.3% is highest since the series began 30 years ago; wage growth remains subdued
7 Nov 18, 7:42am
GBP has shown another modest gain to make it the strongest currency; US equities and Treasury rates are slightly higher; NZD sits this morning at 0.6670, about 10pips higher than this time yesterday
6 Nov 18, 7:59am
Currency movements have been small apart from GBP which has swung around on Brexit headlines; US rates are slightly lower; NZD crosses are fairly flat
5 Nov 18, 8:09am
A stronger than expected US non-farm payrolls report led to a sharp rise in US Treasury yields and an appreciation in the USD against G10 currencies; NZD drifted lower to 0.6650; NZ swap rates rose by between 1 to 2.5bps


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